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Avatar f tn Hi all, I've been experiencing migraines for years but recently they have changed and I've had many weird symptoms that so far are undiagnosed.
Avatar n tn Because I'm also a single mother who's daughter has been living with her father for over 3 years, since my stroke. Strokes Suck. My stroke left me unable to use my left leg and arm. I wish you luck. and good health in the future.
Avatar m tn To whom this may reach to, I am 37 years old and on March 15th of this year,I suddenly developed a "loss of co-ordinated speech" for about 5-10 minutes. It was not a "total loss" of speech, yet it was the "inability to form correct words" although I could "think them out" properly.I could think properly, yet my speech came out very wrong and staggered/slurred.
435241 tn?1208579131 I hope you are feeling better sorry to ramble on so much but yes I had stroke like symptoms and all my scans came back clear
Avatar m tn Hi, I had been admitted in Hospital for vertebral artery dissection last month. I am in the healing process. I am feeling the improvements. I would like to avoid from getting another stroke in future. So what do i need to do? What shouldn't i do? Please explain me...
Avatar f tn The Dr told me that probably my blood pressure just didn't catch up when I stood up and that's why I fainted. But that didn't explain any of my other symptoms! Once my symptoms subsided I was released to go home, same day. That was a Sunday and the following day was memorial day so I couldn't see a Dr to follow up yet, but I felt continually nauseaus, like my insides were shaking/tingly, and had a continual headache. On Tuesday I got to see the PA at my Dr office.
1152950 tn?1263917826 I'll try to be brief-- Little over a year ago I went in with left sided numbness, speech issues, nausea, and drowsiness. I was sent home after a brief visit with the diagnosis of "viral syndrome". The only tests performed were cbc, basic chem. Labs were normal. Left side returned to normal within a couple of hours but vertical virtigo persisted for months.
451975 tn?1372332199 I just went to the hospital on Easter with Stroke like symptoms and was treated as such. I am 35 years old. They did all the normal tests MRI, MRA, and tons of blood work. Although the CT scan showed something that they thought may have been a mini stroke the other tests ruled it out and they diagnosed me with a silent or atypical migraine. I had all symptoms of a stroke. The numbness, tingling, drooping of the eyes and mouth on one side, no facial expressions and I could hardly talk.
363110 tn?1340924019 My mother has fybromyalgia and other things so a complicated medical history. But lately she's had issues with stuttering, mixing her words up, and having problems walking/functioning right. She shakes too. I doubt it's a medication side effect because it came on rather suddenly over the last couple weeks. The other night we went to "deaf pizza night" and my mom has always been GREAT with sign language. She didn't understand hardly a word of what anyone there was signing.
Avatar n tn When the baby was 2 months old she had an IUD inserted. Four days after the IUD was put in the symptoms appeared. There has got to be some connection. There have been almost no studies of postpartum neurological syndromes. HELP!
Avatar f tn I'm 23 years old now, and when I was 14, I started developing strange neurological symptoms that continued to progress over the course of the next several years. The first issue that I remember experiencing was that I started developing difficulty speaking, but it wasn't so severe an impediment that I couldn't speak at all...
Avatar f tn I'm 23 years old now, and when I was 14, I started developing strange neurological symptoms that continued to progress over the course of the next several years. The first issue that I remember experiencing was that I started developing difficulty speaking, but it wasn't so severe an impediment that I couldn't speak at all...
Avatar n tn These symptoms do not sound like seizures, and I not aware of SSRI's causing this either. I would agree with the neurologist, that testing should be performed to exclude organic disorders. These symptoms can be seen in patients with MS, but are non-specific, they can also be seen in other inflammatory disorders. Stress can cause many symptoms within the body, and these could be secondary to that. However, this is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that organic disease needs to be excluded.
Avatar n tn I was only out of work for 2 weeks and during that time was somewhat out and about. Symptoms of a new illness presented in March, starting with a canker sore, and progressing to flu like symptoms. I noticed greenish/brown mucus and tooth pain and went to doctor for an anti-biotic (I think Bactrim). I took the antibiotic which seemed to clear up what I thought was a sinus infection but I still wasn't feeling better and my glands were very swollen (they still are too a degree).
Avatar n tn First time severe back and leg muscle spasms Had cheek/lip/jaw/tongue numbness-all LEFT-side (which lasted for almost 5 months) Had a cat scan for possible stroke-neg (just basal ganglia calcifications) blood tests for various viruses neg.
Avatar m tn I haven't told her that in the last two days I might have had another bigger stroke based on slurring words, stuttering, my hands have started twitching, I have little idea what I did today and sometimes will suddenly forget where I am when I'm driving.
Avatar n tn About 10 years ago she was admitted to the hospital for the first time for what the dr's said was a stroke. Throughout the years shes been in and out and back and forth to different doctors and hospitals for this. They were saying stroke then changed it from full strokes to TIA's. When she has these spells her left side of her mouth sags she gets blurred vision in her left eye the left side of her body gets weak or goes numb. The last 3 weeks she has had 2 more big spills.
Avatar n tn This occurs when small clots pass through the brain and they symptoms are transient. They can precede a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) better known as a stroke. Some ppl can have TIAs for years and never experience a CVA. Other ppl have several TIAs and then experience a CVA. So please don't dismiss his symptoms. I am far from am expert and he may not be having TIA episodes. But at 88 please don't take the chance. I hope you will let us know how he is doing.
Avatar f tn It has been a month now since I presented with stroke like symptoms but I was no diganosed with a stroke. Clear MRI and CT scans but those were done as soon as I got to the hospital. I am still having issues with dizziness and stuttering and twitching but was in the clear for 3 weeks until wed evening. I guess I kind of had a relapse I am doing better but still not feeling great, I have also had a major headache for over a week now.
Avatar m tn I’M I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT CAN WRITE DOWN WHAT I WANT TO SAY AND SAY IT, BUT CAN’T TALK. I was poisoned with heavy metals at my job where my symptoms were stroke-like. One key symptom was that I developed a terrible stutter that lead to complete loss of the ablity to speak due to severe spasms of the vocal cords. I was taken to the hospital were my CT scan and MRI were both clear.
Avatar f tn Hello! I had a TIA on December 23rd, 2008. At the time, I was experiencing stuttering, babbling (however I didn't know this - my words sounded completely rational to my mind but not to people around me) inability to complete words or sentences, confusion, inability to whistle (?) and an occasional episode of being unable to understand normal / everyday words (the ER doctor asked me whether I had any other symptoms and I didn't know what the word symptom meant?
Avatar n tn Have a 46 year old, 188 pound coworker. Came home one Friday night from a trip to Chicago & was fine that evening. Saturday and Sunday he had very slurry speech and a headcahe. Sunday it took him about two hours to wake up. At one time as he was trying, his eyes rolled back in his head. He was given an MRI and they found high signal "something" white spots. He went to a neurologist just last week who said "come back in a month if the problems are still happening.
Avatar f tn 45 lbs gain, severe heartburn all the time, ticking and muscle jumping quite often, severe headaches that have turned into migraines (photosensitivity, vomiting and the works), muscles in my legs jumping themselves, although the left knee barely has any reaction to testing for reaction, deep bone pain radiating and throbbing (mid calf, arms, other bones, mid chest (superficial), clavicle), stomach pain (pancreas, spleen, intestinal area?) I have one kidney.
Avatar f tn I went home and 5 days later Im in Emergency room with symptoms of a Stroke. I couldnt believe it. I told my nurse Im just too young to have a stroke. One of my nurses said your also to young to be on Lipitor and Digixon. So everyone is different. I had 4 different MRI's and one of them showed buldging discs in C-Spine but was told wasnt Spinal Stenosis so it shouldnt have caused a stroke to occur or symptoms. MRI came back clear but no Angiogram was performed.
1559533 tn?1308952161 What you describe and how these symtoms are transient makes me think that you have NOT had a stroke. There should be some attempts by your doctors to manage the Sjogren symptoms - you should have a serious discussion with them. You are more than welcome to stick around here - we have a very smart community about a lot of diseases, but you might also want to find a Sjogren's group that can help you with your specific questions.
Avatar f tn Hello annie and welcome to this forum. Speech issues were one of my earlier symptoms and continue to plague me when I'm in the midst of a relapse or very tired. At the beginning of my first major relapse I can remember stuttering through a whole morning teaching a class. I felt like an utter twit by the end of it but I then went (temporarily) deaf over the space of about an hour, so twigged that something was really wrong.
Avatar f tn Since November I have had some interesting symptoms. My left would tremor then go numb. I have gotten up to walk and couldn't my legs just stumbled about like a baby taking his first steps. I have developed stuttering that seems to be made worse with every attack. My legs are always cold and I have a consistent pain with swelling with pain in my left calf. I get dizzy and confused during these attacks also. The mra that was taken during my attack showed slight narrowing in my neck artery.
Avatar n tn I'm a 22 year old non smonking woman, who somehow got i guess some type of a smaller stroke it started with a very sharp pain in my left ear i though nothing of it because i though i had somehow got a ear infecton later through the day i started to get a very painful headach twenty minutes later i started to stuter so bad that i couldn't even say a word at all, i was taken to the ER the doctors did MRI's but nothing show up at later on my last day in the hospital the doctors decided to do an EE
Avatar m tn It might be a stroke with those symptoms.
Avatar m tn 9/2007 pancreatic attack gallbladder was sludgy 10/2007 gallbladder removed 7/2009 went to ER with stroke like symptoms, stuttering, double vision, cognitive issues. CT and MRI were normal discharged with DX of stress, given Rx for Xanax. 10/2012 ER with chest pains' 100 % blockage of an artery unable to stent 11/2012 spleen removed as it was enlarged (23 cm) and keeping platelet count to low to perform triple bypass 11/2012 after platelet count came up to norms, triple bypass performed.