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162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
Avatar f tn I am undergoing surgery for the removal of axillary breast tissue under my right arm. The surgery is scheduled for 20 Aug 07. I was briefed throughly that the casuses could be hereditary, due to lactating, etc. I noticed mine shortly after nursing my youngest child (23 months) and it has been bothersome ever since. I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer.
Avatar f tn they did a biopsy shortly after i did this post, and nothing specific came back. i've had it treated w/ medication (pills and topical) and also laser and it'll seem to look a little better for a few days but then i'm almost to square 1. it just will not seem to heal. just today they decided to do a second biopsy, because they also find it odd and worrisome. they did diagnose me with rosacea b/c in general i am very pink with capillaries close to the skin.
Avatar n tn I had one laser treatment but it was a freebie and did nothing (SmartXide Dot laser) I've done all this for well over a year and NOTHING has improved. I look like a 40-year-old with an 80-year-old's arms. I live in Canada, so have more opportunity to cover my arms than someone living in Florida and cover them I do. I am embarrassed by them. I feel shocked when I look in the mirror. So ladies, I empathize fully. If I find a solution, I will post for you all.
Avatar f tn I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is possible you will never gain feeling. I had a "average" removal of my wisdom teeth (impacted).. I stayed awake through the procedure( not a great idea) Next month it will be a year since I have have had any feeling in the right side of my tongue, and severe nerve damage over my entire bottom gums and my right upper face... nerves are weird...My days are a constant battle of pain and burning sensations...
Avatar n tn I wonder if laser hair removal is an option. At this point, I'd go for that if it would stop these painful lumps.
Avatar n tn My palms and soles look alot like the pictures i've seen of EK but my major issue is all the peeling that happens on the tops of my hands, feet lower arms and legs. Could this somehow be related to EK or is this condition centralized only on the palms and soles? I'm not looking for a cure or tips on keeping the peeling at bay, i just want to know what it is so i know what to do when i have an especially bad outbreak.
Avatar n tn This is usually done at the 16-17 week mark anyway. Do not, however, expect that the OB will have a lot of knowledge of what happens with pregnancies after endometrial ablation. I am sure it is quite rare. It all comes down to whether things look good now, that you are followed extremely closely for complications, and that you are thoroughly taught the signs/symptoms of preterm labor. Please post again to let me know what happens.
Avatar m tn I found out where the lesions were when I got the radiology report and saw the MRI pictures. I have them on both sides of the brain in the optic radiations and other areas. All of the visual spots have gone away except for the central scotoma that has lasted for 4 months next week.
472570 tn?1274689487 the sensation doesnt last long but it happens very frequently. I cannot see anything and I never see a mark from them but it feels like there should be. I dont exactly feel the crawling so much as a stingy presence. I have expeinced them before when I lived in cali and I have now moved back after 14 years and I have only experienced it one other time--from the person who moved from az to ou home in ga.
Avatar n tn They also found a ovarian cyst on an internal sonogram during this pain. They kept my ovaries in after the hysterectomy and took pictures of them during the surgery. The cyst was not present at the time of surgery. Makes you wonder?
Avatar n tn Her breasts had gained a cup size and she now had stretch marks on her thighs and hips. All of this was worse than the PMS!! Even though the Drs. wouldn't admit that the heart palpitations were due to the pill- we know they were. She stopped taking the pill in June and without dieting; her weight went back down to 98 lbs., the palpitations disappeared, her emotions calmed down and the sensitivity on her legs were almost gone by Aug 2007. What an experience!!