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Avatar n tn I don't know. There were no displays on the treadmill when I did my stress test. They mostly judged my "success" on my heart rate and blood pressure readings compared to how long I lasted. I never had to run; it was just a walking speed with some incline increases. I did about 10 minutes I guess and then had to lie down for the recovery part. I think I did just fine.
Avatar f tn The test is a combination of speed and incline. The treadmill used has this program built into it, so your test would be just like my test. The idea is to walk as long as you can. Your test will start very slowly, but will increase in speed and incline at regular intervals, The test itself is designed so most people eventually "fail". That is, most everybody eventually has to stop from exhaustion.
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar n tn I had an echo stress test where the treadmill speed and incline followed standard Bruce protocol, but each stage lasted only 2 minutes instead of 3. The person who administered the test seemed very knowledgeable, so I assume the shortened stages were intentional. Are the results as valid as they would have been with standard 3 minute stages? I completed stage 4 and was told everything looked good.
Avatar m tn I had my stress test done today and was wondering if I had a typical experience. I had the test done because I almost fainted a month ago doing cardio at the gym. The first did an EKG (lying down). I then went onto the treadmill. It started off slowly. Every 3 minutes they increased the speed and incline of the treadmill. I was supposed to get into a range of 159 to 180 bpm. I went up to a fast walk and everything was fine.
1425157 tn?1311651679 i had a reg stress test this am and i was able to get to level 3-3 raises of the incline and speed- and finally reached my target of 185 bpm,, but about 3 mins before that was reached i wanted to stop!!! was feeling short of breath mostly slight lung burning feeling and a tad light headed is that normal???my heart rate seemed to come down to normal in about 7 or 8 minutes and they let me go-- if they saw something dangerous would they have told me??
Avatar f tn An alternative set of quick incline-controls provide the ability to select every whole-number incline, including zero, using a complete set of control buttons. Display: The monitor displays white characters on a blue colored background. The size of the characters showing the "speed" is considered fair and the size of the characters showing "incline" is considered fair. All exercise statistics are presented in the same physical window.
390388 tn?1279636213 Jon; Thank you for your post. I have an appt. tomorrow AM. I walked for a while today and it did not happen again. I have been having some issues so I don't push my stress level on the treadmill. I start at 0 incline and 1 mph for 2 minutes (HR ~72) then I incline it to 1 for a minute, then 2 for a minute or two, then go to 3. On the speed I don't ha ha take it over 2.5mph. But I raise it the at the same time as the incline every few minutes.
Avatar m tn I have two artificial hips and yet doctors keep pressing me, when I do a stress test, to run on a treadmill. (Age 55). Those are impact exercises - bad for fake hips. The last time I did this I had to yell "STOP THE TEST NOW!" to get them to shut it off. They wouldn't listen when I said it normally. Did they think I was kidding? So now it's a year after I had a Stent put in to fix two blockages with one Stent. And now doc wants to do a nuclear stress test.
Avatar f tn The doctor said the ekg and echo looked good, but that the stress test was positive and I need a thallium stress test now. My cholestrol and triglycerides are great. During the stress test, I had a minor chest pain, and am wondering if that is why he wants a thallium stress test now. I really don't want to be exposed to radiation. Can the incline training bring on a heart problem?
Avatar f tn What does it mean when, during a exercise stress test (treadmill), they tell you to stop early? Is it most likely a good thing or a bad one? Details: Given a stress test for heart rate irregularities. Resting rate was around 80, and bp around 110/70. Between 3-6 min on the treadmill my bp was 170/80 and heartrate was over 140. At 7-8 minutes they told me I could stop because "they had all the information they needed." They said I would have the results in a couple of days.
11849443 tn?1441302841 I had my Stress Echo done prior to my electrophysiology. This was done after a normal treadmill stress test. The stress echo wasn't done as part of the pre-admission testing, but was done as part of the path towards the electrophysiology procedure. My cardiologist, whom I'm very friendly with told me it was done to rule out any structural abnormalities, and that he wanted to see my heart working under physical strain and compare it to when it was at rest.
Avatar m tn I have had every heart test under the sun down, echo,, echo stress, monitors and all come up normal. My question is if I am on the treadmill and i exercise at 3.8 miles with a 3.5 incline is a 156 heart rate to high,. Bottom line I think my heart rate is too high when i do physical activity.
Avatar m tn I was using a treadmill on steep incline, and I started feeling a pain in the front outside area of my shin. Upon not so clise inspection I could see a large bump in the area where the pain was prevalent. The large bump remains there, but I have not used the treadmill for over a month. It is unsight and is almost 4-5 inches directly above my ankle. I would like to know whatg it could be, and how I can treat it, or what type of medical care I should pursue please?
Avatar f tn If you have A treadmill set it on an incline and walk.. Squats also help alot!
Avatar f tn A stress test will normally be a treadmill. You will progressively walk faster and at a higher grade for about 15 minutes. You will be monitored by a doctor most likely while attached to electrodes. After the treadmill you will be placed in a diagnostic machine that will look at your heart. Then a second exam of your heart with dye will examine the difference in the way your heart looked after the treadmill and after the dye was introduced.
431644 tn?1236899573 Heres the clencher I had several EKGs plus one XRay EKG is a stress test at rest....a treadmill stress test is supposedly 64% efficient thats not a good margin and a basic EKG or several of them is no less efficient now heres the kick in the *** I had a heart attack AFTER these tests .
Avatar f tn I am getting a nuclear stress test done on Monday. I wish that they could have done more testing at the time however the cardiologist seemed frustrated and angry, maybe not with me. I am really unsure why, actually. I'm very concerned and it will be good to get to that bottom of it. I have increased my fluid intake.Thanks for your response.
Avatar n tn Had a nuclear treadmill stress test done while taking the test the whole time the nurse held me up from behind 2 hands on back because i stated i had back problems and as soon as test started she began this procere is this comman practice?
Avatar f tn It is just odd since nothing (other than my nasty fall to my chest) has changed. I am 51 years old. I used to have to put the treadmill on an incline of 3 or so and run at 6.0 to get up in the mid 140s and now to be running with lower intensity and still have my heartrate up near 150 or so just is a mystery to me.
280369 tn?1316702041 t try and run a marathon or really strain myself. I honestly just like walking at a slight incline on the treadmill.
Avatar n tn An Echo Stress Test or a Nuclear Stress Test, if the doctor is suspecting coronary artery disease. However, a regular stress may be sufficient in stable patients or those with a low suspicion of coronary artery disease who are being assessed for exercise tolerance (for example, prior to undergoing a structured exercise or rehab program). If you are/were experiencing chest pains an EKG Stress test is not reliable and probably should have had a Nuclear Stress Test.
Avatar n tn An Echo of your heart is taken BEFORE you perform the stress test on the treadmill. Then after you run on the treadmill the technician takes the an Echo again. After I ran on the treadmill I needed to gain my equilibrium by grabbing onto the handle. My hands were pealed from the bar and I was PUSHED down onto the table when I was clearly dizzy and out of breath. Obviously none of you have taken an Echo-Stress test. There is a big difference between the two.