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Avatar n tn I had a stress treadmill test done last week. Well, sortof !! It was done by internal Medicine dr, and he had told me to lay off my beta blocker the day before, so he could get the heart rate up. Weeelllll. I did, and when she started the treadmill, she must have been a "looney" because it was going up a steep hill- incline. (I'm 51 next week) I started having bad PVCs right away because she didn't give me time to warm up on level, slow, etc...
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
11849443 tn?1441306441 I have never had a treadmill stress test done, here they do the test on a stationary bike. But it's more or less the same. However, I have no idea why they seem to stop you at a calculated target heart rate (85% of calculated max). For the test to be somewhat reliable regarding ruling out CAD and arrhythmias, the test must (according to my EP who I definitely trust) go on until max heart rate is achieved.
Avatar n tn If a patient is able to achieve the target heart rate, a regular treadmill stress test is capable of diagnosing important disease in approximately 67% or 2/3 rd of patients with coronary artery disease. The accuracy is lower (about 50%) when patients have narrowing in a single coronary artery or higher (greater than 80%) when all three major arteries are involved.
967168 tn?1477588089 Does anyone know what METS stands for? I'm still looking for it and can't find it. It's on stress treadmill test and scores how well you do. I just see
390388 tn?1279639813 I have been having some issues so I don't push my stress level on the treadmill. I start at 0 incline and 1 mph for 2 minutes (HR ~72) then I incline it to 1 for a minute, then 2 for a minute or two, then go to 3. On the speed I don't ha ha take it over 2.5mph. But I raise it the at the same time as the incline every few minutes. At peak; it peaked at 124 for a minute or two and then dropped again until it leveled out between 97-100.
Avatar f tn Two years ago, I had a regular treadmill stress test and everything was okay. But two months later I developed PVCs.The monitor I wore showed 8500 a day. All heart tests were okay. I sometimes find that, lately, my heart pounds from just mild activity (climbing up and down stairs, walking quickly, etc.) I can feel it pounding in my neck and head. But the PVCs actually have decreased so I think I'm fine.
Avatar f tn As far as the treadmill part goes, I do 45 mins per day on a treadmill and the stress test is not near as difficult as my normal workout and the workload increases gradually each 3 minuites so you won't start out beyong your abilities. Don't worry, relax and trust the techs there that will be working with you, you'll do great!
Avatar n tn I had a stress echo test & it was "normal," except it took 17 minutes for my heart rate to go from 181 peak down to 110 (though my baseline resting heart rate before the test was 88). In addition, the blood pressure readings seemed a bit odd: Rest 100/74 3 minutes 140/80 6 minutes 140/70 7 minute--peak exertion recovery 1 minute 128/50 2 minutes 122/70 3 minutes 136/70 no further blood pressure readings Just curious about the significance (if any) of these details.
Avatar n tn Recently he had an EKG and Thallium stress test for preventative reasons. The EKG while on the treadmill showed blockages. The pictures from the thallium scan showed nothing. He is scheduled for an angiogram and we wonder if this is truly necessary. The only other anomaly he has is that his heart rate is consistently low, getting into the low 50's at rest. He takes no medicine of any kind and does not drink.
Avatar n tn He’s been trying to practice (at the gym) the stress test so he can pass a physical to be able to scuba dive again. His doctor told him if he can pass to a certain level that he would release him to dive. When he is at a full out workout the treadmill stops and says “heart rate too low, test is stopping”. His heart rate only gets to about 120 at a full blown workout (i.e. 3.9 mph at a 4% incline).
Avatar n tn I also experience heart palpitations during these episodes. This could not be duplicated on the treadmill test. My internist feels it is possibly a nerve branch or muscle spasm. I currently take the following medications: clonidine 0.1 mg, tid clonidine 0.2 mg, qhs lozol, 2.5 mg, qd verapamil 120 mg, qhs premarin, 0.625 mg, qd xanax, 0.
Avatar n tn I was left with no choice but to complain about a group of surly medical personnel at my Cardiac Surgeon Doctor's office. Well, I MUST/NEED to undergo an Echo-Stress test because I desperately need Brain surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia, a neuropathic disease. Once...AGAIN! On the day of the Echo-Stress exam I faced retaliation and was 'ganged' up by 3 female workers. I asked the gal to close the privacy curtain several times, and it was never done. The testing area is for both genders.
Avatar n tn You run on a treadmill like a stress test and then hop on a table immediately after you max out and they do an echo cardiogram on you (you also have a quick echo just before the run to establish a baseline). This would shed some light on what is going on as well. I am a cardiac ICU nurse but also s/p CABG x 1 16 months ago for an extremely rare coronary artery anomaly. I too have had extreme difficulty getting back into running for the exact same reasons you describe.
Avatar m tn No heart attack! She was put on beta blockers and schedule for outpatient stress test. At stress test, she was on treadmill and her pulse would NOT change. They kept increasing incline and still NO change in pulse, which was very low, in the 40's. They removed her from treadmill and told her they were going to do a 'medical stress test'. She was laid on table, and injected with a medication. Immediately, she lost her ability to speak and move.
Avatar m tn about 13% bodyfat Typical BP 115/70 resting heart rate 75-80 non smoker 15 yrs healthy diet - weightlift 3-4x weekly, treadmill (max incline slow rate 3 mph) 3x weekly. Intermittent chest discomfort (pressure - kind of bubbling or fluttering feeling ) esp noticable if stressed. Went in for diagnostic tests in 2008 - changed diet / exercise to improve cholesterol and blood pressure rather than taking statins and Ace inhibitors.
Avatar f tn Are heart palpitations bad? I have had a treadmill test with and echo as well as a heart monitor twice for 24 hours. Plus chest ct scan of my chest w/dye. I have these episodes where I feel my heart flutter or skip maybe a beat and it takes my breath away and then immediately panic sets in and then i shake uncontrollably and my heart rate goes up to 130 beats, this all happens before I know what is going on, within seconds, before I can stop it.
Avatar n tn This has happened when I have been under SEVERE stress also. Went to family doctor, he had me do a nuclear stress test, it was normal. Doctor sent me to Cardiologist who said I needed a heart cath. I had the heart cath and they found no blockages, my blood pressure would be really high than drop really low than back up again. My blood pressure is normally in the normal range but lately is running higher than normal. Cardiologist is saying it sounds like Microvascular angina.
159619 tn?1499916784 I have become much better conditioned, even with the extra weight still, than when I took my last stress test. I have often thought that when I take another one some day if necessary, using the standard protocol it will take much longer to reach 85% of my max as the progression would take approx 12 - 15 mins to get to a setting that will have me close to my current expectations, and even then I may need a little longer. I need to be at about 3 steps of incline @ 4 MPH minimum to get there.
Avatar n tn In fact, they told me that if I ever needed a stress test, they'd either have to drop the toprol dose for that morning and then walk me (which I'd prefer) or do the chemical stress test (which I want to avoid).
Avatar m tn Again, I appreciate the comments. Anyone know how much a stress test costs? Does the doctor have to recommend it or can I request one? Thanks again.
Avatar m tn That said, you may have an arrhythmia where the monitor is only able to pick up some of the heart beats (like atrial fibrillation) and I definitely recommend that you ask your doctor for a stress test or a monitor where not only the pulse rate is seen, but the EKG (measures the electrical activity in the heart).
Avatar n tn Have had a lung function test to see if it is asthma, having a cardiac stress test next week. Thanks for your clarification on the terms in your recent answer to someone! I now know that I had PVCs with NSVT.......Drs leave out little letters here and there cos I don't think they expect us to remember or really care!
667078 tn?1316004535 I had a cardiac stress test done this morning. The tech said it looked good and it only took 8 minutes on the treadmill to get my heart up to 140 bpm, my target range. I heard an hour ago my 93 year old MIL was sent to the hospital to get her heart checked. She has been struggling the past few weeks. I thought the rest of the week would be calm and quiet, but I think her hospitalization changes the big picture.
Avatar f tn I have had every cardiac test done. EKG's, blood work, nuclear treadmill stress test, echocardiogram, tilt table test, ct heart scan, ct scans of chest, abdomen, endoscope, holter monitor and most recently a heart cath. Everything is normal. I am wondering if something is going on with my hormones which is causing this. I will have a few good weeks then bam back to getting all the above mentioned problems.
Avatar n tn ok, i went and did the stress echo. they say everything looks fine, they said i did really good. they worked me like a cheap ***** though. they set the freakin thing to full incline and they made me hold the bars the whole time. my heart rate got up to 191 and i didn't feel anthing weird. i however felt very out of breath, probably because i smoke. so the doctors going to review the echocardiography, the ekg's, and the tread mill test. he'll know for sure what, if anything, is wrong.
Avatar n tn I am 38yr female. 20 lbs overwt. Exercise regularly(5 days wk). Aerobics, kickboxing, wt. train, spinning, machines. My heart rate is around 70 resting. Goes to 130 in 2 min. exercise & often up to 188 in few minutes. For the past 4 months during exercise I have been getting pain (burning squeezing) in the center of my chest below/behind my ribcage. I get dizzy sometimes, but can breath. Feel weak. This doesn't happen always, but often during kickboxing. I have had to stop, but not always.
1280592 tn?1271526260 Ever since I've been on a beta blocker ( Metoprolol- 25 mg ), Altace ( 5 mg ), baby aspirin, Lipitir 20mg. Recently I had an exercise stress test, reached just over 100% of my target rate ( 220 less age 66 ). My Mets were 11. Is that a good score? I am required to exercise an hour a day; I take an hour's brisk walk daily. But it appears that my walking speed of 4 miles an hour( 6 kilometres ) is not pushing my heart rate up to the 147 a minute required. It goes up to about 120 a minute.
Avatar n tn I have cardiomyopathy with bradycardia at a resting heart rate of about 45 to 50. My Dr decided to do a treadmill test with no thallium after I told him it was getting harder for me on the treadmill at home. FOr the begining of the test I did fine. After they uped the speed and incline it wasn't long before he stopped the test. He told me that with the increase in speed and incline I had a LOT of extra beats and that it was dangerous.