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Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar n tn My mother recently completed a cardiac stress test on a treadmill in which she was taken to an extremely high level of endurance. When she reached her max, and was ready to stop, her cardiologist asked for an additional minute - which she did give. Following the treadmill exercise she was tested as normal and was eventually released. When she emerged from the test center, the whole left side of her face was distorted and sagging - like she had experienced a T.I.A. (mini stroke).
Avatar f tn I am getting a nuclear stress test done on Monday. I wish that they could have done more testing at the time however the cardiologist seemed frustrated and angry, maybe not with me. I am really unsure why, actually. I'm very concerned and it will be good to get to that bottom of it. I have increased my fluid intake.Thanks for your response.
Avatar f tn Given the family background and an abnormal stress test, a heart cath would serve to give you and the doctor a good view of your cardiac arteries and also serve as a reference point if further work needs to be done. I suggest you put away your fears by doing some research, you will find the procedure is very safe, and proceed with confidence. Believe me, plaque buildup is serious stuff, and the procedure is very safe.
Avatar m tn My primary care physician is sending me for a cardiac stress test. I was debating on whether I should ask for a cardiopulmonary stress test instead. I have difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. Also, I have low blood oxygen (High Hemoglobin and High Hematocrit) and low carbon dioxide. I know the cardiopulmonary stress test measures gas exchange during exercise. I just don't want to have to do both tests at some point, if there is nothing wrong with my heart.
Avatar f tn Certain systemic disorders like anemia, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorders can cause these symptoms. So, besides EKG and treadmill test, lung function tests could further help in evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Almost all of the material I have read, do the stress test/treadmill then rest, then scan. When I had my test I was given cardiolite then rested then was scanned. After a short while I was given the treadmill test and was injected with more cardiolite. Then rested for a relatively short period then scanned again. Why the difference in procedure and does it make any difference?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a normal nuclear stress test but abnormal treadmill stress test?
Avatar n tn He then suggested going for a treadmill stress test which I did today. I got my heart rate up to the required 160 bpm with no pain etc. The results of the stress test were "normal". I am now reading that stress tests in woman very often given false negative results. I don't have high bp, or high chlosterol, I am overweight and wroking on getting it down, no diabetis etc. Realistically no risk factors.
Avatar n tn My nuclear stress test results were as follows ver batim. I do not know what it means, are the results acceptable, good very good etc. What does this say about the blood flow to the heart muscle ? "injection of Myoview nuclear tracer & resting images obtained excercised on a treadmill for 5 min 34 sec. to 10.
Avatar f tn hello, I have had a treadmill test and am awaiting the results , I have heard the results are based on lots of different factors , but my question is ? , when a treadmill test is complete does the person doing the test calculate your time at when you reach 85% of you heart rate or the final time when you stop the test ?
471949 tn?1236904026 I'm having a stress test tomorrow (12th); treadmill-type at the VA hospital. Last year I had a chemical stress test there. Problem is there was no doc in the room or even nearby at all! In the past when I've had stress tests done at civilian hospitals there was always a cardio-doc in the room--just in case. Two years ago I had a treadmill test and collapsed halfway through the test. I told the VA cardio doc this...
Avatar f tn On my stress test results it states: 1mm horizontal ST depression noted at peak exercise which is positive for Ischemia. Is that very bad or possibly not so bad?
Avatar n tn The only risk is an allergic reaction to the radioactive isotope but this is very rare indeed. The drug is administered very slowly as you exercise and so any reaction will be quickly noted and treated rapidly. The hardest part of the procedure is laying still for 20 minutes on the scanner table. You will be surprised, everything starts to itch.
Avatar n tn I can tell you that an insurance policy will not cover the test without some objective evidence for the procedure. A better test would be a CT scan 64 slice if there is a family history. The scan will image the entire anatomy of the vessel including between the layers of the vesssel (cannot be seen with a cath examining only the lumen). Between the layers of a vessel soft plaque can be a high risk to rupture causing a heart attack.
Avatar m tn If exertion causes your discomfort then it could be stable angina, but if it comes out of the blue, even when seated, it could be unstable angina or chest muscle. I think a treadmill stress test would be far more valuable, and in the UK it is the first test performed, along with an ECG.
Avatar n tn I had an exercise stress test today as part of a thorough physical. I am a 37 yr old male with no known cardiac risk factors. The stress test was "abnormal" or positive. The findings were elevated ST that continued or got more elevated as my heart rate increased. I am completely asymptomatic, but now very worried about these results. The Cardiologist wants to do a nuclear stress test as a next step.
Avatar n tn Went to family physician who was concerned and suggested nuclear stress test or CAT angiogram and gave me a choice. He ruled out blood work to look for enzymes. He told me the CAT would require prior insurance approval and recommended nuclear stress test. Like the EKG's I am sure that nothing will show up on the stress test. Should I save the insurance co pays etc and go straight to CAT angiogram? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn and in Sept I had an exercise stress test. When I went to have the stress test preformed, the doctor did not place the cuff on correctly. It get slipping and they kept having a problem getting it to work. During the test I felt fine. But the test kept taking the incorrect blood pressure measurements and over halfway through it , they stopped the test.. That was in Sept.
5851092 tn?1404133464 motorized treadmill Bruce protocol, Total time (14 minutes, 59 seconds), Total METS achieved 17.2. The test was terminated due to: general fatigue moderate. Reported level of perceived exertion: 17. Chest pain: The patient did not experience chest pain. Baseline heart rate 77. Peak heart rate 171. Baseline blood pressure 134/78. Peak blood pressure 160/60. 90 % PMHR (predicted maximal heart rate). Double product achieved 27,360. Post-exercise blood pressure 170/72.
Avatar m tn Resently had a nuclear stress test with iV, an now have a heart murmer that never had before the test, could the nuclear have caused the problem. I am 80 an had a mitral valve clip installed 7 years ago an has been fine up till now.
Avatar n tn those due to injection of the radioactive compound and those due to the treadmill stress test. Your father did not have any side effects form the exercise phase, but side effects from the the treadmill can be chest pain, irregular heart rate and rarely, death have been reported during treadmill stress test. There should have been a doctor supervising the test that is the appropriate procedure, so it may have been a dotor who answered questions and not the tech.
Avatar f tn The EKG and echo showed an arrhythmia and premature contractions. Since I was still having symptoms they did a nuclear stress test. The scans showed a "significant" blockage, but I was able to run on the treadmill for 13 minutes, which the doctor says would be impossible with that kind of blockage. He says he would be very shocked if there was that kind of blockage. He has scheduled me for a heart cath next week and I am trying to figure out what to do.
Avatar f tn A stress test will normally be a treadmill. You will progressively walk faster and at a higher grade for about 15 minutes. You will be monitored by a doctor most likely while attached to electrodes. After the treadmill you will be placed in a diagnostic machine that will look at your heart. Then a second exam of your heart with dye will examine the difference in the way your heart looked after the treadmill and after the dye was introduced.