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Avatar n tn I have tried concerta and I found a little bit of help on concertrating, but I had heart palpitation, my doctor switch me to strattera and know I feel to tired, just relaxed. Would it be good if I take booth together, and how would I take it.
Avatar n tn hey i've been taking strattrea 25mg for 1 week 40 for 1 week 60 for 2 weeks now my dosage has been increased to 80 i really want this to work...i feel tired all the time how much longer should it take for the effects to kick in?
628190 tn?1269022107 I feel so tired and have become a HUGE couch potatoe..I dont wanna get up and do anything!! I dont know how much more I can take of this..I have read alot online and most people are taking a stimulant with it..Will the phyc eventually do this? Is it just a process?? Or should I ask her?? I have already told her it makes me very tired..What more do I have to do?? I dont have time to hope something works because I have 3 kids!!
Avatar m tn I have been taking strattera for about 4 weeks I was first on 40mg for two weeks then 80mg and at first I felt motivated would wake up naturally in the morning,but now I feel tired all the time have trouble getting out of bed and finding motivation to leave the house. I have been on concerta but it never seemed to agree with me, do I stay on strattera or was making thinking the next step to try Wellbutrin at the moment I have zero get up and go.
Avatar n tn I've been on strattera for two weeks and the only strong side effect I seem to have is that I get really tired or fatigued around 2:00pm. Will this side effect subside over time? Is there anyway to lessen it? I've tried other ADD medications however because they are stimulants I tend to get really agitated or even a little paranoid when I'm on them so I am hoping that Strattera works out ok. Are there any other non-stimulant ADD medications?
Avatar m tn Is this a side effect of strattera? She has ADHD and never wants to clean her room. She will say it's clean but it's not and she is off to play, we will ask her did you clean you room and she says "I think so" but it is not.
Avatar n tn My son has ODD without ADHD, he has been taking a very small dossage of Topamax for over a year ( has help him loose and control his oerweight problems, but has not really help with his oposition or horrible mood swings) and now the Dr. recomendned Strattera, I´m very concern with the side efects. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been on strattera for 6 days now and when I take it in the morning, about 2-3 hours after taking it I get pretty intense anxiety (heart beats fast, chest feels heavy, my whole body gets tense, my breathing feels shallow) I'd say this anxiety fully subsides in around an hour. It's the same reaction I've had to stimulants, which is why I'm trying strattera. My doctor gave me 0.25mg of xanax for this reaction and it takes it away COMPLETELY.
311086 tn?1224732518 Turns out, and my heart had to stop 3 times, and i had to be in the hospital for 3 weeks, but, I have chronic PE's (blood clots that get trapped in the lungs), the symptoms were showing that there is a huge clot making it to where i can't breathe, because the heart cannot pump blood to the lungs. These symptoms were not caused by Strattera, but they were aggrevated by the Strattera. Interestingly enough, i suppose.
990354 tn?1307136486 I'm about two-three weeks clean off opiates but, on a very very small dose of suboxone for maintance treatment. I was doing pretty good until recently...why am I sooooooo tired?? I literally can fall asleep sitting here. I fall asleep driving, at work, in class!! What is wrong with me?? Is this normal?? I just drank two cups of coffee, took a five hour energy shot, slept in till 2pm, and still feel like I can hardly keep my eyes open!! Any suggestions, advice?? I'm going to loose it!
Avatar m tn why does make me feel like I am in a very depressed state and sleep and extremely tired ?
Avatar f tn I finally stopped taking concerta at the end of march, and was prescribed to strattera. I have been on 40 mg for nearly 3 weeks. I've been feeling a lot less anxious since taking strattera but still have trouble focusing, staying on task, and getting things done. I hate the side effects. I feel tired all the time and I feel irritable. I need to be taking something that will work both for my ADHD and anxiety. What do you guys think about strattera?
1103110 tn?1341258099 well i've been off the strattera for some time now and i feel like a senile old woman but no more stomach pain or nausea so ill just deal with losin things or not remember somethings. and been off the paxil for sometime also, didnt tell my dr but she keeps pushing the ideal of takin it and im tired of repeating myself about it. i took it for a long time and it makes me so sleepy that i couldnt function, yeah so my moods r all over the place, but im up and moving!!
Avatar n tn A little cranky over breakfast choices but that is not unusual. She did mention as she was leaving that she felt nauseous and that she was always tired at school and never felt good at school. She said her teacher is always asking her what's wrong and that she usually just says she's tired. I am going to have to start really watching her sleep cycles. She gets in bed around normal time but I can't say for sure how well she is truly sleeping.
Avatar f tn Today, I am just tired of trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I have overall aches and pains and I have been avoiding friends' phonecalls. I am looking on-line because I can't figure out why the Strattera doesn't work. I could feel how I was affected when I went off of Lamictal (bad). I'm also concerned because all of the meds listed say that I have to be careful with liver enzymes going haywired. My last couple of blood tests say that I have elevated liver enzyme levels.
Avatar n tn 30 bc of snow so I told her she could come home and rest if she was still tired. She was wired! Asking to have candy for breakfast ... Really? Told me it would help wake her up ... She seemed really awake to me but keep complaining she was tired. Got home from school at 1:00 and she was over the top. Going a mile a minute, eating, talking nonstop ....
Avatar f tn I'm 23 years old and at first I thought I was falling asleep randomly even though I do not feel tired. But the other day I passed out while walking into my bedroom. However, I did not wake up until morning, completely confused of what I was doing on the floor and what had happened. Most nights I will be in the middle of something or on the phone, not feel a bit tired, but instead wide awake.
Avatar f tn if medication wasn't one of them ?
Avatar m tn My meds stopped working this year and I'm back on the medication merry go round going on and off different things. I feel funny, tired or anxious every day, and everything I read on every med just seems to be someones horror story with that med. (someone had reaction, went crazy ect.) I'm just scared of all the changes and meds. Is anyone else here on the merry go round again also? It's been 2 months now, and is getting very tiring. Just need some encouragement, thanks friends.
Avatar f tn If the ADHD diagnosis was accurate, and he has not received benefit from the stimulant medications, the non-stimulant Strattera might be a worthwhile option.
Avatar f tn Recently we have tried other drugs and her symptoms of aggression have increased. She is currently on Strattera, serequel, and hydroxizine (to help her sleep). She has only been on the serequel 2 days and it is not helping. The risperidone was stopped immediately because of weight gain. I need some suggestions on what we can do. HELP! I am tired of getting beat up, and I especially feel very bad for her because she cannot communicate with me how she is feeling.
Avatar n tn We had NEVER concidered medication until about 8 months ago. My son was tired of not being liked, feeling angry, sad and felt he needed help beyond just counseling. We connected with a psychiatrist who tried several differnet medications @ first (they didn't work for my son) and then finally put him on Concerta 36mg 2pills daily and WOW - what a difference. My son is happy, more attentive, friendly and less agitated.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend Ryan was diagnosed with severe depression, ADD, and social anxiety almost 2 years ago. Since then he's been on wellbutrin, strattera, lexapro, prozac, buspar, & ritalin with no change. He took the depression meds for at least 2 months at a time before changing. For about 9 month's he's been on zoloft (least side effects for him) & now nortriptilene to help intensify the effect. He's been taking the Nortrip since May and there's no change.
428176 tn?1205559187 Serequel really helped me. I have ADHD too so after 4 months on Serequel, they put me on Strattera first. I still seemed spaced out. Then I begged for Adderall after taking 3 30mg for 3 days my girlfriend got for me as a test. The Adderall has made me a different person. I use to be called ADD boy by my friends parents. LOL The only thing I have to watch is my blood pressure. I'm 42 and the adderall has the reverse affect as that of a normal person. It calms and focuses me.
Avatar f tn i dont want to stop the meds if they are going to help him. he tired adderall and strattera with the same side affect. can anyone recommend something that will work without him getting sleepy.
Avatar f tn What did your PCP say was a side effect of Strattera? (Just curious, as I take Strattera, though not for ADD.) Good luck getting everything sorted out. It can be hard, and not everyone ends up getting a diagnosis for their symptoms.
Avatar n tn He will climb on any table or surface and let himself drop on the floor without expressing any pain, just laughing afterwards. He used to scream and thrash things all over the room until he'd get tired and sometimes would not be able to sleep for 3 days in a row and when it looked like he might start to fall asleep he'd jerk out of sleep and get up again. He tried to poke his sister's eyes with his fingers. His psychologist stated "boys will be boys".
Avatar f tn Recently we have tried other drugs and her symptoms of aggression have increased. She is currently on Strattera, serequel, and hydroxizine (to help her sleep). She has only been on the serequel 2 days and it is not helping. The risperidone was stopped immediately because of weight gain. I need some suggestions on what we can do. HELP! I am tired of getting beat up, and I especially feel very bad for her because she cannot communicate with me how she is feeling.
Avatar n tn My psychiartist place me on effexor and strattera which both worked marvelously for all symptoms. I was on this combination for about 1 1/2 years. The problem with the effexor though, is that if I did not take the medication right on time, I became quite dizzy. I wanted to be taken off of it. My doctor switched me to Lexapro (for depression and anxiety) one month ago.
Avatar n tn choice was Strattera. Is Concerta considered to be a close match to the properties in Strattera? My daughter seems to still be distant, has a low attention span, and can't follow rules. We are struggling just as bad now as we were before the meds-maybe worse. The medication has seemed to make her more hyper active and unfocused. Should I suggest a different medication at her next appointment? It's been 2 months that she's been on it!!