How long does it take for strattera to work

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Avatar m tn My doctor has me on 120 mg strattera for ADHD and GAD. Has this worked for anyone else with GAD? If so how long did it take to work and is there any playing "guess the dose" for most effective ADHD treatment. In other words if 80 mg works great for ADHD can 120 mg start being counter productive?
Avatar n tn I'm 32 and been on strattera for a couple months it seems to work wonders for me.It makes me super sleepy so I take it at night and the next day I feel fine and not a stimulant so no high feeling.But It will make you very sleepy do not know why they say take it in the morning.
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me 0.25mg of xanax for this reaction and it takes it away COMPLETELY. The problem is, I do not want to take xanax at all and certainly don't want to become addicted to it. Why is strattera causing a stimulant-like reaction and why does xanax take the reaction away? Will this side effect of strattera go away? I'm 21, 105lbs, and female if this helps.
Avatar n tn hey i've been on 25mg for about a week 40 for another and 80 for another i am now on 120mg and feel alot of the side effects does anyone know how long it will take for it to work?
Avatar n tn How long until I start to feel better? I am off of work for a week (I planned this to coincide with my vacation). I would have gone into a detox or something but I have no one to take care of my house, etc.
990354 tn?1307136486 Got it LeslyVernon---------- my post was in reference to the posters comments regarding his sister's reasons for wanting to take adderall. She takes it sporadically when she has to work to give her more energy. That is using it as speed and not a medication for add. She does not take it for its intended purpose and that is not why people are prescribed these medications.
Avatar n tn and my OCD comes and goes as well....I really get frustrated, just wanting to know how much more I need to it me? or is it something new??? I guess I will never have the answers...until I am able to experience life again...after all, I was on medication for so many years....I was walking everyday, and that helped some...the last week, I have been having terrible mood swings/combined with some minor depression...I hate the depression so comes and goes.....
Avatar f tn This month the Doctor's watch to do a blood test on my son to see if the Seizures are inherited Seizure.They have to send them to Boston so it will take a while for them to come back,and the blood work is being done only in Neurologist office on March 25th .
Avatar dr m tn This may be also why those who tend to be creative are often attracted to work that’s not constrained by the typical 9-5 work schedule. According to Richard Florida, in his fascinating book Rise of the Creative Class, this is the reason why so many creative types congregate in metropolitan areas like New York (the city that never sleeps).
Avatar f tn Back then, the 'specialist' I had been sent to said it was rare for such a young person to have Graves. I am glad to see more MD's checking the kids. Maybe it was rare because they didn't check for it. I just want to make sure all of you who read this or follow this forum know that if you have Graves Disease, you must be checked throughout your life for Autoimmune Pernicious Anemia. I was diagnosed with this condition about a year and a half ago. LONG PROCESS!
Avatar f tn However, I did not sleep much when I took them - and that does not work well for me. My husband continues to take it & really does pretty well for him. Without these types of meds, my dear husband has many problems beginning tasks, staying w/ projects, getting places w/ all he needs, etc. I am now on Strattera which is not a stimulant but does work well for ADD symptoms. If you have not tried this med, I would recommend it if organization/other symptoms are an issue.
Avatar n tn Now, with regards to the medication you are taking, it takes about 6 weeks for it to start working and 6 months or so for you to have an idea as to the result. Likewise, you have to cut down very gradually and this process should probably take no less than 4 weeks. So, if you are not taking the medication in a regular basis, perhaps you should and if you do not want to take it on a regular basis, you should dinminish it very gradually.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your reply! It helps to see how someone elce is handling it all. That is alot of meds. God bless you and your family. I'm reading the Bipolar child and I dont really feel my son fits the profile. Hes more ODD but the book says they are really one and the same. His Dr. just put him on 150mg of wellbutrin and he's been on 20mg of Aderall. I took him off of the zyprexa 4 days before he started the wellbutrin because I couldnt get him to stop eating!
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Avatar n tn It definetely helps with wakefulness (at the right dose, which has been a long time coming). I looked into Provigil and I'm going to talk to my doc about it. Does it work right away or do you step into like antidepressants? I'm really interested in Wellbutrin now for sure. I thought it was a downer.
Avatar n tn I have tried green tea capsules on my son and they seem to be quite helpful. They make it easier for him to concentrate and stay on task. I am using them in conjunction with a behavioral program called Total Focus which uses biofeedback to teach kids how to progressively relax, curb impulses and focus. The coping skills he's learning from this have made a big difference in his behavior and self-confidence.
Avatar f tn I know this medication works different for every child.... I wil keep you posted and tell you how he does... I have to try it first before I give up on it...
Avatar f tn Strattera is a non-stimulant med. It doesn't work as well, but it does work. The other thought is not to take extended release meds (XR) so they are out of your system at night. Vyv has probably the longest duration of them all, which is great for some people. Ritalin has a duration of roughly 4 hours which I think is the shortest. Some people even take meds to help them sleep at night (which I think should be avoided if possible).
Avatar m tn Perhaps you are reaching your poiint to give it all to God to sort out. I don't know. If you still have a desire to root for your husband's sobriety, then that is ok too. Does he express any type of desire to REMAIN sober? I know he has gotten sober previously as you wrote in your post, but does he address whether or not he wants to remain sober? That will answer a lot of your questions immediately.
Avatar f tn I've got to research how long strattera works, but I was involved in a pretty long and difficult situation over on the ADHD forum and its getting kind of late. But, I'm pretty sure it has worn off by dinner time. This means you have an intelligent (or very intelligent) little girl who really is too young to have the proper filters in place. Got a feeling she sees the other little ones getting more attention and reacts accordingly.
649926 tn?1297661380 Hi Erin. So sorry about your husband's health problems--it seems so unfair to have two family members with serious problems. Strattera is probably even more expensive than Provigil; it's WAY up there. I'm extremely lucky that my insurance pays. Anyway, Strattera is a medication (approved) for attention-deficit disorder, not anything specifically like energy or "cog fog.
Avatar f tn My feeling is that it's a nasty, nasty drug. It's very easy to build a tolerance to it - after not too long the low doses don't work anymore. I was taking 45 mgs up to 4 times a day... and I've known people who have had to take more in order to feel the effects. When I was taking 45mgs at a time, I found that if I didn't take it I felt lethargic, depressed, and unable to concentrate whatsoever. But then, when I did take it, I had tremendous headaches.
Avatar n tn its just finding one that works because sometimes it can take a long time to find a natural fix because every case is different and everyone reacts or respond differently to everything. We are hoping that when he is older and is able to understand ADHD that he will be able to come off medication. But it is not fair to hinder him with his education now and cause him to see going to school and getting an education a horrible experience and giving up because he can never catch up.
Avatar m tn Some times just to be able to work the system is all it takes, but very few parents know how to do so. Being an informed advocate for - and not giving up on - your child is probably the most important thing a parent can do. Unfortunately, too many parents and probably schools take the easy way out. I do think that if a child does get into the special education program, it can help and protect the child.
Avatar n tn We are constantly researching online and malabsorption was something that we ran acros as well. We are considering going to anoather Ped. Gastro for a second opinion. It just takes so darn long to get in.
Avatar n tn I'm another one who wants to stick up for Adderall. It is not a hell pill, and it helps a great many. I take it for the fatigue of MS, after trying several other meds such as Provigil which did nothing. Adderall doesn't give me loads of energy and I don't act like a speed freak, I just feel normal again, or almost. I can actually get at least some things accomplished. I take this med under the watchful eye of my doctor, and I myself was apprehensive at first, given that it's an amphetamine.
1648124 tn?1301364223 But he has them all shocked they dont know what to do either he is only 3 1/2 and nobody wants to medicate a child so young We have been so against meds but were told that we need to realize if we cant get him under control and keep him or our other kids safe DHS or CPS will get involved and be forced to take action (she was nice about it but matter of fact). I dont know how to help him we are using every resource there is for his age.
Avatar f tn I just want it to go to work right away and fade away at night. I have even set the alarm for 4 or 5 am to take it so that it will be working when it's time to wake up. The thing I don't want is to still have any drug working to keep me up at night. It's why I stopped taking these drugs before. I felt like I was getting into a roller coaster of needing uppers and downers. That being said, the fatigue is so horrible, and so difficult to describe to those who don't have it.
152264 tn?1280358257 Though you may be concerned about your illness, I would advise you not to take it to heart, but just to follow the neurologist’s advice.