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Avatar m tn Hi! Yes, insomnia and pupil dilatation are side effects of Vyvanse. Reducing the dose or switching to another medication will help control these symptoms. Please inform your doctor immediately and stop the drug immediately. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn He was on the the Daytrona patch but it was burning his back and he was able to take it off. The doctor switched him to Vyvanse and he started taking it four days ago. The last four days have been extremely difficult for us and him. He doesn't understand the moods and he is very upset. He can not focus or sit still. He was doing so well with finally talking and socializing and now he can not even think straight.
Avatar f tn Our doctor switched him to 2mg of Intuniv and 40mg of Strattera every morning and our son can barely stay awake. When he's doing something he's fine, but as soon as he sits down he will fall asleep. Will this go away?
Avatar f tn I am very healthy except for this disorder, but was seeing a doctor for medication, Strattera when I went on medicaid. Does medicaid cover Stratterra, Vyvanse or Concerta and other ADHD or ADD medications?
Avatar n tn he refered me to a psych. my psych told me that vyvanse would help my add and my depression. he started me on 30mg and had to move me up to 50mg after 2 weeks because it was wearing off half way through the day and i would get extremely tired. when i first started taking the drug i noticed that i was more clear headed and driven through the day. at the same time i noticed that my appetite had decressed,my throat stayed dry and i was having trouble falling asleep.
Avatar f tn My dr has indicated that it seems that the medicine is bringing out other forms of ADHD or different behaviors and my son may have to see a pediatric psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD issues. Any thoughts on the Vyvanse and Strattera combination?
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been on strattera for 6 days now and when I take it in the morning, about 2-3 hours after taking it I get pretty intense anxiety (heart beats fast, chest feels heavy, my whole body gets tense, my breathing feels shallow) I'd say this anxiety fully subsides in around an hour. It's the same reaction I've had to stimulants, which is why I'm trying strattera. My doctor gave me 0.25mg of xanax for this reaction and it takes it away COMPLETELY.
Avatar f tn My 13 yr old son recently (20 days ago) started taking vyvanse 30 mg for ADD and Prozac 30mg for anxiety over learning disability in math. We have tried Adderal and Strattera but with little effect. These first weeks of school have been much much better than we could have hoped for. He gets up on his own, wants to get to school early, remembers what his homework assignments are, and is eager to get his homework finished.
Avatar f tn After that there was no effect. Vyvanse has caused none of the ups and downs that bothered me the most with Adderall and other meds. Obviously the medication will effect a 5-6 differently, but at the right dose we should all respond fairly similarly to the medication. A couple questions if I may.... Can I ask you what Vyvanse side effects you are frightful of? Also, who it was that diagnosed your son as ADHD? A psychiatrist/psychologist or a pediatrician?
1666464 tn?1303228958 started seeing a Dr for ADD about 4 months ago, we first started on 3-4 add a day which did not help, I was agitated all the time and not focused, I also have severe anxiety. So now she has me on the Vyvanse and Xanax which worked great for the first 3wks focusing on point, calmed down some.
Avatar f tn In particular, I've heard a lot about peoples positive experiences with Vyvanse. I know that everyone is different, and different meds work for different people, but seeing as Vyvanse is still in the same "family" of stimulants, I'm worried to get too hopeful. I.e have I already ruined my chances with Vyvanse due to my adderall use? Has anyone who responded positively to Adderall initially, and then experienced a large decrease in effectiveness, had luck with switching to Vyvanse?
Avatar f tn I recently had to switch my add meds from adderall xr to vyvanse and I am on day 2 and I feel like I havnt taken anything. I am extremely tired, have anxiety with everything going on around me at once, and I cant concentrate at all, I walked around my kitchen for 15 minutes not knowing why i wass but knew there was a reason then finally got my car keys that i was needing to get in the first place. Is this normal?
990354 tn?1307136486 He has tolerated both medicines well, and at one time had a px has high as 70mg for Vyvanse. We tried Strattera, but that lead to depression - bad med for him. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn Strattera, Adderall XR, Vyvanse, and Daytrana are medications I have taken, my brother takes Concerta. Vyvanse and Adderall XR are the only meds I can take. I have a real sensitive stomach and immune system, and am allergic to a lot so I would think that you can handle most of these.
Avatar f tn When i was about 5 or 7 years old thats when my doctor told my mom i have ADHD. My doctor gave me to take Vyvanse and Strattera. The Vyvanse i take is 60mg capsules and for Strattera i take 60mg capsules to. I had problems over the years. I get distracted very easily but i try not to look or be distracted but its hard sometimes. especially when people are talking, making noise and being annoying is distracting me. There are other stuff i turn my attention to though.
Avatar f tn They all increased his ticks tremendously. We switched over to vyvanse and that seemed so much better for the ADHD and the tics were still there but not nearly as bad. He also has been diagnosed with ODD and so at the Tourette's clinic they prescribed him a low dose of risperidone. This not only helped with the oppositional behavior, the tics were barley there.
Avatar n tn While your son's ADHD treatment (with Vyvanse and Strattera) may well be adequate to address his symptoms, it is clear that his mood-related symptoms need more attention. Talk with his prescribing doctor about addressing the mood symptoms more vigorously. Since he is already taking Abilify, one option would be to increase the dose. But there are many options. It sounds like that should be the major focus of intervention.
Avatar n tn He has been on several different medications and currently is on Vyvanse and Depakote ER. His major issues before being hospitalized were hallucinations and suicidal ideation with aggression toward other students at school (he tried to stab 2 kids with scissors and has hit several other kids and the principal).
Avatar f tn 50mg in the morning and 20 after lunch. This combo has worked great for me and my schooling. In addition to my ADD meds i take a low dose of Celexa (antideppresant) and a zyrtec for allergies. Dont know if any of that stuff mattered... id just really like an answer -.
Avatar f tn The most frequent combination is a psychostimulant to treat the ADHD and an antihypertenisive (like Clonidine or Tenex) to addres the oppositional behavior. One thing you might consider is employing Strattera ( a non-stimulant) to treat the ADHD and to divide the Clonidine dose over the day to address the oppositionality. In other words, ask the doctor about giving some at night (he might not actually require .
Avatar f tn I feel guilty all the time about the naps but It doesn't stop me from taking them. I tried Vyvanse and Adderall. They work but then I can't sleep at night. Is there a non stimulant that works?
Avatar f tn he got lethargic and very confused and his doctor put him back on vyvanse. we have had the best results with that.
Avatar n tn During the summer, we took her off the medication and lo and behold the picking stopped and the sores healed. School started back and the teacher called asking why she wasn't on medication this year. We went to the doctor, told her we didn't want her back on the concerta and she prescribed Vyvanse. Here we are, mid school year and are months into her picking again. It is totally out of control now and she has approximately 10-15 sores on her legs/hands.
Avatar f tn Hello. I take Vyvanse 50mg. I am 42 with a job where I must be focused and highly productive. I also take a med for depression. I find that Yyvanse works incredibly well. There may be a degree of anxiety increase, but I don't see it too much possibly because of my Rx for depression~ I may be getting a counter-effect. I do experience a bit of edgy/irritable mood. I mentioned Vyvanse to a friend of mine with similar challenges as mine and she is very pleased with the results.
Avatar f tn i feel like i am being treated like a liability to these doctors and not getting proper treatment as i have told them the vyvanse worked! i have never abused anything other than opiates and have taken adderall and vyvanse plenty of times in the past on certain occasions when i had important deadlines. never abused them, never got a high, just was able to slow my brain down and pay attention to things. so with all that said, i don’t know what to do at this point.
1367899 tn?1278125040 My sister and I started a blog on Adderall to learn more about the medication along with alternative and complementary ADHD treatment options. Any feedback from users of Adderall or Adderall XR would be greatly appreciated. Topics to be added this week on How is Adderall XR different from Adderall? [Adderall vs. Adderall XR] What is Adderall? How to Make Adderall: [Adderall Background Information] What are the best Adderall and ADHD books?
Avatar m tn Ritalin Adderall Concerta Focalin Dexadrine Vyvanse Strattera Wellburtin Klonopin
Avatar n tn I cannot tell you how many tests I have had... I am currently on Lexapro, Strattera and Vyvanse for ADHD/Anxiety. How do I get past this??
Avatar n tn I have also heard of this one called vyvanse. I would lokk online and see all the risks on them all and then talk to your doctor about wha he/she thinks is best for you child. Good luck.