Stomach virus or appendicitis

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Avatar n tn Hi, because it came on suddenly it is possibly food poisoning due to a virus that a lot of people call the Stomach Flu, but is a different virus called norovirus (not influenza in the stomach) If it isn't gone by tomorrow I would see your doctor. Usually, Norovirus is gone within about 3 days. Try to keep hydrated.
1323549 tn?1276178147 s a coincidence with the other symptoms. She may have a virus, bacterial infection or something serious like a gallstones or appendicitis. What do you mean when you say she can "barely see?" Is it from crying? Where exactly is the pain located? When was the last time she ate, and what was it? How long has she been vomiting and is there anything left in her stomach? Any bowel changes? Any other symptoms earlier today or was it a sudden onset of symptoms?
Avatar f tn If appendicitis is ruled out, this could be anything from some constipation to a stomach virus, or even somthing like an ectopic pregnancy. This really needs to be evaluated. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Does this sound possible based on the continuing pain? Or could the pain from the previous virus I had STILL be present after all this time? Or could it be a food allergy? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! It might be an appendicitis. If it was just a stomach virus causing the pain he probably would have had diarrhea or vomiting. Even though the appendix is located more to the right, the pain can something be in a different place. I would recommend taking him to the ER asap and asking for a CT scan with contrast of his abdomen. Good luck.
Avatar f tn He told me that I was probably at the end of a stomach virus, but should be getting better. He told me that if the pain persisted, within two days, I should return to the clinic or to the ER, on account of it could be appendicitis. I am eighteen years old, broke, and under the care of my parents who refuse to return me to any doctor. I doubt I have appendicitis on account of my stomach has had pain for at least a week, and there's been no sign of any rupture.
Avatar n tn She may have appendicitis or have trouble with her gallbladder. I thought I had a stomach virus and had very bad cramps along with vomiting for a couple of days and went into the emergency room and found out that I was having a gallbladder attack. I spent a week in the hospital and had my gallbladder removed. Please urge her to seek medical attention.
Avatar f tn They started near my belly button then moved around my stomach. While at the hospital I had a blood test, and an ultrasound done to check for appendicitis. And everything came back normal. For the last five days I have been having pains in my back, kidneys, right side, right side abdominal pain, pain near my belly button, pelvic pain, pain right next to my hip bone, headaches, and nausea.
Avatar n tn What you describe could be a number of things, including pancreatitis, appendicitis, diverticulitis, ... or something else altogether. This set of symptoms doesn't seem to be the type one can afford to ignore. Pls see a doc/urgent care right away. Hope you'll write again to let us know how you're doing.
671285 tn?1292660161 Are my symptoms classinc signs of IBS? Stress? Or am I having appendicitis? I am scare though. The doctor cannot see me until next week. Dont know what to do. Feel sick.
18799278 tn?1484274288 I'm not a medical expert but it sounds similar to stories I've heard about appendicitis. Appendicitis can be very serious, especially if the appendix ruptures. It might be worth going and getting checked out by a doctor just in case.
Avatar m tn An appendix is usually on the right side of your stomach and you will usually run a high fever with appendicitis. However, if you are still concerned, you can call your doctor and ask to speak to a nurse.
Avatar n tn As far as I know, the most apparent symptom of appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix) is a dull pain in the stomach on the right side, that moves to severe lower right abdominal pain. The above website explains different symptoms that could accompany appendicitis.
1761908 tn?1313198035 I would go to the ER. If he can't keep anything down and is vomiting than he's probably going to end up at least dehydrated. It could just be a virus. It could be food poisoning. Or it could be appendicitis. If it were me, I wouldn't wait. I had something like this happen to me a few years ago. I went to the ER and had a battery of test only to be told it was a virus. But I did get IV fluids which helped a lot since I was so dehydrated from throwing up so much.
Avatar f tn I pressed on my stomach a bit and it send a shooting pain through my belly button area. Its not SUPER painful, just more of a discomfort. I've also started urinating WAY more in the past hour and I'm not sure if its related but my knees began aching REALLY bad out of nowhere. If anyone can it would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I'm scared out of my mind that I have appendicitis but also I don't know whether it could be something psychological or a muscle pull. It's in my abdominal area, kind of lower but sometimes goes up and on the right hand side. I've been passing gas a bit which relieves me a bit but the achy pain is still there.
Avatar f tn Do I have appendicitis?? Or is this just a stomach bug?? How long does it take for the pain to move from the upper stomach to the lower right abdomen??
Avatar f tn t eat or drink anything 2 hours prior to going to bed, and try laying on your left side or stomach for a little while each night when you first lay down. Avoid gas producing foods like beans, onions, etc. and limit milk products which can tend to cause stomach issues. I think by changing a few bedtime habits and taking some antacid or anti gas medication you will most likely get relief from your symptoms. I Hope This Works. Have A Nice Night!
2015757 tn?1409172476 okay im not quite sure what to classify my question as, but from the research that ive done according to the pains im having i keep seeing a possible ovarian cyst, kidney stones or something with my appendix. Not sure about either but im not finding a form for simply stomach problems. So over a week ago my family all suffered from having the stomach flu, luckily i wasnt present for this. by the time i returned home everyone was well and healthy.
Avatar n tn in my case it was ameobiasis..other options can be either gastric pain or appendicitis.. i guess if it persists consult a doc.. take care.. good luck.
Avatar f tn I have no fever or anything like that, nor am I having the typical rebound pain or any pain in my right lower stomach. It seems that the pain moves when I change position if that makes sense. Usually when I sit it moves in the lower area of my belly button, and when I lay down it moves to the upper area of my belly button. My stomach is constantly making gurgling noises and it feels like there are gas bubbles inside of me. I am really, really scared that something serious is going on with me.
Avatar n tn So also it can be a pain of appendicitis, where the appendix is placed behind the intestine. Ultrasound, CT or MRI of lower abdomen or whole abdomen would have ruled this out. The other possibility you can explore is Irritable bowel syndrome. The walls of intestine go into spasm often and cause sudden excruciating pain. It could also be pain of chronic intestinal obstruction relieved by vomiting. Maybe a barium study of the digestive systm will be able to diagnose the problem.
Avatar n tn I have recently been experiencing right side pain and mentioned it to my GP. He sent me for a CT which confirmed mild appendicitis. Don't have typical appendicitis symptoms other than pain and some nausea. My doc says to get it taken out. I went for a consult with a general surgeon and he said he isn't 100% that's my appendix since I don't have all the acute symptoms. He said there is no such thing as chronic appendicitis and my doc says "oh yes there is". UGH...
Avatar m tn Also had a small fever at one time giving me chills in the night but after that it was gone
Avatar f tn Go to the ER now. It sounds like it could be appendicitis or another complication.