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Avatar n tn So my chances of getting hiv is high or low??reason for mouth ulcer? I have no any other symptoms like swollen lympf node, rashes etc...
Avatar n tn is the hiv virus alive even after it has hit the air? is there a certain degrees it has to be for it to immmediately die. does it take a few minutes.
Avatar f tn ( Woke up with a sick little one today and then after lunch started getting any upset stomach headache back ache and having to have frequent regular bowel movements. I hate stomach viruses:( On top of that got the flu shot yesterday so I am achy from that too and I haven't ate but once today bc food sounds horrid. Anyone else going through this while pregnant?
Avatar f tn I am 20 wks n 2 days and I have a stomach virus. I can't keep anything down. I am constantly vomiting. Will this affect the baby?
1770029 tn?1325802355 Hi and sorry you are ill. There is no such thing as "stomach flu" meaning the influenza virus does not cause flu in the stomach. It is considered gastroenteritis. The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, low grade fever up to 100 degrees and possible cramps are caused by many things, virus or bacterial. However, the most common cause is a virus called Norovirus. It is spead from person to person by fecal oral contamination.
Avatar f tn Been having a bad stomach virus for over a week with Terrible diarrhea my stomach feela like sour milk! Im drinking loads and loads of water to keep hydrated. But im nervous. If it could harm my baby having such a sour stomach? ?
Avatar f tn I think I have a really bad case of the stomach virus... I've drank green ginger tea but it didnt helped...
Avatar f tn t pregnancy related but if you ladies could please pray for me to get over this stomach virus as quick as possible. Went to the ER tonight and had to have an IV put in to get my fluids back up. Im 31 weeks and not being able to keep foods down is horrible.
Avatar f tn Im 14 wks and 3 days. Just caught the stomach virus from my job and worried about my little one. Did any of you ladies go through this and were your little ones ok?
589779 tn?1235125028 i have just had the worst stomach virus i have ever experienced. for 16 hours i was constantly being sick every thirty minutes. dr's were about to admit me to hospital when i stopped being sick. i;m 9 weeks pregnant, does anyone know if this will affect my baby.
203342 tn?1328737207 Anybody else experiencing this? My daycare baby had a stomach virus last Thursday.His mom kept him home that day and brought him on Friday because he had stopped throwing up so she felt he was fine then, that it was just a 24 bug. Well, he's been fine but my 4 year old started throwing up yesterday. He couldn't keep anything down until last night he had a little soup. This morning he acted fine and was hungry and wanted pancakes so I gave him some.
Avatar f tn It could still be a stomach virus, however, it could be a bacteria or even parasite. I recenlty had a stomach virus that lasted about 7-8 days. Have you ever been tested for or diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? Your headaches could very well be a sign of dehydration - with all the diarrhea, you can get dehydrated pretty quickly. Be sure and stay well hydrated - water, ginger ale, sports type drinks are all good.
Avatar f tn Everytime i eat i get the feeling as if i would jave a stomach virus not nausea like in the first trimester its not horribke but makes me not want to eat could it be something else im 30 weeks
Avatar n tn Ooo gosh everyone in my house has a stomach virus, really worried about my 1yr old, she's not eating anything only sips on water, also worry I might caych it. .that would be no good. I'm 38wks today! !!
Avatar n tn There is no scientific evidence to back this up as a prevention method, but it stands to reason that it could wash the virus off your skin if it hasn't penetrated to the nerve endings. Keep your immune system strong. Sleep, good food, avoid stress, maybe also take vitamins or supplements. Sometimes your body can fight off herpes. Even if you do all this, please understand, you can still get herpes. It's a very virulent little sucker of a virus.
Avatar m tn also in September I went to a dermatologist as there was a scar on my urethra and he applied some sort of acid to burn it and he used a sterilized ( this is what they say) needle to apply the acid, please let me does the acid kills HIV virus incase it has also since he never injected the needle am I at any risk if it was a used needle?
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I was thinking of a new hiv/aids prevention method. It starts with if you cover the externel urethrtal orifice, with some sort of lets say duct tape. Will it help prevent the spreading of HIV. I was wondering since it is the only way vaginal fluid, or any type of bodily fluid could enter via oral, anal sex. Thus being covered, there isn't a way for the virus to enter nor leave. Your answer will be greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you for your time.
1329414 tn?1279919411 My Boston Terrier is prone to HGE and has a very sensitive stomach. Years ago I went looking for a "premium" food and put him on Nature's Recipe Lamb Meal and Rice. I chose this one because it did not contain chicken, as that seems to have been an issure for him from early on. He seems to get an upset stomach more often lately, and I found that Nature's Recipe had changed it's formula and now contains chicken.
Avatar m tn I doubt that it has much effect- surface contamination with HSV occurs regularly but does not cause infection- it si the friction that works the virus into the skin to cause infection. That soap kills the virus is irrelevant- if you were exposed and the virus had been worked into your skin to cause infection, soap is not going to undo it. Try to relax. You're ding things right- keep it up. Don't worry. If you were to get HSV, it is just not that big a deal.
Avatar n tn Yes there is that possibility even though you were protected until the condom failed.
Avatar m tn today i have also read about hcc prevention nucs and interferon and there is an important data: after hbv clearance there is little residue of cccdna in the cells and hcc can still happen, hcc cells have good amount of cccdna, normal cells don't so clearing as much cccdn as possible is very important, if etv or tdf keep the same amount of cccdna during the years there is no prevention of hcc even if hbvdna is und.
Avatar m tn Hello. I am male and have HSV2 and for years I've been able to prevent lesions with a 400 bid Acyclovir. I'm getting married and she is virus-free. I'm aware of asymptomatic shedding - is this prevented while on Acyclovir? Should she take Acyclovir as a preventative? What options do we have to keep her virus-free and/or lesion-free? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I'm 33 years old and as a child and teen I can rememeber getting the stomach flu at least once a year but as I got into my late 20's I didn't seem to get the stomach flu every year. But I had at last winter and I just got over it again today. I was up all night vomiting (yellow/greenish mucus) but not any food. It just lasted 24 hours but I still took off work a 2nd day to recuperate. My question is, is it common for an adult to get the stomach flu once a year?