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Avatar f tn Is bloating a common feeling after eating, even a small meal? I'm going thru so many unknown feelings right now,I'm only 2 wks into tx. I think i had my first experience of either riba rage or brain fog; I dont know which or it was both. I woke feeling depressed and mad. Yelled at my husb. knowing darn well all was done that I asked. I felt like a feather; very light. Once I got off to work those feelings started to subside.
Avatar n tn I started a stomach virus on March 5 - it began with nauseau and stomach cramps, diarrhea - as the days went on I became very bloated, have constant gas and have spent alternate days on the bowl with diarrhea every 5-10 minutes for hours at a time. How long do these stomach virus' usually last, or is this unusual? Is there anything I can do to relieve the symptoms - I look like I'm 6 months pregnant with the bloating! Thanks!
675823 tn?1226158574 I also got a 24 hour stomach virus right after. I didnt vomit. Now I have the most horrible heartburn for the last 3 days that nothing relieves for long. A horrible burning in my esophagus and my throat. Pepcid which usually takes care of any heartburn symptons I have ever had, is not even touching it. I cant eat, and it feels as if I have been blown up with air. What could be causing these symtons?
Avatar n tn ='( for the last past days I notice some twitching here and there in my lower abdomen...bloating like crazy for no reason and now lose stomach! Im running to the bathroom so much ...sorry! >< this bloating is killing me I wake up feeling like a cow! better said a whale! or anything bigger than that! it's not pms since Im not even close to getting af!!! (af due the 20th) oh I feel miserable!
Avatar n tn Also, I wanted to add that the bloating i have occurs in my belly button area and not below breastbone/stomach area. How long can bloating last? Could i have gotten some kind of virus?
Avatar n tn About 6 years ago I had a horrible stomach virus that lasted for 5 days. By day 5 I couldn't even touch my stomach. So went to the Dr. He did blood tests and found out I had had pancreatitis. Went for every test under the sun with a GI Dr.through the next 3-6 months. Endoscopy showed inflammation of the stomach lining. I had a MRCP, which is an endoscopy where they look at your gallbladder and they found some sludge.
Avatar n tn I have been on Aciphex for 3 months because of a persistent terrible cough that is thought by my doctors to be caused by reflux. I am currently on 80 mg. per day. Haven't had bloating, but feel like my stomach is full of rocks. The cough is getting a little better on 80 mg (lower doses did nothing at all) but don't know how long one can take this stuff at that level. Does anyone know? My problems all began with a virus 6 months ago. Before that I never knew what heartburn felt like.
Avatar m tn I did receive treatment for the possible bacterial infections STD given z pack, doxy, ofoflax, uribel and something for trich. My neuro said it's probably a unknown virus. I have been on a few rounds of antivirals for herpes just to see if there is a reaction, the antivirals seem to help the symptoms but herpes test was neg. I am thinking this maybe undetected herpes infection accompany with a fungal overgrowth due to excess antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I am a 44 year old female. About 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a stomach virus and given suppository for nausea/vomiting. The vomiting subsided the next day but a week later I was still very nauseous with bloating, stomach and abdominal cramps, diarrhea and a fever of 100.6. I have not been able to each much but feel full all the time.
Avatar n tn Because my stomach does not contract normally it takes longer to empty. My symptoms are bloating, constipation, feeling full fast, stomach pain and acid reflux. A simple test will diagnose this problem. If you have this you DO NOT eat fiber which is the total opposite of someone with IBS. Most people are told to increase their intake of fiber if they are constipated but in this case it is the total opposite. Eat small meals over the course of the day also.
Avatar n tn Things are getting better slowly. Regarding the stomach discomfort, i realized that i had to keep food in my stomach and that helped. i was also feeling week and dehydrated sometimes, so paying attention to intake has helped a little. I also take liquid antacid which seems to help a little. I have also been going for acupuncture treatments, but can't say that they are a big help. Sporadic symptomatic relief here and there. Glad I found this site, and that i am not alone with these symptoms.
Avatar f tn This year I think the viruses are more virulent and they are causing something to happen to people immunity or there are just a lot of very virulent virses out there. My sister in law had a bad virus then she got the norovirus (stomach bug) then she got a flu like bug with a high fever. She had been sick since Christmas. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn I didn't have any diarrhoea or feel sick although I felt a bit gassier than usual. What could this have been? A stomach virus?
Avatar f tn Wow, that must have been some virus! I would want to know exactly what type of virus it was, for future reference. Maybe you could do some research on virus' that are normally found in the Phillipines. Keep your appt. with your doctor, I don't know what would be causing this, but can you get in earlier to see you GI doctor? Try calling, and even if you have to exaggerate a bit, tell them you are feeling worse, and ask if you can be seen sooner.
Avatar n tn About 1 month ago I came down with a stomach virus. Ever since then I have been nauseated and constant diarrhea. It can't be new medications because I'm not on anything new. I do have an appetite, but I hate to eat because it makes me feel worse.
634522 tn?1225394189 Hi I am a 47yr old Male suffering with stomach pain. I recently had h.pylori virus that was teated with antibiotics after the initial treatment I was once again prescribed the antibiotics as I had constant diarrhea. After the second treatment I was prescribed Losec and this settled my stomach and fixed my diarrhea. Shortly after I had a anti inflammatory drug (Brufen) which immediately caused stomach pain, swollen belly and constant belching and gas.
Avatar n tn My bowel movements are pretty infrequent, only once in the last 2 days, and have had a noticeable loss in appetite and slight bloating. The pain has gotten better since it started (the first night it woke me from my sleep), but it is still very noticeable. Usually I wouldn't worry, but I'm currently on a trip in China, and would really like to find some piece of mind/know if I should make it an issue to go to a doctor.
Avatar n tn I'm a 27-year-old female. Last February I came down with a stomach virus and it took me a while to get back to normal eating. Then in about June I had some events come up that made me anxious and I developed diarrhea and a constant feeling of nausea and major intestinal discomfort. It made me incredibly ill and I thought that I had a stomach bug. I went to the doctor and was given chlordiazepoxide and the doctor only did a blood and urine test.
Avatar m tn It started with stomach pain, headache and hot and cold flashes, but now it has eveloved into stomach bloating, gurgling and now diarrhea. The headache is still present.
Avatar n tn I've been having those symptoms,and my doctor has told me it was an ulcer.It can cause your stomach to burn.Does your stomach burn after you eat?Or is the burning relieved by eating?Do you feel nauseated at times?You should go to the doctor(preferably a gastroenterologist)and have them check you out.
Avatar m tn The nausea stopped, but I still feel abdominal bloating every day. It feels as if my stomach is full, and sometimes there is dyspepsia. It is uncomfortable to lie on my stomach. When my doctor pressed on my stomach, it felt tender. Sometimes I also feel lower left abdominal discomfort. I have been belching very often, and sometimes when I try to use the bathroom there is a lot of flatulence but I'm unable to pass stool. However, there is no stomach pain.
10419881 tn?1410010818 Headaches, Sore glands, Stiff neck, Feeling exhausted not a lot of energy Stomach discomfort and queasiness Lower bowel cramps Extreme bloating Lower abdominal back pain Feeling like urinating constantly Frequent urination. So I went to the doctor and he said that I'd need to do a blood test. So the results came back with everything fine except he said I have a large amount of hay fever causing cells.
Avatar n tn She says that there is a virus going around with bloating and flu like symptoms. She put me on metrinidazole and florasor pro biotic. Felt ok over the weekend but the bloating is back this week. Starts in the morning with weakness and hunger, which causes me to eat. By lunch, my food is not digested and I am feeling bloated. By that time, I am also somewhat weak which causes me to want to eat more. By the afternoon, I am feeling very bloated.
Avatar n tn something in and out all the time right where ribs end which makes bloating worse. Is this from the bloating? 2. Bloating and pain get worse with activity,especially climbing stairs and hiking. Right side seems to bloat very slightly more than left. Could this bloating be structural and not digestive, in spite of normal tests? 3. Could this be IBS if I do not have any stomach pain or diarrhea? I took Zelnorm and the distention got so bad I thought I would split open. 4.
Avatar m tn I know that guys whose wifes or girl friends have Human Papilloma Virus(HPV)can contract the virus from sexual relations. You should confirm whether your regular doctor thinks you can get your wife's yeast infection. Your liver makes bile and it is stored in the gallbladder. The gallbladder empties bile into the digestive tract to assist with digestion. Bile has been reported in colors of light brown, green, white, and more frequently, yellow.
Avatar n tn Gas X / Charco-Caps (only effective before gas reaches the intestine) Lactaid (for dairy) Beeno (digestive enzyme) Peppermint oil capsules (to help alleviate intestinal gas/bloating) Papaya enzymes (to help alleviate intestinal gas/bloating) Prilosec OTC (tried this for 2 weeks even though I don’t have heartburn) Digestive Advantage – IBS (even though I don’t have IBS, I thought it might help w/ the bloating) Dairy-free Diet – 9 day trial. I was diligent about avoiding hidden dairy.
Avatar m tn -Stomach cramping -Bloating (all day) -Constipation -Bouts of nausea -Excessive gas/gas pain/burping -Heartburn -Random stomach gurgling Generally, these symptoms have been on and off. The only symptom I've had consistently over these past two months is the excessive burping. Most of the time, I'll feel the burp in my chest for a few minutes before it finally comes out. When I have nausea, I'll have some of these burps after 20 minutes or so and I'll begin to feel better.