Stomach pains in very early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn 5 weeks pregnant with some random stomach pains. For the last few days I have been having some stomach pains....usually in my lower right or lower left lower abdomen,but mostly the left. It comes and it goes. Its not tender to the touch but it hurts a little when it comes..........but its not so bad that I have to sit or anything. Is it normal to have twinges, pains, cramps, twitches during 7 weeks. I heard a heart beat on monday and feel soooo happy and relieved...........
367100 tn?1330918325 Ok my question is what are the very early symptoms of pregnance very early means before u miss the period. and i want to know how much the implantaton bleeding ( means ur pregnant and u bleed on ur period date) . please anwer me!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing pains in my lower back and a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach (almost feels huge as if I'm full term) The Dr said everything is good. I even heard my baby's heartbeat. 3 years ago I had a tragic miscarriage and I'm stressed to death. How long will these pains be there? Has anyone else experienced it?
Avatar n tn Yes, I believe you can get lower backache in early pregnancy, and while menstruating, sitting too long at a computer... Is a sissy la la like a silly noo noo?
Avatar f tn I know my age isn't in this age group but,I'm 16 years old I have a question about being pregnant and these weird pains in my stomach. Well, I had unprotected sex on the 27th 5 times I did have my period in December but, it was a week late and my periods are like always on time but only like a few days late.
Avatar f tn D I've had two pregnancies, both have been in the past year and a half, and I just wanted to say that I think abdominal pains are very normal in early and sometimes late pregnancy. But very common in early days. I had them very frequently during both of my pregnancies in the first term. I hope this makes you feel better.
Avatar n tn i am 6 weeks pregnant and having sharp pains in my lower stomach. been going on for the past week. its not real bad but its constant. i have had 2 previous c sections. i dont remember having these pains with my other 2. i have had no bleeding. most of the time it feels like its on the right side, but feels like its on the left now. any ideas?
534975 tn?1224156062 like the tablets stated I have my period starting 18th, its very normal, and starting to stop now. However, whats been troubling me is that my stomach is very very painfull, its hard and feels very bloted, its maily comes in the moring, and gets very painful at night, I can hardly move. Sometimes i can't eat as it makes me feel very sick, or when i do manage to eat its worse. Going to the toilet is a problem, Except unine, and i'm constantly tired, and very hornmonal.
Avatar f tn Dibilitating cramps would not be normal.... Period like cramping would be....
Avatar n tn I took another test to be sure 3 days ago and that was also + . I still have strange sensations in my stomach and sometimes when I beathe deeply I have a mild stabbing pain(almost like a stitch) in the left of my stomach. Last night I bled ever so slightly. I am convinced that I have miscarried. I have a u/s tomorrow. has anyone ever experienced these problems and would a home test still be positive? I really hope you can help, I was on a massive high and now i am so deflated and upset.
Avatar n tn I was just wandering if it's normal to experience some cramps early in pregnancy and if any of you have experienced this as well. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Avatar n tn I guess I should have mentioned my symptoms. Yesterday, I had very sharp/pulling pains in my uterus. Last night I woke up sick and lost my dinner, but I think it was food poisoing. I was feeling better this morning, but now I'm feeling nausea.
Avatar n tn I was cramping for several weeks in very early pregnancy. Like, before six weeks pregnant. The cramping could be normal. I had no spotting though so I can't give you advice on that. How many times has she had her HCG checked?
Avatar n tn I am very early into my pregnancy also and experienced sharp and mild shooting pains there. I called a friend that just had 2 children back to back..she said she also had those pains . She said not to be scared, it was just my body geting ready for the new baby. She said she was scared she was having a miscarrige. But of cpourse she wasn't!! SO don't get scared but if the pain is very bad or goes on for a long time see the doc ASAP!!
Avatar n tn has any one experienced dull lower back ache in very early pregnancy. husband had reversal recently,and trying for baby,have three already 14,11,9. i am now 37. my period would be due tomorow,i am as regular as clockwork. dont have ususal period symptoms,but the iritating lower dull back ache for about 5 days now,and i had this before missed period with others,although a long time ago.
Avatar n tn dr told me today i had blood done on friday and monday and dr said was fine..but very early in pregnancy right now. (i have never been preg before and was told i would have to take fertility treatments to have kids...10 years of knowing this..but too scared to go ahead with it) anyway, out of the blue im pregnant...Lords doing for sure.. but ive been getting these sharp pains in my lower abdomen..a couple days ago it was on the left and then on the right..
Avatar n tn I hav'nt taken amoxicilin in my pregnancy. I am at 7 weeks, But I have the worse chest and stomach pains from gas I have ever had. So mabye it is a pregnancy symptom and not the amoxicilian.
Avatar n tn She said about 30% of pregnant women have cramping and spotting in early pregnancy. She said I should only be alarmed if i'm in pain and bleeding heavily. She said I should not have any sex for a week just to make sure the bleeding stops. She made me feel a little better but I'm still so worried that i'm going to lose this baby.
Avatar n tn I have had no spotting or burning of nipples but I am tired. I am itching in my sides and I am sworn in my stomach. I am having abdomnal pains upper and lower. I went to the health dept. Andthe nurse checked me for pg with a urine test it was negtive.She also gave me my annual and she said I had NO Bacteria and NO Infections whatsoever. She is having my refered to a clinic to be tested by and blood test. She said I am having to many symptoms and somthing is going on.
Avatar n tn I have an emergency doctors appointment at 3 today but I am so scared that something is wrong. Has anyone else had UTI's in early pregnancy? Was everything ok? I am 10 weeks 3 days. This is my second pregnancy but last time I lost the baby at 6 weeks so am struggling to know what feelings/symptoms are normal pregnancy things or things that should raise alarm bells. After my miscarriage I am worrying all the time.
Avatar f tn I have movements in my stomach and when I eat there's bubbles in my stomach and more movements. My breasts are bigger and heavy and have bad back pains. Could I be pregnant because I go on my periods monthly.
Avatar n tn im in my 7th week of pregnancy i have had 2 miscarriages in the past 8 months , i conceived this little peanut after my 2nd m/c before my period arrived i had bad bad backache for 2 weeks solid so that lead me to test i was about 3-4 wks when it showed up twice a faint pos doc confirmed, i am awaiting my 2nd ultrasound thsi week or next as they couldnt see a yolk sac or heartbeat on my lil bean so im soo scared oo and now i have this really really weird pulling tingling sensation in my back and
Avatar n tn well i was wondering if crampign in early pregnancy is normal to. well i also get light headed. well i dont' know exactly how far i am. i just found out the other day that i am pregnant. so ya. i will find out on the 14th how far i am. cuz it has been driving me nuts. lol. all this information is a real help. so ya. i hope everything will be ok. i mean i'm not bleeding or anything its just period like cramps. so i want to say congratulations to everyone.