Stomach pains early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn 5 weeks pregnant with some random stomach pains. For the last few days I have been having some stomach pains....usually in my lower right or lower left lower abdomen,but mostly the left. It comes and it goes. Its not tender to the touch but it hurts a little when it comes..........but its not so bad that I have to sit or anything. Is it normal to have twinges, pains, cramps, twitches during 7 weeks. I heard a heart beat on monday and feel soooo happy and relieved...........
Avatar n tn Hi, I am really new to this, I'm 19 years old, I am currently 7 weeks and 2 days so really early in pregnancy, my question is that I have been getting terrible stomach pains, feeling like someone is just ripping apart my stomach, I'm really worried about it but the doctor tells me everything is in place If really appreciate the help
7454812 tn?1391881031 This is my first pregnancy and I'm 16 weeks and 6 days. My sister states my stomach pains are false contractions but I think its to early for that. Any advice?!
Avatar f tn Hi i've just found Out im pregnant with my first child,i think im about 5 weeks and have been having pains in my stomach like period pains but all over but no bleeding, im just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before and if its anything for me to worry about?
280369 tn?1316705641 I am 29 weeks and for the last few days I have been experiencing horrible stomach pains....Sometimes I think it's just gas (how embarrassing) I am just hoping it's a bug or something. But I am not feeling sick or anything else. It's been off and on for the last 3 or 4 days. When I go to the bathroom, I feel better for a little while, until it comes back! This morning I thought I was having contractions they were so bad. I couldn't even stand up!
Avatar f tn Im 6 weeks and 4days...and ive been having stomach pains. Well not pains like cramps but im so nauseous all the time and my stomach it normal or okay?
9187090 tn?1406267821 I use to have the same.
Avatar f tn I was wondering in anyone else has experienced bad back pain, especially while working, and pain at the lower part of ur stomach( around the ovarie area) this early in the pregnancy. I know some pain is normal but my back is bad and then other part hurts and is uncomfortable .
Avatar f tn My friend even stopped me once saying r u ok u look in pain! Lol...
Avatar f tn D I've had two pregnancies, both have been in the past year and a half, and I just wanted to say that I think abdominal pains are very normal in early and sometimes late pregnancy. But very common in early days. I had them very frequently during both of my pregnancies in the first term. I hope this makes you feel better.
Avatar f tn I am 35weeks 3days I keep feeling wet an wetness in my underwear an my ribs are aching an my back is hurting to I do keep getting sharp pains in my lower stomach what could the be can anyone help cus its really hurting me now thanks
Avatar f tn With my first I had really bad cramps. With this one o had non which is completely different. I get some every now and then. But I would say get checked out just cuz u have a history of miscarriage.
Avatar n tn i am 6 weeks pregnant and having sharp pains in my lower stomach. been going on for the past week. its not real bad but its constant. i have had 2 previous c sections. i dont remember having these pains with my other 2. i have had no bleeding. most of the time it feels like its on the right side, but feels like its on the left now. any ideas?
Avatar n tn This is my 3rd pregnancy (2nd miscarried at 9wks 3 days) and I am pretty sure from memory I had these same pains in my first pregnancy towards the end. (that pregnancy all went well and my boy is now 22 months. So, maybe these pains are a form of braxton hicks???? I really don't know but would say you have nothing to worry about.
Avatar f tn I am having pains in my back and the top of my stomach.. It makes it hard to stand up straight and came out of no where. I am really early in my pregnancy like 5 wks so i didn't think it would do Any harm that i been doing a lot of house work today.... Has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn I am only about 9weeks along but I have been having some stomach pains. this is my second pregnancy but I didn't have any of these problems with my first. Anyone else ever have this problem?
Avatar f tn Some degree of stomach pain is normal during pregnancy. You do need to watch this though - any time you experience one-sided pain in early pregnancy you need to call your doctor if it progressively gets worse or persists.
Avatar n tn BUT I was wondering if any of you who are pregnant had a sore stomach as an early symptom.. cause my stomach is just sore but its not just my lower stomach.. its my upper part to. But, i am on CD30 of a 31 day cycle.. so.. I only have 2 days to go to find out. Use this as an Open Forum too.
Avatar f tn Dibilitating cramps would not be normal.... Period like cramping would be....
Avatar f tn My last period was 5/25 i had sex 6/8 and since the 11th ive been having sore breast and period pains and today after i ate i had to stop eating because i felt like i was gonna throw up and my stomach was upset it felt really weird and it felt like i took some antibiotics and my stomach got upset because i didn't eat i was having horrible period pains today but it stopped im not due for another 10 days
Avatar f tn Today my stomach started hurting and mild back pains. When I went to the bathroom I had little brown discharge. If this is my period it is early.My cycle is normally 21 days and this would make it 17.