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Avatar f tn Could it be true the men actually have your pregnancy symptoms as well?? My boyfriend now complains about nausea, heartburn, and fatigue now that I'm pregnant. I laugh at him but he takes it quite serious. Could it really be real?
Avatar n tn Im having chest pain,stomach pain, sore throat,but no pain in my penis. Do I have an STD?
Avatar f tn Any body else feel like men should have to go threw pain as well.
Avatar m tn stomach burning/stomach sourness that gets better after eating, stomach fullness, fill like my stomach is full of gas, stomach cramps/soreness, burping and passing gas, weird stomach noises (mostly at night), tired all the time, worried, feeling weak, sometime cold (again mostly at night), and mild trembling. I also have stool changes. I have a white tongue when I wake up.
Avatar n tn I would like to know how long does it take for this std to clear up after taking the meds and can men and females be silent carriers, showing no symptoms and what are the visual symptoms of this std. Since my doctor burnt the growths, I have chronic irritation in my vaginal area and he says it could be a result of the nerves being damaged. Can damaged nerves be repaired and if so how because it has been months and I have this discomfort daily.
Avatar n tn thought hernia meant a pain which demobilised you? What are the symptoms of cancer??? I do worry, used to smoke cigars once. I am 29. I am 230lbs and gaining weight, not fat but muscular. I have no pale complexion or other signs of cancer except one thing.......yellow/white colouring to the tongue is frequent for me, though I also suffer from cattargh. Many thanks again.
Avatar f tn s perspective in hopes of gaining useful information that can help to alleviate some of the symptoms and hopefully reduce the amount of pain the woman experiences. Also, often men are just unaware of how much a woman is affected by the changes we go through every month. It isn't placing blame on men or male bashing.
Avatar f tn Iron overload is another common genetic disorder missed in the early stages, with abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, joint pain, and drs dont run these iron tests on regular blood panel. They are ferritin, transferrin saturation%, TIBC and serum iron. Also liver enzymes can indicate if there are any systemic problems, infections going on so an ALT, AST, and GGT reading are good to get with regards to liver.
Avatar m tn Periodic or Frequent Heartburn – When the stomach acid spills over into the throat, it causes a burning sensation known as heartburn. Getting heartburn on a regular basis is not normal. This is one of the most common acid reflux symptoms and if it’s not treated, it can lead to serious damage. Indigestion Symptoms – Do you ever feel bloated or does it feel like the food in your stomach isn’t moving? Do you ever feel nauseous after eating a meal?
Avatar f tn My hubby is a good man, but lately when he's sleeping he's just rude. The other night I try to seduce him, the way I do almoat every night, and he totally shut me down in a rude way. Today I've been cleaning and getting everything done I've been putting off (as I'm 36 weeks pregnant, have depression and spd and I'm exhausted) while taking care of my 2 yr old with the stomach flu.
Avatar n tn For 6 months, I have been experiencing stomach pain, gas & occasion diarrhea. I have seen my primary physician and a gastro specialist. I have had an ultra-sound, endoscopy, cat scan and colonoscopy. Nothing significant has shown up and I still have the same symptoms. Nexium was prescribed. Any advice?
Avatar f tn But a bit curios my stomach symptoms are differnt fron gallstone symptoms normally gallstone symptoms are pain in right under the ribcage which is never had that pain.. According to my bowel movement i dont have any problem the color of my stool are fine too.. I had a stool test for h pylori which is come negative for bacteria.. So i was bit confused..
Avatar n tn The symptoms you describe are the symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection). Go to your doctor, they'll do a quick urine test and if it is a UTI, they can give you anti-biotics to treat it. Also, drink lots of water to help flush the infection out.
Avatar n tn My 8 year old daughter has stomach pain when she eats, which causes her to eat very little then 1-2 hours after she will have diarrhea. Sometimes she has diarrhea and stomach pain without eating anything.
Avatar m tn Stress can also cause ulcers in your stomach causing these symptoms. Have you been checked for an ulcer? I would recomend seeing your physician and having an exam and full blood work up done. Whether you are generally healthy or not, it is still possible to get sick and stress can weaken your immune system causing you to catch certain illnesses. Please see your doctor.
Avatar f tn i am 16 years old and for the past few months, about 3. it's happed before, it didnt just start, i throw up my stomach lining, it yellow and stringy. in the middle of the night i always wake up to a strong pain in my stomach, in between my ribs. it doesn't only happen then, it happends through out the day to and the only thing that helps it feel better is to eat something, but it's not a hunger pain. any suggestions?
Avatar f tn t seem to get much information regarding stomach pain. I take it in the morning on a empty stomach and eat 1-2 hours later.
Avatar f tn Pain in stomach, pelvic area, burning in vagina, different discharge colour, smelly urine, bowl problems (sometimes constipated). The worst thing is that all these symptoms are much worse a few hours after sexual contact in particular if I have an orgasm. Now I avoid all sexual contact and this is problematic for my relationship. My periods seem to be regular most of the time but very painful. PLEASE HELP !
Avatar f tn I've been having awful stomach pain in my upper right stomach for almost 24 hours now. It hurts to take deep breaths and nothing seems to relieve it. I initially thought that it was gas pains, but it just isn't going away. I am belching constantly but have no other symptoms.. I'm wondering what this could be, I know that it isn't normal.
Avatar n tn Hello, Gastritis can cause pain in the upper abdomen after eating .Peptic ulcer disease causes upper left quadrant pain that usually begins 2 hours after a meal. It gets better with over the counter antacids. Stomach flu can cause indigestion and abdominal discomfort. Viral gastroenteritis can lead to nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The exact location of pain and other details will help in determining the accurate cause .Take light meals. Avoid spicy fried foods.
Avatar m tn Women have different, more subtle symptoms of heart disease than men. Mild chest discomfort or none at all is possible along with back pain, fatigue and nausea. Because you have the number one risk factor, being a smoker, you need to get checked out. Call a local hospital and ask about your situation, they may have a program for you, but don't wait until it's too late.
Avatar f tn I have a 5cm x 5cm x 4cm cyst and have been having symptoms such as stomach problems and a feeling of pressure in the cervix area. Saw the gynae today and he says any symptoms I am having are not due to the cyst because the cyst is too small! Oh well I must be imagining it then! I could understand the stomach trouble being caused by stress but not the feeling in my cervix and period type pains.
Avatar f tn Could it be true the men actually have your pregnancy symptoms as well?? My boyfriend now complains about nausea, heartburn, and fatigue now that I'm pregnant. I laugh at him but he takes it quite serious. Could it really be real?