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7626640 tn?1392749281 My midwife sent me to a chiropractor for my lower abdominal pain (round ligament pain) and rib pain. It was almost instant relief. The following morning I experienced no pain at all :) make sure its a chirp that specializes in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hi I have a lot of symptoms and I'm so confused , I have a little cramping I got a sharp pain yesterday really early , I came down with a cold, tender breast omg so many things, I'm 8dpo took a test today but it was neg
2193012 tn?1343046121 did i do too early this test, i am in shook i dont know what should i do because i have same symptoms like i had in my previous pregnancy, i have got pain in my breast and nipples just after ovulation and still i have pain. i have constipation as usuall, and back ach, i had heartburning in the first week of ovulation and on friday 26th may i got abdominal pain like mild cramps.
Avatar f tn m more tired with this pregnancy than my others and also have a lot of hip and pelvic pain- not to mention my sciatica. Overall though I love being pregnant and am enjoying it very much. Just wait till you feel your little one move!
Avatar m tn this month i have light pain at hip,i had stomach vibration ,,white discharge.feel water flowing in stomach.will this be symptoms of pregnancy......
Avatar f tn And did you know, that sore breast is ALSO a sign of your cycle ending! Most early pregnancy symptoms are also symptoms of menstration! The only set in stone answer is hcg urine/blood test! Good luck!
9310208 tn?1410859285 Anyone experience upper stomach pain? Is this due to pregnancy or just maybe a upset stomach?
Avatar f tn m not really concerned but I would like to know if this had happen to anyone else... I have a burning sensation in my stomach and back pain. This is my second child so I know about the back pain which I had before pregnancy, but the burning sensation is new. Anyone else with this symptom?
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 34 year old mother of 2 young children. For the last year, I haven't been able to feel normal. Last September, I was vomiting so I went to the doctor and she ran regular blood work and it showed urobilinogen in my urine (4.0). She did an ultrasound of my gallbladder and liver and it showed no abnormalities. We did urine again a week later and it was down to 0.2.
Avatar f tn Can someone please tell me what can cause nausea, mood swings, light headaches,lower back pain,a increase in appetite, lower stomach pain on both sides could be pregnant i already had my period but but there irregular i had unprotected sex a day later then i started back bleeding the next day then it stopped like 6 days later ever since then i've had these symptoms going on 3 weeks
Avatar f tn I'm sorry, your symptoms are too soon. Your stomach isn't going to be hard at any point in pregnancy unless you're having a contraction, and it also will not be larger this early. Baby is too small to cause any form of belly. Your symptoms sound more GI related, I would speak to your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experience occasional random shooting pain in the stomach/belly during pregnancy? I don't remember having them with my first pregnancy. Not sure how concerned I should be or if it is a part of normal growth.
Avatar f tn I get pains in my lower abdomen fregrent headaches legs and boobs are sore I get light headed and my stomach feels like.its empty. Also I sometimes get pain near my ovaries I am also very bloated and it feels kind of hard. Can you explain why I ak feeling this and also explain the difference between a false pregnancy And an actual pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Iron overload is another common genetic disorder missed in the early stages, with abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, joint pain, and drs dont run these iron tests on regular blood panel. They are ferritin, transferrin saturation%, TIBC and serum iron. Also liver enzymes can indicate if there are any systemic problems, infections going on so an ALT, AST, and GGT reading are good to get with regards to liver.
526146 tn?1287442248 For approximately a month I have had excruciating stomach pain. I had a baby 5 months ago and had terrible heartburn for the last 2 months of pregnancy and I wondered if it was that that was re-surfacing. I have also had a LOT of stress in the last year and through my pregnancy. However, it got to the point where I was in so much pain I felt winded. I have pain up towards my lungs and in my stomach. It stops me eating etc.
Avatar f tn It is also possible that you could be pregnant and still get your periods, Your symptoms are very similar to pregnancy symptoms but also similar to period symptoms. Only way to really find out is taking the test. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hi there, could you elaborate on where exactly your pain is occurring? Your stomach is located above your uterus, so the area of pain should be clearly distinct. It's not uncommon for women to experience indigestion and heartburn more often when pregnant, so you make be having an episode of this. If you feel nauseated, that is also a very common symptom of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn When I looked for reasons for this, all the came up was pregnancy (round ligament pain), and cysts. The cyst could explain the breast pain and pain in the ovaries and possibly even the weight gain, but that it. And it said they would be detected during a pelvic exam, which I already had. Does anyone know of anything other than pregnancy, that carries all the same symptoms, or has had all them plus neg hpt and still been pregnant?
Avatar f tn After reading you're first comment I was pretty sure that is a sign of pregnancy. If it was probably pain from you're uterus where the ovum has implanted which would cause a deep stomach pain. However, you should probably consult a doctor or checkout you're local Planned Parenthood. Also, try to think back to when you had risky/unprotected sex if you can remember.
Avatar f tn On Monday i started feeling pain in my stomach, slight dizzy and burning in my vaginal area could this be a sign that i am pregnant.
Avatar n tn I've been having some symptoms that seems to be similar to pregnancy symptoms. I am feeling bloated, gassy (burbing all the time), ache near the belly buttom towards the right, feeling nausea and more headaches than usual. Initially i also have a little pain towards my lower abdominal (the location moves around from time to time) and also my back hurts (could be from other recent activities). My period is due a little over a week and i am so worried.