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Avatar n tn I just wanted to correct a few things. "Stomach pain" is actually not a symptom of acid reflux. Some people may get heartburn lower down but true stomach pain indicates that something else is going on. Also symptom improvement when you stand up but worsening when you lie or sit down, happens for some people, but it isn't a necessary criteria for diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Protonix for a long time now for Acid Reflux and it seems to work great for me too. As for the pain, I'm not sure what could be causing that. Usually pain in the right side of chest or right side of stomach means something wrong with the gallbladder. If it is the gallbladder, there will usually be pain accompanied by a sense of fullness in that area. Your symptoms seem very similar to mine were when my gallbladder became dysfunctional. Of course, this is only my guess.
Avatar f tn I now have upper left abdominal pain. Burning sensation in my stomach. My stomach or the are beneath my left breast is tender to touch. Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Avatar m tn I can only suspect u had some pain and the symptoms appeared to be GERD, or indigestion and u were given this med.....u may have low acid and this med is making it lower...and y u feel worse. A probiotic may help, but go to ur Dr and ask about a PH test to see if u have high or low acid issues. I would suggest keeping a journal of what u eat and how u feel to see if there is a pattern...also track how u r feeling, stress etc as they can play into this as well. Good luck.
Avatar f tn but I am assuming you're a minor since you stated your parents won't take you to see a Dr. Pain from reflux can take a while to subside....and symptoms can take up to a week or more of taking meds to show do not be too quick to think the med won''t help..but do cut back on these drinks. Also take a closer look at your diet and life style as you may want to make other modifications there too.
1626225 tn?1306462718 Stress is also a major cause of ulcers and acid reflux. I have paid attention lately that when I am not aware of my condition the symptoms are not as bad. Could that be my imagination?
Avatar n tn I took Prilosec which she prescribed, though my symptoms lessen, but there are still symptoms that I cannot explained.I still have my left upper back pain and the worst is like an unexplained feeling that something tickles me at my upper left quadrant (which I assume it is the lower esophageal sphincter) that radiates at my back. I always massage my left side and press my back at the pillow.
Avatar n tn Hi, For the past couple of years I have had Acid Reflux and have been on 40mg of Omeprazole ever since. The last year or so breakthrough symptoms have taken place. I rarely if ever get conventional heartburn, but I have a constant burn in the back of my throat. Best guess where the throat waterfalls down in terms of location.
Avatar f tn My stomach doesn't hurt except at my sternum occastionally. But I am sore a lot.Any help anyone can give me. Is this considered Acid Reflux I am not sure my doctor ever gave me an actually name for it.
Avatar f tn I have a 10 year old son. In last 2 months he has had acid reflux twice. He had pain in his chest, back,head & upper abdomen in the middle just below the ribs.The pain was too much & he could not eat. his diet is not too much not too less.He is physically week too.
Avatar n tn I have acid reflux and have a bad problem with shortness of breath. I have read on-line that acid reflux can cause the shortness of breath, but my doctor says that it doesn't. I am seeing a specialist so you would think he would know! I just don't know what to do about it. I have had to stop walking because of it. It doesn't matter what I eat, I have trouble breathing afterwards. I have seen an Asthma specialist who put me on Asthma meds, but they only made my reflux worse.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a male, 43, 180 lbs and have had some crazy issues which the dr tells me is caused from acid reflux. I do have thyroid disease but am told that there is no relation between the two problems. I've been to the ER three tiems since June feeling like I was having a heart attack but all three times they found nothing with my heart. I get these crazy sensations in my chest. Sometimes it radiates in my arms, sharp stabbing pains in the sides of my rib cage or pain in my shoulders.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed as having acid Reflux Which happened after i was pregnant with my daughter. i am 22 years old and because of the acid reflux it was also discovered that i have Gallstones. I will get small symptoms every so ofter, but about once a month i have an attack and each time i have one it gets worse and worse. To the point where i cant eat anything because it instantly comes back up. the pain starts in my back and moves its way up my chest.
Avatar f tn I had the same experience when I had severe acid reflux, stomach acid can cause a lot of damage to vocal chords. I agree with Selma, do look at the link she suggested. Also, take your Priolsec exactly as prescribed, as Selma suggests... usually that is 1/2 to 1 hour before the meal. If you take it with the meal or after the meal, it just makes goofy urine. When acid reflux is severe, it can erode vocal chords very quickly, and can damage tooth enamel as well as create other problems.
1551963 tn?1302296332 A few months ago I got lightheaded while driving on the highway, 80mph. Turns out I hadn't eaten anything for 6 hours...but my body never told me it was hungry. I kind of counted on the stomach to make a noise or something. Never happened. So empty stomach causes symptoms, overeating causes them...the only thing that helps is drinking plenty of water. What all have you tried to diagnose? I heard the Vagus nerve might be to blame.
220282 tn?1214322419 my son has acid reflux he's now 28 month and his medications for it are domperidone x4, omeprazole x2 and infant gaviscone he's due to go into hospital for a feeding peg and his doctor has recommended having another proceedure at the same time to help with his reflux does anyone know if this proceedure works and are there any draw backs?
Avatar f tn I take omeprazole 20mg and have been taking it for over two years, I still get the bloating and stomach pain, and also pain just beneath the bottom of lef rib cage, about 4-5 inches from center, and I know it is caused by bloating, or excess air, because when it happens, it is about two hours or so after dinner or if I drink a lot of water. It seems to help if I eat small servings throughout the day, rather than a large dinner, eating breakfast or a light lunch does not trigger it, only dinner.
722661 tn?1230928883 Acid reflux is really a pain, literally. I battle it every single day, some days are better than others. I have found a few things that work for me. Maybe they will work for you. When you lie down, the acid loves to try to work its way back up your throat. You can try sleeping on a few extra pillows to keep your head above your chest. Are you taking anything such as antacids or prescription meds for the reflux? If not you might want to try something.
Avatar f tn Went to hospital with possible heart attack. Not heart after all. Acid reflux! Didn't even know my symptoms were acid reflux. Finally did scope and have damage from the reflux. But more importantly they did biopsy of stomach and I have H Pylori. Turns out the H Pylori is actually the cause of ALL of these other issues. We now know I have had it @ 40 years. I should feel like a new person when treatment is done, still feel pretty crappy right now.
Avatar f tn I have acid reflux and I've had a very strong strange taste, tingling nose, and dizziness several times. What could this be? Could it be from acid reflux? My left arm and leg have been starting to get tingly when this happens. Also, my left pupil gets big and the right pupil stays small. I freak out when this all all happens, what's wrong with me?
Avatar m tn I was wondering, if someone were to have LOW stomach acid, could they still have episodes of acid reflux or is acid reflux only possible to those who have HIGH amounts of stomach acid?
Avatar n tn Finally she was diagnosed with producing only minimal amounts of stomach acid, not too much acid at all! (The symptoms are similar) Her food was not being completely digested due to low acid, therefore, the vitamins were not being absorbed causing poor nourishment. She has quit the Pepcid AC and is taking supplemental vitamins. Her nausea is gone and she has much more energy.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you have -- gastric reflux (the acidic taste), gassiness and mid to lower back pain is often associated with gastric problems.
1181955 tn?1264088083 She continues to have some esophogeal pain which is most likely the ileocacal valve irritation from the stomach acid. She also continues to have a sinus headache which we are treating with a netti pot twice a day.
Avatar n tn I developed severe asthma and constant bronchial irritation and chest pain after having severe reflux symptoms for several months. The doctor says I am aspirating stomach "contents" as she calls it-which includes stomach acid. I am still waiting for effective treatment. I take advair for the asthma and it helps some. I take aciphex for the reflux and it helps a little.
Avatar f tn the doctor found traces of h pylori in my stomach i took a pack of three antibiotics for my stomach, throat and acid reducer..i did the whole course and it seemed to help but my throat started feeling worse after i smoke and drank one symptoms are constant feeling of throat inflammation, i feel nauseous when i lie down, i feel tingles in my lips and my jaw feels restless..