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Avatar n tn A lot of stomach gas /day and night/ stomach rolls and made loud sounds/ antacids Don't seem to work.
Avatar n tn now the prevacid does not seem to help as well.My symptoms are upper gas,only occassional slight stomach pains. I can not go to sleep for hours after eating.(gas).I seem to set gas and slight acidy feeling also on a empty stomach.I eat to much,and am about 50 lbs overweight.I did have a stress test 2 yrs ago,and had no problems.
Avatar m tn I am 28 yr old men I have stomach gas problem . It's start in 2010/04 when 1 night I had full bottle of whiskey. That night everything ok next morning I wake up while going to work I had mother drink 300ml after 1 hr of mother drink I had break fast about 7:30am soon after I start feeling dizzy and heart beat gone up my hand shaking and I went to emergency in kogarah. In hospital after few hrs I feel ok they just keep me under observation for 5-6 hrs send me home with vitamin pills.
Avatar n tn Even though the good doctor is unaware of such a disease, I too have experienced changes in my heart rythym as a result of stomach gas pressure. I'm a 46 year old male in pretty good health overall and I've been living with the same condition you describe for several years now. When I'm really bloated, my heart rate at rest often becomes rapid and shallow and every so often feels as if it's skipping a beat.
584851 tn?1220276433 does a heart attact act like gas? I have lots of gas most all the time. I get pains in my chest sometimes on my left side. And sometimes right, but the left makes my think im having a heart attack. So, many people the last few days have died of sudden heart attacts.
Avatar n tn This reveals Helycobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach. These bacteria produce gas and also cause gastritis or peptic ulcer, or aggravate acid reflux. Treatment is with antibiotics. This is usually the first investigation when comes to gastric acid. 2. Gas may also come from SIBO: small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. This may be checked during the same breath test as for H. pylori. 3.
Avatar n tn Never had any kind of STD symptom, no burning, no discharge, no rash, nothing. About a year ago I began having stomach issues, severe gas, bloating, diarhea, constipation. Dr. ran all sorts of test with no diagnosis other than possibly IBS. Recently my wife began experiencing similar symptoms. Could this be the result of some sort of bacterial STD that has laid dormant for this long? Any with similar experience???
Avatar f tn i can say no name because ive been thru some tested like endoscopy.cts scan.blood test..urine test or bowel test but then the result is always nothing..and doctor only saying is maybe just a stress..and for that i almost give up to cure this and sometimes ill just pray that i can able to just accept it for all my please help me is there a chance to heal this..
Avatar m tn last 6/7 years I hav problem of stomach bad smaly gas. I used many drugs for it by many doctors but the prblm still same please help me. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am and have been for more than a year now been suffering with what can best be described at horrible stomach gas. Burping and flatulence constantly. Stomach rumbling. No other symptoms to speak of. No loss of appetite. No real pain, just discomfort. Bowel movements are relatively normal. I have had colonoscopy, endoscopy, cat scan, mri, blood test, with no diagnosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1007653 tn?1259389567 I have what I believe to be excessive gas in my stomach, I belch a lot and it's worse when I drink water, even just sips. When I rise in then morning I feel the air in my stomach and the need to belch, so I do it. I take antiacid medicine daily and some Dimeticone to help with gas but it's just a temporary relief. Why could this be? it started like 2 weeks ago, I have no abdominal pain, just too much belching! I've tried eating really bland and still the water makes me do that!
Avatar n tn One thing to consider is to wear a Holter monitor and record your heart rate when you have lots of stomach gas just to get an idea of what happens to your rhythm. Obviously, avoiding stomach gas would make you experience this less frequently, but I thing going after the diagnosis with a monitor would not be a bad idea.
170935 tn?1225374676 During the procedure they blew air into her stomach to inflate it!! Since then she obviously has alot of stomach gas but she has been having non stop pvcs too!! Yesterday for about 6 hours every third beat was an ectopic!! They have calmed down alot today and she is not really bothered by them but is there a connection between gas and palps? I know i tend to burb after a pvc and after eating i definitely get more.
Avatar n tn After having the tests, my heart has settled down, no problems. Now I have stomach and intestinal gas and discomfort. I mainly feel it in my stomach and sometimes feel tension or discomfort right in the middle of my chest, perhaps in my esophagus. The feeling comes and goes and is relieved by an induced, deep belch. Sometimes I feel gas or liquids rolling in my stomach or intestines.
Avatar n tn I want to take a pregnancy test but when I was pregnant with my daughter I had simular problems without the gas with enlarged stomach and it took 4 test for it to show positive. Could I be pregnant or could it be something else?
Avatar f tn We saw her oncologist and she said her stomach is full of gas because of the cancer irritating the bowels, and gave her a laxatives. The following Mon she went to the hospital to do some tests for the treatment. Her weight was 150lbs. She did the treatment on Tues and it went well. Wed her stomach got bigger and we went to the ER again. Afte an xray the ER doc said (again) she was full of fluid.
Avatar n tn Okay, I'm going to keep this as brief as I possibly can. I'm wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms or recognizes what this might be. I'm not sure if it's all related! Five years ago, I got very ill. The symptoms were mono-like (severe nausea, strep throat), but the tests kept coming up negative. I was sick for several weeks. So sick that I lost twelve pounds. I was prescribed several antibiotics until I finally kicked it.
1897851 tn?1321548822 So my stomach has been twitching a lot lately.. and sometimes it feels like there is movement. But i've taken a pregnancy test and it was negative. Plus I've been having my period every month. Just wanted to know if there is anything I should worry about, or if it's fine and normal?
Avatar f tn He told me to continue on Rabeloc and do a breath test after two weeks to check the pylori. Is the test risky, I am afraid because the thing they give you to drink. Can I do another safer test instead? My concern is: What are the causes of belching and how can I overcome it, are there emdications for it , is it a sign of disease.
Avatar n tn I have a really bad pain in the upper part of my stomach. I also hear a churning and I have gas with this. Is this a gall bladder problem? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200541'>Lump in throat, occasional upper stomach pains, pale stool</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been having chronic, foul gas for the past couple of weeks,I have tried taking lactaid, beeno, and acidopholis to help digest foods I eat, but nothing helps? Does anyone have any insight or suggestions on how to ease this problem?
Avatar m tn well, its been more than a month now, i feel like having gas in my stomach, i am eating good and drinking lots of water, but stools are not proper , the amount of stool passing has decreased and i feel vibration in my stomach and chest , i cough a lot after having a meal , can it be due to anxiety ? how can i clean my stomach fully ??
Avatar n tn i m suffering from severe stomach gas problem.The gas level so much increases that many times it becomes difficult to breath.Even a small amount of spices(chilly) in food causes gas in few minits & belching starts. Please suggest which tests should i do? & the way to cure this problem?
Avatar n tn You may have Helycobacter pylori (bacterium) infection of the stomach. This causes the ulcer, gas, and belching. You can ask your GI to perform a breath test, or a blood test for H.pylori. If this will be confirmed, you'll get antibiotics, which help in most cases. The gas is in your stomach (you'd burp in this case), or lower in the intestine?
Avatar m tn I have been trying to get the bottom of gas being produced in my stomach for quite some time. I constantly have an air bubble in my stomach and burp about every 5 minutes all day long. I feel full and bloated as a result and eat about 1/5 of the amount of food I used too. It doesn't seem to be caused by any foods I've eaten as it never goes away, even if I haven't eaten in 15 hours.
Avatar n tn Sir Thanks for reply i was unable to write to you because of i forgot my password in my family there is no person which blech, there is no pain in back and upper side i am not understanding @ change in bowel habits but in present iam feeling very tired and and facing problem to control the the air which started from inside the stomach it depressed me lot it seems that my heart beats will stop i want to know which test i have to do
Avatar n tn Upper abdominal bloating is often from H. pylori infection of the stomach. Diagnosis is by a breath test for H. pylori. Pain under right ribs may again be from gas, or from gallbladder - mostly from gallstones. First test is an ultrasound. AVOID SUGARS (glucose = sweets, fructose = fruits) and these muesli which all result in a lot of gas.
Avatar m tn I have trouble with stools also , it is dark color sometimes and with foam, i have problem with gas in stomach also , feels like there is lots of gas filled in my stomach but couldnt get it out. They other while i was working late in night i suddenly felts pain in my chest and back , and i landed up in ER and EKG was performed which turned out to be normal and i was given a medicine for acidity .
Avatar f tn Ever since, I have started eating normally now but now I have horrible gas problems. I constantly feel like burping and passing gas. My stomach makes weird gassy noises. It’s not only after I eat. It stays there all the time. Plus, although I am drinking lots of water and fluids, my head starts spinning at various points in the day. I have normal blood pressure (a bit low but my blood pressure has always been a bit low) and temperature. However, my heartbeat stays around 80-85 beats/minute.