Stomach gas left shoulder pain

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Avatar n tn Sharp stabbing pain under left shoulder blade in morning and then pain under right shoulder blade later in day. Stomach pains(constipation?
Avatar m tn not sure what you mean gas pain our body's make muscle nots called trigger points that have toxins in them and takes massage and lots of pressure to work knots out enough toxin that you need lots of water to was out gas i would see doc
750786 tn?1274706897 30PM not feelign good. I was having stomach pain all day and lots of gas. Tired always very tired.
518798 tn?1295212279 I went to the surgeon today and he said that I definately HAD to get my gallbladder out and the sooner the better. I told him I couldn't do it before Wednesday because I have planned a surprise birthday party for my 11 year old and my oldest daughter is going to see her boyfriend graduate from his marine basic training. He talked me into having it on Tuesday and if anything happens he is going to have to do it as an emergency.
Avatar n tn I thought I was nuts and then I came across this site. I have severe left shoulder pain. I also suffere with severe constipation. I have gas all the time and it is not that ladylike silent gas. My shoulder hurts so bad, it often radiates down my arm. I am convinced it is directly related to my bowels. I also have this kind of burning/nausea in my stomach which leads me to think I have an ulcer. I am in so much pain I don't know what to do. At first I thought it might be athritis...
Avatar f tn i had anxiety since 2006 and then i developed left breast pain radiating to my shoulder, and also i am experiencing indigestion which driving me insane...... some times the pain disappear but it goes back after an hour, can anyone tell me whats the really cause of the pain in my leftbreast....
Avatar f tn shoulder and stomach although shoulder is improving.
1470403 tn?1294172845 Had three bowel movements, lots of gas and intestinal pain.
Avatar f tn Now the pain is in my left shoulder and down to my left hip. I have no idea how to get rid of the pain or ease it.
Avatar n tn I had to sleep sitting in the recyliner for two days because the gas was in my shoulder and it hurt to much to lay down. Try the tea and gas x. I know it hurts but this too shall pass. Hope you get to feeling better.
Avatar n tn I hurt terribly above my ribs, right below my chest. Pain has spread to left shoulder, but also right at times, left is just worse. I see above that each side dictates to either cardiovascular or stomach. I'm 36 yr old male. A bit overweight. I'm thinking it's gas, and not a serious condition. I can lay on one side and release gas. Id appreciate any feedback.
Avatar m tn sometimes i get sharp shooting pain at the place near the left shoulder blade and the spine. i observed that )sometimes i am getting this pain when i have lot of gas in the intestines and if i take a famtac ( famotidine) 40 mg, and then this gas is relieved, and the pain is also subsiding.
Avatar n tn I have been to a physical therapist, and two doctors. I have had increasingly bad knots and pain in my left shoulder I am wondering what is going on. I was told it was my posture and muscles. I changed my posture, bought a pillow, and other things. It improved my daily life tremendously, the only thing I am struggling with now is during exercise.
1249080 tn?1268855835 So my stomach still hurts, but I am burbing alot and farting some also. Still feel little movements in my stomach, think I'm crazy. Slight back pain also.
Avatar f tn I hurt in my upper stomach mainly the left side and left back below my shoulder blade every morning it takes my breath but only goes to dull light pain the rest of the day . I am full of gas but also my bowels are unstable sometime right after I eat, can range from Greasy looking to green to small pellet like stool to runny mostly runny.
Avatar f tn Generalized pain in abdomen extending to back and left shoulder area. Pain worsened by movement.
Avatar f tn I am 12 years old and have been having pain in the middle of my left side of my stomach followed by lose stool. but then today it got really bad when i walk i have to grab my side and if i bend over it hurts so much worse!!!! HELP!!!
Avatar n tn Pain can be caused from an inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), a stomach ulcer, an internal hernia of the stomach (hiatal hernia), or gas pain (splenic flexure syndrome).
Avatar n tn Please help I am a2 days from 2 weeks post op and the gas in my left shoulder is killing me. it goes from bad to worse but never goes away! It sometimes goes down my arm and up into my neck jaw and ear. If I eat anything im in sevier pain for at least a couple of hours then just pain for the time till I eat again. Its not even worth eating, but then I het so hungry. will this ever go away!!!!
Avatar f tn it is now thought with me that it is muscle spasms compensating for pain in my left shoulder which is due to bursitis. Please let me know if you have figured your pain out. Thanks!
1160520 tn?1402981076 ... very sore inside Intestine, and Stomach areas, am very Bloated lots of Gas, Flatulence. Body very stiff in mornings, esp Low Back, and atop of Left Shoulder/Neck areas. Blurred Vison off/on more off than on today. Body not as Cold as other days.
1828619 tn?1333602477 Laying on the couch and sitting up with my back while picking up something to the left I seemed to pull my shoulder out...the place I had so much pain with while in Salvation Army.
441961 tn?1204834468 my stomach pain/gas is horrible..
Avatar f tn I been having this pain in between my shoulder blade & spine kinda feels like a burning stabing pain at times and when I touch the area it feels really sore and tender. Also when this occurs I feel it go down through my left arm into my wrist and that follows by a sharp pain and feeling the need to crack it. I can not find what is the cause of this. I've had this pain for atleast a month now and it's really interrupting my daily activities.