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Avatar f tn I am currently taking Immodium AD but it doesn't seem to help. I do not experience any horrible gas pains, just LOTS of excess gas and the diarrhea ranging anywhere from 3 to 8 times a day, depending on the day, no fever, vomiting, etc. Can you develop chronic diarrhea several months AFTER having your gallbladder out?
Avatar m tn If you don't have diarrhea, I don't think it's something other than gas, and doctor can wait for your new job maybe... Cut down sugars (sweets, fruits, fruit juices, also dairy), and starch (potatoes, pasta). These are nutrients for bacteria. So, if you starve them a little, they may close their gas industry. :) And if not, it's possible it is candida...this one would need more thorough and long-term low-sugar diet though.
Avatar n tn My appointment this past Wednesday,the gastro gave me the NEW medicine Zelnorm,that just came out.Two hours after the very first dose the gas broke up,and my bloated stomach went down.. This my fourth day on it,and I have no bloat,no stomach discomfort,and I am not constipated..I feel great..I just wanted to pass this info along.I hope it helps someone...
Avatar n tn My son had loose, foul smelling stools, occasional diarrhea, abdominal pain, and gas, gas gas. He would also vomit occasionally and was always very fatigued. Many times, a person is diagnosed with IBS, to find out later that it is actually Celiac disease. It is estimated that 1 out of 200 have celiac, but only 1 out of 3000 in the USA are actually diagnosed. The rest are either undiagnosed, or shrugged off as having IBS. Check out for a more thorough explaination.
Avatar m tn For over 3 months I have been feeling bloated, distended stomach, issues with my bowls (varying from constipation to bairly more solid than diarrhea). I am a pretty thin person (about 5'2" 100lbs) and so any change in my stomach is pretty noticeable, my belly button which is normally an "innie" has been protruding outwards. Some days more than others. I look the most normal when I don't eat, when i do I look/feel bloated.
Avatar f tn Most of the time its after eating and in the mornings. I have no stomach pain or gas (outside of the normal gas) and I don't really feel fullness after only eating a little. No acid reflux out of the ordinary . I went to my normal Dr and they did some blood test and said they were all normal (they said very good) and then gave me a referral to the GI Dr. Weight gain or loss, loss or gain of appetite.. Hhhmm good question.
Avatar m tn At random times I have had sulfuric burps, gas and diarrhea. With weeks in between of not feeling anything I would get it again and this time I would have egg burps but not diarrhea but feel bloated and cramped. My young daughter now has it but did not have diarrhea but soft stools. We would eat the same thing for dinner but only I would get this way. It's always burps first then the stomach problem. I've asked a doctor, and they do not seem to know what it is, or why we both now have it.
Avatar f tn Was your Dad feeding him and ,if so what? Only first aid I know about, if it is gas,is a stomach tube but even I would hesitate trying that. Agree, would try to get the pup to the Vet ASAP!!!!
Avatar f tn Sometimes it feels as if I have tons of trapped gas or something as I can literally feel it moving around in my stomach. Last week I had a bout of diarrhea which definitely felt like a stomach flu and my daughter had it too. After that stopped I've pretty much been constipated since. I've only has a BM once since that illness which was 6 days ago. I did not take any anti-diarrhea medicine either or any medicine for that matter.
Avatar n tn It's all so bizarre. Milk definitely doesn't agree with me, I notice an increase in gas cramps and diarrhea the next morning if I have any. Aged cheese seems to be fine with. Codeine wouldn't work for me, I'm allergic to it! I'm just frustrated since we're trying to plan a family trip to Disney World and this whole thing makes me nervous about being away from home.
Avatar f tn in this time and have tried Gas-X, Rolaids, Gaviscon for the gas issues, but havent tried anything for the diarrhea. I am drinking plenty so not feeling dehydrated. But there is nothing that I can eat that doesnt turn my stomach upside down and make me cramp really bad. Please tell me what you would suggest.
Avatar m tn My son and I both have nonstop gas. I also have a noisey stomach. when I eat it sound like there are thousand of thing feasting on my food. My son is eight years old and his gas is really bad. It's a embrassement to him. He can't control it. I also have stomach bloating and some pain. What is our problem with the gas?
560753 tn?1216055652 It started with a huge stomach pain on my right side. After that I started to feel bloated and to have constant diarrea. My doctor recomended a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. The findings where negative. After that he prescribed me with Nexium, Prilosec and that was it. I was ok for a month or so and then I developed constipation. So I was switching from diarrea to constipation on and off. The burping continue and it seems to happend before I get my period.
Avatar f tn now its just mild tiredness and still bubbling stomach gas and no bowel movment. my stomach is bloated. any suggestions. when i did go mildly the first time it was all brown watery diarrhea. srry for tmi.
Avatar f tn I am 47 years old was diagnosed with IBS years ago then acid reflux and delayed stomach emptying. I take reglan 1/2 hour before a meal eat nothing spicy or greasy. take aciphex daily which is very expensive and bentyl 3 times a day for bloating and still can not manage the gas and bloating I also take a lot of gas-X with little help. Milk seems to help some all other tests have come back negative.
Avatar n tn Diahrrea comes and goes, and I am having more solid stools which is good. I feel bloated all the time. I have a lot of gas and burp a LOT. I can taste food that I ate 5 hours before. The stomach pain is unbearable and I'm unable to focus at work. I'm going to lose my job if I can't get this fixed. On top of everything I have a very stressful job. I don't think this is psychological--I know stress can cause problems, but not like this..and not so sudden...right?
Avatar f tn I have had some sort of stomach virus for 2 days now (100.7 temp, diarrhea, chills, aches and sweats). I managed to bring the fever down, I'm staying very hydrated and things were starting to look up. My stool has been pretty much liquid and I have had no difficulty with bowl movements. About 6 hours ago, it started to feel like I still have to go but sometimes very little or nothing is coming out and has become very uncomfortable and also not allowing me to sleep.
Avatar f tn The doctor has her off of milk products to see if she is lactose intolerant. She doesn't have any symptoms like diarrhea or gas. What could cause her stomach to appear so bloated? Any ideas? Help. Help. Help. Help.
Avatar f tn It is not a pain, but a weird uncomfortable feeling. I am also bloated and have alot of gas when I eat anything anymore. Is this all due to the lactose intolerance? Or is there another reason why I feel sick every night and normal every morning.
170935 tn?1225374676 Here's some good info on possible causes for the gas and stomach problems. I've been having gas and PVC problems as well. [url=
Avatar n tn Tell me about it!!! I wish that there was a cure for gas pain and bloat. I suffer with the same symptoms...need to expel gas, gas "stuck" in my upper abdomen where I cannot move or zipper my pants and I might add that it is extremely painful. Sometimes I wish I could put a pin in my stomach and expel the gas to PSE&G because I would make a fortune. Along with this, I suffer from constipation. I have tried everything from phazyme to a shrink.
Avatar n tn Within the hour of eating and with about a 3 minute warning my stomach bloats up with gas. I go to the bathroom immediately have diarrhea. My ears get hot and ring, I start to sweat. the pain in my stomach is so intense the next thing I know I'm on the floor with someone slapping me to wake up. I don't know what to call it - Fainting or a sezure. When I'm out I feel like I'm shaking but my husband says I'm not. I do have constipation but not when this happens.
Avatar n tn I have discussed my diarrhea and excessive gas to my doctors and all I get is IBS. I really don't think that this is my problem. I had a colonoscopy and that came back fine. I have diarrhea at least 7 times a day and stomach is churning very loudly constantly and has become very embarrassing. I also have very explosive diarrhea at times. When I do have what I call a somewhat normal stool it is very ribbon like and I quess you would say thin or flat.
Avatar n tn For some time now, I become very bloated but its released when i pass gas. It happens over and over during the day and seems to stop at night. I also have a mucus like substance in my "poop" and sometimes when I go to the bathroom thinking that I have to "poop" i end up just passing lots of gas and again some mucus like substance comes out. This has been going on for a couple of months now. Can someone feel me in please? Is this very bad?
Avatar n tn These products made me look 3 months pregnant and made my stomach hurt with uncontrollable, horrible smelling gas.
Avatar n tn Since that time I have had severe gas in the upper stomach, foul smelling, it is sooo annoying. I have not been to the doctor as I have had enough of doctors right now with all the surgery. I did go in March about the gas, and the only thing the surgeon said was it was because I was swallowing too much air. But, I am eating the same way I was before. I have blamed it on the surgeries, but I would love to know what I could do to stop it.
Avatar n tn However, shortly after eating I feel like I am going to pass gas but instead, it's diarrhea. On both occassions, after going to the bathroom, I felt fine. But the diarrhea comes over very quick, and would be a real problem if I wasn't close to a bathroom. I have drank for a number of years and never experienced this before last week. The food that I ate varied both times. Other then the diarrhea, I feel fine, but it is very inconvenient. Should I be worried about this?