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Avatar m tn Iv had this problem for 1/2 months and i thought it would just go away, but it hasnt so here goes; My stomach seems to build up gas and it gets to the point were i burp, fart and have loads of gas built up so i also get bloated and when i first got it i think it would hurt slightly now there isnt pain but i am curious of what i have got and how to treat it.
Avatar f tn I started Doxil last Tuesday and did quite well - no side affects. however over the weekend I started feeling really crumby. i had noticed over the past week that my body seemed to be going back to my pregnacy shape. Fluid build up. Can anyoone tell me how they "tap" it. I talked with the nurse today and she is going to set it up. I believe the fluid is called ascites? Right? Or, could I just call it cancer juice?
Avatar f tn sometime i get gas buildup in my stomach that is very painful and it very hard for me to pass the gas that is rubbling threw my stomach it take hours before i can release gas gas-x want relief or make me pass gas and the pain in the upper middle of my stomach be hurting severe. Is there anything or home remedy that i can use?
170935 tn?1225374676 I'm so glad I found this site. I too get PVCs when I have stomach gas. I feel like my stomach is so full and pushing up on my diaphragm/heart etc. This all started when I was pregnant with my second child. I had super bad heartburn and gas and these PVCs started. The cardiologist said not to worry. I'm going to see a GI specialist next week so we'll see what he says. Isn't there a pill we can take for the gas instead of taking Maalox all the time?
Avatar n tn I may just be walking across my class room a fart pops pops out, some small some not so small. I don't have any bloating are gas pain build up, just unpredictable farts. This is quiet embarrassing. I have tried to cut out beans, I use Beano, nothing I have tried has helped. Do you have any suggestions, my GP didn't.
Avatar n tn As the day goes on, I build up more and more gas. It's really bad because I work sitting down. I'm scheduled to see my PCP this week to discuss treating my stomach and to do a stress test. All the over the counter meds haven't worked for me, including Tums, Prilosec OTC, Pepsid AC, Gas-X, stool softeners. One more reason why I know it's my stomach and not my lungs/heart...
Avatar f tn I learned a trick from my mom on how to deal with it. Lay on your left side with your right leg pulled up to your chest or stomach (a comfortable position). It helps me a lot and doesn't take too long to relieve the pain. But if it doesn't help at all in around an hour then maybe you should atleast call a hospital and ask for their opinion about it. And hospitals also have a financial help thing that I also do! I hope that this helped!
Avatar f tn Also, and this might sound silly, but dont hold it in! If you need yo release the gas do your thing girl!! A build up of gas definitely becomes painful and uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Have you considered seeing a Naturopathic doctor. There could be increased intestinal fermentations caused by an imbalance in the intestinal flora e.g. too much underlying fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections. When you eat food that ferments a gas production occurs which can cause a build up of gas in the abdomen but also can cause "splenic flexure syndrome" in which gas in the bowel leads to pain in the lower chest or left shoulder.
Avatar n tn Referring to your post regarding A/Fib and bloated stomach/gas, I too have had the same experience. I believe it is a mechanical effect in that the gas inflates the intestine which in turn pushes on the vagus nerve or the bottom of the heart and triggers the A/F episode. The sensation is located under the left rib cage not in the chest. I can also induce A/F by swallowing something very cold on an empty stomach. This freaks out the nerve and the A/F proceeds.
Avatar n tn My heart problems were misdiagnosed for 12 months as a stomach disorder because I only received chest pains after eating. After a build up of gas and releasing it, the pains seemed to subside considerably. One of the symptoms I gave the cardiologists on the day of my Heart attacks was "lots of wind". The digestive system required a large amount of oxygen to digest food and this is what triggered my heart attacks in the end. It stands to reason that there is a link between the two.
Avatar n tn When he doesn't burp he gets a gas build up, his stomach swells a bit and he passes gas like crazy. He is sometimes in a lot of pain and he sometimes develops a fever not a high fever but a bit. What can I do? I do give him Gripe Water but can I give him baby tylenol when he feels like this?
Avatar m tn all of a sudden i have been developinga build up of pressure in my builds up and then goes down.
Avatar n tn Yes it's very possibles, because gas is inside your stomach. In my experience I had a back-up of gas in my stomach to where I was constipated so if you think about it if your constipated it never comes out right so it just stays in you colon and so forth eventually it may build up so much that it may press up against some organs like Kidneys, Liver etc. and cause the pain. Not saying thats what it is but it's a possibility.
Avatar n tn My recent endoscopy showed build up in esoph and stomach. Dr. prescribed meds similar to Prevacid and also Amatiza for IBS. I think I may have bacteria built up that causes the chronic bloating. Similarly I had this problem last may and when I had a gyno exam, she told me that she noticed bacteria. She prescribed an antibiotic and the bloating and gas seemed to clear up. The symptoms I'm experiencing are the same and the gas and bloating are not going away. Should I try an antibiotic?
Avatar n tn You might have a bug that's causing the symptoms, or the constipation might be causing a bit of a backup and thus causing some of the nausea and making the gas build up to painful levels. Gas pain often changes when you change your orientation, comes in waves as your gut tries to move things along, and can feel like being stabbed in the gut. Sometimes gas comes with intestinal cramps as well, which just add in more pain. Drink plenty of fluids, and consider a laxative to get things moving.
Avatar f tn I bloat so bad and I am in pain until I start vomiting due to all of the build up in my stomach. I want to know if gas x or beano is safe while pregnant and if not what is. Any advice will help greatly.
Avatar f tn I started the pills with no problem but around day 3, I start enxperience gas. It started in my stomach and then to my chest. There were a couple of nights I could not sleep, I had to sleep sitting up. I've missed work b/c of not being able to sleep at night. A week after starting the pills, I went back to the dietian for a check up. I explained what had been going on. She then instructed me to take half of a pill instead of the whole, to see how that will work.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have stomach problems from taking pain meds and if so what did you do about it? I find that when I lay down at night I get this pressure build up in my lower stomach and cant sleep.
Avatar f tn lansoprozole, omeprozole) as this will allow the acid to sort the problem out and clear any bacterial build up. 2. Whether or not you are taking medication as 1. above, another alternative is to take pro-biotics. The best form is available from health food shops and you should seek to obtain a very high strength capsule dosage that is typically stored in a fridge. with a minimum of 30 billion viable cells of at least 8 strains including Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
Avatar n tn but STILL when I eat (or sometimes even THINK about eating) I get gas build up in my stomach - when this happens I start getting heart palpitations - which initially freaked the hell out of me, but now that I am consciously aware of what is actually happening I don't freak out as much. I find that if I am up and active walking around or exercising, I am not bothered at all, it's only when I am sitting still for an extended period that I sense this feeling.
Avatar f tn Most people aren't aware that laying on their right side can cause gas to build up in your colon and form a gas bubble. The way the colon is shaped and with the gas rising upward, when laying on the right side it gets trapped in the ascending and transverse sections of the colon and is not as easily expelled as it is when laying on the left side. I recommend trying some OTC treatments like beano, gas X, prilosec, prevacid, Mylanta, mylox etc. for a few days.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have this feeling like I constantly need to burp/release build-up of gas. I drink ginger ale to help alleviate that (and burp). I felt somewhat queasy so I forced myself to vomit , thinking this is what my body needed and might help ease the discomfort. I also have a slight discomfort right underneath the sternum (upper stomach?).
Avatar n tn The problem is enzymes in your stomach are not breaking down your food correctly. You need to build up good probiotic enzymes in your stomach and help break down your consumed food better and drink more water. Water should be 1 glass more that the daily recommended eight 8oz cups. Yogurt is a good source of probiotic enzymes. You may need more that just yogurt, but practice protions and watch your food combinations, keep a journal.
170935 tn?1225374676 Since the fundus is on the left side of the body, and gas rises, it pushes up from the stomach through the diaphragm (it doesn't penetrate these structures, it only pushes on them like if you take your fist and push it into an inflated balloon). This can irrate the vagus nerve, or even the phrenic nerve that controls the diaphragm, if it puts pressure on these major nerves. Irritation of these nerves can cause 'odd' firing patterns that influence the heart in the ways described.
Avatar f tn Gas is a product of diet,A bad diet or even a diet high in certain fibers can cause Gas, or you may have a bacterial issue in the digestive tract, you can see a Gostroenerologist who can test for syomach bacteria like HPylori bacteria that is a nasty troublemaker that causes excess Air (Bloat) a premature full feeling by only eating a little bit, other issues like eating before going to bed, many people with low metabolism, that can be caused by thyroid disease or underactive thyroid, eat heavy
Avatar n tn There is no pain associated with the bouts, just the need to pass the gas, to relieve to build-up, as it were. When I am plagued by these bouts of gas, I do notice, however, that my bowel movements tend to be more "sticky" and not well formed (flaky...some formed, the sticky part when cleaning myself up, and some flakes). The color is usually a medium to dark brown (twice, many months apart during bouts I noticed the stool had a greenish color.
1322157 tn?1279660281 I am guessing it's the muscle building itself, since when we build muscle it creates many tiny tears that re-build and build muscle or something like that. The TENS works to fatigue the muscle so I'm guessing it's the muscle being tired and rebuilding itself.
Avatar n tn Since that time I have had severe gas in the upper stomach, foul smelling, it is sooo annoying. I have not been to the doctor as I have had enough of doctors right now with all the surgery. I did go in March about the gas, and the only thing the surgeon said was it was because I was swallowing too much air. But, I am eating the same way I was before. I have blamed it on the surgeries, but I would love to know what I could do to stop it.
Avatar n tn If I am sitting up in bed and have gas it is clearly coming from both ends. You know if you have regular gas you would at least have time to walk out of the room, but with this you don't. I want to hide from the world. Please help me and guide me as what to do next. I am totally at a loss.