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Avatar f tn Bleeding does not necessarily mean miscarriage, but he said that her levels dropped. The only reason progesterone levels could possibly drop is due to a miscarriage. They should close to double every 48 hours if you are still pregnant. Miracles happen and doctors can be wrong but her levels dropping are a clear sign that she already miscarried and it will pass. I hope for a fast recovery and I wish you two good luck in the future.
Avatar n tn My stomach itches so bad & even when I put cocoa butter on it , it still itches . Any other suggestions ?
554628 tn?1362777919 well for the past 5 months he has been complaining of sharp pains in his stomach and the doctors kept telling him it was side effects from his meds and the chemo from previous well he finally got them to run some tests and his stomach and small intestines are full of cancer. they then had to drain his stomach bc it was so swollen. they are giving him 2 months at best to live. i am praying for a miracle. he is 6foot 7in tall and only weighs in at 149pounds it's sad.
306455 tn?1288862071 As a lot of you know, my son's fiance recently had surgery at Mofit because of cancerous masses on the liver etc. Well the biopsies finally came back and IT"S A FREAKING MIRACLE! NO CANCER CELLS AT ALL!!!!!!! The chemo & radiation got all the ovarian cancer and the tumors on the liver, spleen etc are benign. The will need to be watched of course. But she has her life back. I can't believe it, it's a miracle.
Avatar n tn Not necessarily. Stomach cancer can often have negative blood work (except you may be anemic). However it is much much more likely that you have something like an ulcer causing the black specks. Stomach cancer is very rare! How old are you?
Avatar f tn Six months is a too long time and you should have got evaluated by now. Stomach diseses, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, stomach cancer all can lead to nausea and loss of appetite. Do you also have yellowish discoloration of your skin, eyes and urine? That could be due to gall bladder disease or hepatitis. Eat small healthy meals. You need to consult a primary care physician. He will further refer you to a gastroenterologist.
Avatar m tn he asked about my stress and I told him I was worried I had stomach cancer because of my sour stomach and lack of appetite. he mentioned that at my age it would be very, very low. He said the lack of appetite is more for people 40 or 50, then it is a warning sign. He told me I was fine, onlything wrong with me since I wasn't in any real pain (minus the general picks and pins here and there that come from Chron's disease) and only had a low grade fever (99), that I was fine.
Avatar n tn My father is infected by adenocercinoma (cancer) in his stomach(prepyleric area).this in moderate stage and well differentiated. I showed the report to several doctors.All of them advised me to do surgery.My father is suffering from digestive problem last four months and constipation for long time.He has no diabetic and heart is in good condition.We did diagnosis couple of weeks back and confirmed about the cancer.Should I let my father to go for surgery first or Chemotherapy than surgery?
60505 tn?1313946644 "I am a 46yo (white) female, I have been checking statistics for stomach cancer and I do see as a female and with my race the odds are very low. For the last 2 months I have been getting stomach "pain" more uncomfortable than pain,along with a feeling of "fullness" sometimes with a sense of nausea. No weight loss. I would say I have been getting indigestion and reflux for as long as I can remember.
Avatar f tn I also probably should have mentioned that we have a family history of stomach cancer and stomach ulcers, which is also what got me to thinking this. My diet, when I do manage to get it down, is good - no worries there. I do not smoke, and drink alcohol occasionally. My specialist told me about an endoscopy but he said he didn't think I needed one, so instead, told me to wait. Do you really think it's worthwhile going back?
Avatar m tn I am very disturbed that the discomfort is not going. I have made 4 trips to the doctor and he is not worried. Do I have stomach cancer ? what should I do now ?
Avatar f tn Im 24 weeks along now and this morning just found out that I'm losing my battle with breast cancer. I'm devastated not only will I be leaving my 19 month old lil girl but my new born as well. I should've known from losing weight and not feeling well more often but I had hoped it was just my pregnancy. What great news for Christmas that next year will probably be my last smh. There are truly some fantastic mom's on here stay strong and may God bless you...
Avatar f tn 9/20 is 12 dpo and the first day I'll test with a FRER. AF is due on 9/25. Miracles do sometimes happen, so one could happen for us, right??
Avatar n tn Hi Ladies: Have there been any miracles lately after age 40. I'm 42 and considered high risk. I need to hear some great stories to feel good right now.
Avatar m tn I am a 62yo woman that has received a neobladder in 2006 after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. Currently I am using 480 catheters a month because I am unable to hold urine for longer than 2 hours when sitting and anywhere from 20mins to an hour when standing/walking. I am having to pay for 280 catheters a month since medicare will not cover more than 200. What can replace catheterization? Are there any medical miracles in this field that I could follow up on? Any suggestions are welcomed.
Avatar f tn And his oldest big sister who is almost 5 has been cleared from having skin cancer! Her tumor is benign! So happy. 60 days until I will be holding our baby boy (scheduled birth) and less stress already from an awesome diagnoses on our daughter!
Avatar f tn My mom had cancer also lost all her hair & had 6months to live , we did everything we could think of doing in those 6months. She started gaining her energy back & all her hair started coming back 6months came my mom was still alive a year came my mom was still alive and the drs couldn't believe the cancer had just gone away! MIRACLES HAPPEN! My mom is an example! Your family is in my prayers hun! Cancer is an ugly thing...
Avatar f tn I had cervical cancer in the past and was under the belief that I could not have anymore children because of the cancer treatments. Then to add to it my boyfriend was told his sperm were no longer active so to find out I was pregnant at 8 weeks was a HUGE shocker! I was still having bleeding too like I was having my periods. In fact I am 16 weeks and I still have the bleeding! I try to look at it like they are two little miracles .. unexpected miracles!
1423392 tn?1286590390 My prayers are with this precious little boy and his family. Miracles can happen with prayer, I look at two huge miracles everytime I see my beautiful granddaughter and daughter.
Avatar f tn I gained weight during treatment too (1 month shy of 3yrs since chemo). IT wa the steroids that did it!! THe steroids disrupt the normal energy pathways using protein ahead of stored fat - so it is really hard to loose weight utnil your body shifts metabolism back, For me it took ages. You can go to a dietician and they can do some simple bloodwork and uring tests to ensure you are not low on anything you need.
Avatar f tn I'm feeling depressed, stressed. My mom has stage 4 cancer she's in remission for oast 6 mnths now my dad has prostate cancer we dnt know yet how advanced its so hard not to feel sick depressed . Its enough w 1 parent now both. Its gona b a hard pregnancy.