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Avatar n tn Hello I have being suffering from stomach bloating for a year now. I also suffer from chronic constipation. It has gotten worse with time. I know I am allergic to yeast mold in bread so I don't eat any bread product. My primary care doctor told me to change my diet, which I changed it to organic foods. I eat mostly fruit, fiber vegatbles, and dairy product such as yogurt to help me with my constipation problems. I also avoid bloating related foods such as beans and caffeine.
Avatar f tn I have tried almost everything from yeast treatments for doctor's fluconazole or diflucan and non doctor prescription of yeast gone which is a yeast cleanse. I have through the years avoided sugar products, bread products, grain products and milk products, but it doesn't seem to matter what I still have lots of bloating. Need help.
396332 tn?1320007215 What is your diet like? Look up overgrowth of yeast in stomach, or overgrowth of bacteria.. I have heart papliations, bloating, gas, nausea and had many, many tests. The only thing that came up is a overgrowth of bacteria..... I am now on probotics, flora, HCL9 and enzames. just waiting for my stomach to calm down now.
Avatar n tn Have had weight gain of about 25 pounds in about 6 months, i'mtired all the time and now i have this stomach bloating! Any advice? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Thrush is a yeast infection. Abdominal and stomach bloating can also indicate yeast in the digestive tract. It could be that the warmth of the bath causes the yeast to flare up. There are good medications for it. Nystatin and diflucan are possibilities. Also, consuming good probiotics are very helpful. There are natural sources like yogurt, but you can also buy probiotic capsules to take. It also helps to sprinkle probiotics in your mouth for thrush to restore the balance of bacteria.
Avatar n tn Last year I went to see a doctor because I had symptoms of bloating and severe discomfort in the stomach regions, but after blood work, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me. When I lay off the alcohol for a couple of weeks my body gets back to normal, but when I consume large amounts of alcohol (10 or more drinks) at a time, it takes me a few days to feel better again. My symptoms for those few days include swelling and discomfort in the abdominal region, gas, and loose stools.
Avatar m tn Take a look at some of the symptoms caused by low stomach acid.
Avatar m tn I am writing to you wondering if I have yeast overgrowth. I am a 23 year old male living in Jefferson, OH and I believe that I got this from sleeping in a moldy basement for about a year. It all started after I slept in the basement for about a year and I ate a high carb diet that included a lot of oatmeal, chips, cookies, noodles, bread, etc. One night while I was asleep I was awoken to a very bad feeling in my body. It felt very strange and that I was "high" on medication.
1280164 tn?1271423497 I'm a 22 year old male.. I work up two weeks ago and found my stomach so bloated i could barely get out of bed... i've went to the E.R and they have done a CT Xray and palpated my stomach.. ran blood tests urine tests and found nothing.. They said i was constipated, but i have no stool... I don't understand. I was put on laxitives two weeks prior to going ot the E.R. My stomach looks like i'm pregnant and it does not hurt just very uncomfortable.. A little pain in my lower back.
Avatar f tn Before my last GI analysis came back, I had bouts of uncomfortable bloating, mostly without gas. Even my hubby agreed I looked pregnant! I think it was because my yeast levels were so high in my gut. I have been on Nystatin for 3 weeks now and it is definitely getting better. I have also increased my fiber intake and cut my sugar intake. The overall tenderness in my intestines is way down from before treatment, but still there sometimes. After 4.5 months, my gut is still not 'normal'.
Avatar f tn It does matter what I eat I feel bloated. I am allergic to yeast. I eat heathly and fresh foods. I don't know what to do. What blood test should I do or what should I do in general. PLEASE HELP…..
Avatar m tn I went off of it due to the fact that I was bloating and my stool was loose(no diarrhea) and off colored. My doctor told me to take probiotics and if need be start taking the antibiotics again in 2 weeks. I've been taking probiotics since December 12th and the problem still persists. What could be wrong? I thought that maybe I might be lactose intolerant, but I wasn't before? This is super frustrating. I don't want to deal with it anymore! Please help.
Avatar n tn - Heavy bloating (bloating seems to be relieved by passing gas either by belching or farting) - Some tenderness all over the gut area especially on the left side where the stomach sits - Feeling that some fluid (liquid or gas, probably gas) moves around (gurgling noises) - Some actual distention of the belly (I am not sure about that but it sure feels that way, maybe some fluid retention ?) These symptoms usually start after I eat and last up to 5-6 hours.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from Stomach bloating for two years now and the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with me. I had every test under the sun. Upper GI, colonoscopy, CT Scan, Xtray, test for stomach cancer, etc. The only thing that temporarily helped it was antibiotics which made it go away for awhile, but then it always comes back.
Avatar n tn So strange to see the exact symptoms I have listed - a late period, then when I have my period I have painful bloating, large stomach, severe constipation, pain in lower right abdomen. I do have some suggestions, as I've had chronic constipation my entire life since infancy and only my own research has helped me, not the doctors. Try food combining principles for your diet.
Avatar n tn A port was put into place in her side to drain her stomach continually. She's had nothing but popsicles and such since then except for what drips in the IV's. She just had to go back into the hospital to have the port removed as she developed a yeast infection there. One of her family members told me yesterday that she looked pregnant. When I last saw her she had so little stomach/fat that shots had to be given in the hip. I don't want to quiz her.
Avatar n tn I've had a cat scan and full blood workup. Everything was normal. Now I have stomach bloating and pain and a yeast infection. About 2 months ago I was on tremendously strong antibiotics for a 3 week period due to a bad bout of tonsillitis. Is it possible I have a yeast infection in my stomach? I was doing some reading and it can cause bloating and stomach pain.
6543835 tn?1468847635 Things to know about me is that I was daignosed with celiac in 2001 and have been on a strict gluten free diet ever since. The stomach bloating started in 2009 and has gotten progressively worse. As far as indigestion goes, it seems like yearly I add more and more foods that cause it. It used to be just garlic and onions, then pasta sauce, then ketchup, then pretty much anything acidic. Brain fog and fatigue have been a problem since 2005.
Avatar f tn At my last appointment my doctor seemed to think that not much else could be done for me since my quality of life is not really severely affected, and he put me on a 6 month follow up (next appt. is not until July). Lately I have been bloating (sometimes severely) after eating carbs or sugary foods. I am never/rarely in pain, but it is quite uncomfortable to say the least. I also get pronounced borborygmus (sp?) or stomach rumbling soon after eating even a small amount of food.
Avatar n tn I write to you all in concern for my wife. She has been having stomach pains in the lower part of her stomach. Not so much one side or another but right below her navel. I am concered for her because she also has a yellowish discharge and I wonder if this should be a concern as well or perhaps the two are from the same cause. I know I shouldn't worry, but she is not only my wife, but my best friend. She is too stubborn to go see a doctor. This has been going on for about a year now.
Avatar n tn I've been doing this not only because of my decreased apetite but also in somewhat of an effort to see if this will help at all with the stomach bloating I've been experiencing. Nevertheless, my bloatation has not gone down at all. The only thing that I can think of that might be a possible cause for this bloating is, there was about a nine month period during this past year that I was drinking alot of beer almost on a daily basis. But I cut all of that out about 3 months ago.
Avatar f tn about a week ago i started having some really sharp pains on the lower part of my stomach like if someone were stabbing a knife in me..they hurt so bad that if i was standing, i had to sit down or lay down. on the first day they happened about every 15 minutes and they were about a minute long, then as the week went by, they started being less often, less sharp and only about 15 seconds long this week i got my period and my period is very heavy and causes me really bad cramps.
Avatar n tn A few days after taking the zantac I begin to experience upper abdominal cramping and bloating. I also experience sharp pains under the middle of my breast bone when walking. Weight loss is apparent. I decide to stop the zantac, thinking it it's causing my new symptoms. The pain under my breast bone gets worse and my doctor recommends resuming zantac and start taking prilosec. I stopped experiencing pain when I walk, but still have upper abdominal bloating and cramping.
Avatar n tn Levels back to normal and goiter had shrunk. For the last 2 weeks I have been bloating so bad I can't wear my pants by the end of the day. I can fast on liquids or eat doesn't matter I blow up! Ironically a friend on fb is having the same problem. She has been through more tests than I have, and they haven't figured out why she looks 6 months pregnant by the end of the day. We started sharing our mutual SEVERE bloating stories and come to find out we both our taking thyroid meds.
Avatar n tn poor memory, foultaste or smells, episodes every 2 weeks of stomach ache, pins and needles up and down legs , complete memory loss, once fainting, stmach hurts all the time, letharic depressed. episodes last only few minutes, i am 74.
Avatar f tn I use to get painful sores on both sides of my tongue from yeast and diflucan was the only thing to help so it probably does depend on what type of yeast you have but the probiotics is a must because of the antibiotics too.
Avatar n tn I have had different symptoms for the past 3 months including bloating, gas, loose stools, stomach other symptoms apart from stomach. Most of these symptoms have gone away but my stomach which used to gurgle has downgraded to frequent growling. This has been very embarassing and I have been extra careful with my diet. I have done different tests and even seen a GI doctor and they do not seem to find anything. My stool has also been stringy and soft. Could you please help?
Avatar n tn I have a comment. I have been occassionally suffering from severe stomach cramps, watery mouth, diarrhea. Based on what I have read from other people in this discussion group, I think it may be yeast based products such as breads and beer. The cramps usually are more common in the winter when I am most apt to bake bread. I also have discovered that too consuming much yeast can actually bring on a yeast infection. Thanks for the help. I hope I have helped someone else.