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Avatar f tn hi! I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I'm super bloated, my stomach is hard and tight I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! Does anyone else have this and is it actually normal?
1769279 tn?1315018920 N e time I eat lots bread, especially pizza n diff thgs can't thk of rt at the moment, my stomach looks like I am nine mo pregnant. I kid u not. Plus very hard to breathe. Please tell me Celiac Disease doesn't go along with Chiari. Help Selma! Anybody???
Avatar f tn I look like I am pregnant and the bloat is hard if poked sitting in my loser stomach region (the little half right under my belly button). I am hoping someone can help me out because I am worried it may be something else, so if it is only most likely my IBS that would be good to know. Also I do not think it could be pregnancy since my breasts are super sore to touch and my mood swings outa wack which usually indicates that time of the month for me. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I don't know how true it is. Stomach bloating is also a common symptom with constipation which we all know is common when using pain meds. If you are seeing actual instestinal distention (stomach is swollen and hard) get yourself to the dr. immediately.
Avatar n tn Bloating could be related to constipation, but every since I changed by diet to high fiber, my bloating and hard stomach has not gone away at all. After I eat, my stomach hurts and extends. Even when I don;t eat, my bloating stomach sticks out and looks preganant, which I am not. I have taken every possible measure to relief bloating, uncomfortable, and painful feeling in my stomach. I eat 3 healthy meals a day- 2 snacks which are fruits. I don't know what else to do anymore? Help please!
Avatar n tn I been having bloating but in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes it's so bad I cant bend over and it puffs out and makes me look round. I had stomach issues on the past, colonoscopy, two endoscopies and nothing, My stomach stopped working after I have birth 6 years ago and and slow to wake up the end time I gave birth. This is making my crazy... what could it be?
Avatar f tn I am bloated with a hard stomach. It feels like my stomach is trying to come up into my chest. It makes it hard to breathe. I get some relief if I place my hand at the top of my stomach and push down. Some of the constriction stops. I bloat everyday and it makes it hard for me to walk as my entire abdomen is affected.
Avatar n tn My husband's stomach gets bloated and very hard after eating. When he lies down, gerd starts and needs to sleep in our reclining chair. He has had colonoscopy and endoscopy and found nothing. What could be causing this. He is taking protonix and has taken prevacid previously. He also gets a sharp pain under his left rib cage.
Avatar n tn they seem to give some temporary relief (from few days to couple of months), but the problem is never gone, and eventually comes back. In the worst times my stomach looks extended and is very hard when I touch it. I have also try colon cleanse kits, but they products clean bad and good thing out of my system leaving even more anemic that I normally am. I would really appreciate any help, Thank you. Bea.
Avatar f tn Type your anPeople who complain about flabby middles may have stomach bloating problems without even realizing it. Stomach exercises won't do a thing for your bloating, so it's important to determine how much of your problem stems from this common occurrence. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the bulge in your stomach is caused more by fat, bloating or both. Generally, if you are obese because of a bad diet then it's probably safe to assume that you are experiencing both...
1017834 tn?1443017723 Has anybody had or have uncomfortable bloating at the time of ovalution or after ovulation. Baby Dust!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Is bloating a common feeling after eating, even a small meal? I'm going thru so many unknown feelings right now,I'm only 2 wks into tx. I think i had my first experience of either riba rage or brain fog; I dont know which or it was both. I woke feeling depressed and mad. Yelled at my husb. knowing darn well all was done that I asked. I felt like a feather; very light. Once I got off to work those feelings started to subside.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for the bottom of your stomach to feel hard during your period. My period is like a week early and the cramps are really random and sharp when they usually are constant and not so sharp. My lower abdomen is hard too but its not like how it is when i am bloated. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Well within' the past 2 years ive been experiencing bloating stomach, pain that rotates to my back. Almost to the point where I look like im 6 months pregnant. My stomach gets hard when its bloated. Where you can actually see it being hard when you push on it. During that time of the month my cramps have gotten so horriable that I get anal spazims (sp?), quarter like size clots, and heavy bleeding. I just thought it was normal.
Avatar f tn However my lower stomach is bloated and sometimes hard. If I push down on the left lower side I can feel like a mass. My doctor did say I had IBS and I am taking regular medicine but I'm always bloated. I'm being careful with what I eat and drink and have started to exercise more aswell. Can someone help please?
Avatar n tn My fiancé has been bloating for a year and his poor stomach is so hard and full it's like he's having triplets. He's in hospital right now for pneumonia and I've been asking them to determine what's making his stomach so hard and large. They did a CT and at least confirmed he does not have fluid buildup. He has COPD-emphysema and congestive heart failure.
Avatar n tn mine is a slightly different case i recently realized my stomach turned hard but is hard all the time not sure what it is just went to my doc and he's sending me for more tests
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever experienced a hard bloated stomach? It's constant and it worsens after eating, regardless of how much and what I eat. I am a female in her early 30's. As of recent, I've been taking Renew Life's FiberSmart as well as CleanseMore. My bowel movements have been more than regular, so I wouldn't say it's constipation. When I lay down for bed, my stomach feels awkward, I feel nauseous and have a slight headache. Could it be the supplements or something else?
Avatar f tn Gastric burning, heartburn and bloating (if this is what you say hard stomach) are symptoms of gastritis or gastric/duodenal ulcer. It will help, if you avoid anything acidic; vinegar, fruits, also alcohol, aspirins, vit C, ibuprofen, and if you limit heavy protein/fatty foods, what in general is animal food. You may want to order a test for H. pylori, which is the most common cause of chronic gastritis.
Avatar n tn plus after a few months they put me on estrogen and I gained weight just around my stomach and hip area. The bloating, gas and constipation symptoms have not gone away. I still have little appetite. They are going to do a CT scan of my abdominal and pelvic areas, and a colonoscopy since I'm 49 anyway. I did not have chemo, surgery only (and I was stage 1A, very fortunate). Any help/advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn The best description I could think of is that it is the feeling you get when you eat a huge meal and your stomach is just filled to the brim. Usually if that happened, a few hours later the bloating would subside, but starting last Dec. the feeling would last for at least a week or more. An intense fullness/bloating feeling in the upper stomach/diaphram area. The first time it happened, I thought I was constipated and ended up taking Milk of Magnesia.
Avatar n tn Also, I wanted to add that the bloating i have occurs in my belly button area and not below breastbone/stomach area. How long can bloating last? Could i have gotten some kind of virus?