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Avatar f tn hi everybody hubby about 7wk post tx and just wanted to know if anybody is suffering with bone and joint pain? Thought all was going well but last few days it waking him up and cant get back to sleep, but once he up the pain goes away, as anybody had the same happen and if so does it disappear after a while?
Avatar n tn It felt like i had been pinched in the stomach the pain was all in my back and i could barely breath. I just kept breathing heavy until it stopped.
Avatar f tn And my stomach keeps hurting me so much and also the bottom of my stomach hurts. i need help in why my stomach feels like this ?
Avatar f tn This pregnancy ive had a stomach ache at least once a day since about 5w and im 7w 2d now. I had a miscarriage in october and at first I was scared thinking it was happening again, but I can assure you that if it was a miscarriage it would have progressivly gotten worse and not stopped. Not to mention those cramps are blinding pain! The best thing to do is tp check with your dr, but being that ypu had a bowel movement and they have since stopped im going to say it was just a basic stomach ache.
982333 tn?1305788889 I currently have " Undiagnosed Joint Pain". I am seeing a doctor and am in the midst or working through blood tests and what not, to determine the cause of my joint pain. From the way things are looking, She indicated I probably have Rheumetoid Arthritis. In the meantime, until a diagnosis is confirmed I have tried a few different medications to help me get through the day. Yet, none of them are helping... I have tried Prednisone, which was terrible and made me feel a lot worse.
Avatar f tn The first two days were lower stomach pain at first it felt like a pulled and then like a cramp, so I drank so tea and it felt better, then the second day I still felt it again (the pain if minor and it comes and goes). Then the next day I felt it on my upper stomach this one feels like a there something's there but doesn't come out. I've been looking online for answers and I'm freaking out.
Avatar n tn Friday, I went out to eat with my family, when we left the resteraunt, I felt fine, but after about 45 minutes, I got a horrible stomach ache. I layed down and I felt like I was going to throw up, and I could only sleep in 45 minute spurts. All of the sudden, my stomach started to feel better, so I fell asleep for a suffiecient amount of time. When I woke up, I felt just fine, until about 20 minutes later, my stomach started to hurt again. I layed down the whole day.
Avatar f tn Tendons can also be very sore at their insertion point into the joint which some people mistake for bone/joint pain. This is also kind of a deep throbbing ache that sharpens when the joint/muscle is used.
Avatar f tn im 11 weeks and today I've had stomach ache kind of like period pain but not, had nothing else and couldn't get hold of my doctor
Avatar n tn am 31 plus 4 now and my worry now is that 4 the past one week i have been experiencing stomach ache n back ache.could thea be something wrong or it hurts especially back pain.please help or shld i see my doctor???
Avatar n tn I have been having intercourse everyday but had a slight stomach pain today for about a minute. Could this be implantation?
Avatar f tn Sounds like a GI Problem. For how long has this been going on? Where is the pain in your stomach? Is your Stool Loose or Solid when you do go? Have you been out of thecountry lately? Any ill family or relatives? Close friends? Have you contacted your PCP?
Avatar m tn For the past 1 month, I have persistent muscle ache, joint pain and fatigue which shows no signs of abating. Initially only my leg muscel used to ache but now its the hands and sometimes back and neck too. Surprisingly my muscle ache and joint pain vanishes for couple of hours immediately after I jog/ exercise. But then it returns. Sometimes I felt that I have low grade fever, but I am not sure. I have no diarrhea. Yesterday I saw 2 rashes (itchy) - one on my stomach and one on my thigh.
Avatar f tn Im 3-4 weeks pregnant and have had tummy ache all afternoon an evening, its high up in my stomach like near my belly button area an across my stomach. Its not a severe pain just a hurts and aches. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Iron overload is another common genetic disorder missed in the early stages, with abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, joint pain, and drs dont run these iron tests on regular blood panel. They are ferritin, transferrin saturation%, TIBC and serum iron. Also liver enzymes can indicate if there are any systemic problems, infections going on so an ALT, AST, and GGT reading are good to get with regards to liver.
Avatar m tn Everyone gets joint pains, stomach ache and flu etc. so your symptoms are not used to diagnose.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I just posted a question under a post so I wanted to repeat in case it doesn't get seen. I have had a horrible stomach ache for five years. Already diagnosed with MS 15 years ago. I have been very lucky that I have only had problems with my left leg and vision problems. I have had 2 colonoscopies two endoscopies and 2 cts and am to be scheduled for a third ct. Had my gallbladder out and have been testes for food allergies.
409410 tn?1251072712 I've noticed that sometimes when my stomach is upset and I have something to eat, I not only have stomach ache, but I also have shivers. I'm not cold because I happen to be in a warm room and covered up with a blanket. I have had an issue with cold intolerance lately, but that doesn't factor in here. I've tried taking the Donnatol that they gave me when this happens, but it doesn't help. Anyone else had shivers with stomach ache?
Avatar m tn Does persistant joint pain during tx warrant concern over post tx joint problems?? RA?? Anyone know WHY peg causes jont pain. My pain is worst the nite after shot nite then slowly decreases until starting the cycle again. It seems to be getting somewhat worse as I go along (in week 19 now). Shold I be alarmed?? thanks.
Avatar m tn anxiety does not normally cause joint pain unless your anxiety causes you to hold your joint rigidly for a period of time. any ticks in your area when you are outside? some tick bites can cause joint pain and fatigue.