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409410 tn?1251076312 I've noticed that sometimes when my stomach is upset and I have something to eat, I not only have stomach ache, but I also have shivers. I'm not cold because I happen to be in a warm room and covered up with a blanket. I have had an issue with cold intolerance lately, but that doesn't factor in here. I've tried taking the Donnatol that they gave me when this happens, but it doesn't help. Anyone else had shivers with stomach ache?
Avatar f tn Restless sleep, back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, breathing difficulties, nervousness, muscle cramps and other symptoms. It won't interact with your thyroid meds either.
2117989 tn?1340146839 but i have for the last 2-days had a horriable neck and shoulder ache. Is this part of coming off this stuff, I sure hope so that way i know it's going to get better. I have taken Tylonol,Aleve and some of my Nyproxine anti inflam. And NOTHING!!!!!! including HEAT!! has helped me with this pain:)) Can anyone help me out with this one? :((( It's till to early for wine:))!!
Avatar n tn I hate to keep going to the doctor everytime there is an ache or pain, I feel like I may over reacting. This pain does not feel like acid or gas. More like something is inflammed. I am concerned that I may have something seriously wrong with me, but don't know if I even have symptoms of anything. There is no fever, occasional loose bowels but not bad, no blood. I also have been going through a lot of life changes lately which have been very stressful. I am on no medication.
Avatar m tn Anyhow, what I've been feeling lately is a constant chest ache with intermittent stabbing pain like a quick spasm. Nothing that has intensified. In addition I get these spasm like feelings down the sides of my neck from time to time. On occasion I also get some pain in my left arm but that is in my rotator cuff area which in the past has given me trouble from working out. I've had echos done, holter monitor tests, TEE and a bunch of blood work.
13596572 tn?1431107976 A migraine feels different from a sinus headache or regular headache just like the difference in a stomach ache and menstrual cramps. Two totally different causes AND symptoms!! When you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. You can have a plain ole regular headache that you would rate a 10 and you can have a migraine and rate it a 3. It has nothing to do with the intensity of the pain.
1251152 tn?1269606444 The pain radiates from side to side and sometimes it "clenches" if that makes sence. I have not had a pain free day since 1992 (except while using) they have done laproscopic exploritory and scopes down my throat. I have been a test dummy for pills that I cant even pronounce and I'm just tired of the "well we have checked and found nodules and ulcers that can be controlled by pain meds" Thats how I got here to begin with.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old daughter has had a off & on stomach ache for just a little over 2 weeks now. I took her to the pediatrician on Friday 7-14-06 & she said she thought it was acid reflux & gave samples of prevacid. She said we should see improvement in 3-4 days & I could also give her pepto if she still hurts later in day after prevacid. We have seen no improvement & last night I had to give her the pepto. I don't feel I should be giving her both of these meds everyday.
1170411 tn?1263412058 Just now, my stomach hurts.. like below my belly button, not a stomach ache, but stomach pain. I don't know what's going on. Is this something I should be concerned about?
Avatar m tn At nights she can't sleep because of this sensation ....she also feel ache in stomach and sometimes in neck region I have consulted many doctors but all in vain...
254714 tn?1316616955 i have pain in my neck goin down my left arm and down my back i get the tingglin in my arm and not to long ago i got it on my left side face that freaked me out..
Avatar m tn Definitely, ask the doc about stuff you can do to help.
Avatar m tn The aches are more like what you might feel if you went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Ibuprofen helps a little, but pain is consistant. my stomach can't tolerate too much Ibuprofen, but I also take some Vicodin when really sore at night. If I'm up and walking for long periods of time it is better, but comes right back when I sit or am idle. Not much sleep these days. Tried a chiropractor twice, but pinched nerve in neck seems to be driving the pain in my back, and kidney area.
189019 tn?1195519853 My dr had put me on bedrest, cause I was having some light brownish pink spotting after my first sonogram at 6wks. My lower back and neck is killing me and cant sleep with out my stomach aching. Its the worst feeling. It not severe sharp pain, but my stomach feels like a heavy rock. I cant stop crying cause I hate feeling aching. And me being on bedrest doesnt help im sore everywhere.
Avatar n tn pain in neck. For awhile i thought the pain i get in the left side (mainly) of my neck was serious too. but Dr's checked my arteries and they are fine. my Doctor says it's muscle spasms and he's probably right. i do have problems with spasms due to neck and lower back problems. so it's mostly muscles but try relaxing, heat and maybe even an aspirin. good luck.
595212 tn?1222566783 iv had this terrible pain in my left shoulder and neck it seems to get worse as the day goes on. im sick of complaining to my doctor who gives me inflamitary tabs. i hate constantly taking tablets so i decided to go for accupunture and the rest of the stuff they do (accupressure and cupping) im not sure if this is going to work i paid for 6 sessions which they recommend and it cost me 390euros. im that desperate id try anything.
Avatar n tn ), gastroscopy would be needed - this was already done? Pepto-Bismol releaves your pain? Interesting. When you say pain in the stomach - you mean exactly stomach - or entire abdomen?
Avatar f tn Everyone is differemnt when it comes to tolerating these meds. I had some initial side effects with Lexapro, but it was more of an increase in anxiety and feeling "jittery". Stomach upset is common, but you are saying "severe stomach pain"? That would be worrisome. Problem is...your doc may be's difficult to judge what is side effects and what may be totally unrelated symptoms! Did you start having side effects right after starting the Lexapro?
Avatar n tn The pain got me very depressed and anxious which caused other problems such as twitches and an upset stomach. I've done many tests( MRI of brain, spine, neck and blood tests) so far and all came back fine. Since all the test show that am a healthy human being, doctors concluded that the pain is psychosomatic. I just cannot believe that. I have everything nice going on for me at home, work, college, and relationships.
Avatar f tn She is constantly complaining of a headache, stomach ache, leg cramps, and she will often run a slight fever of 99.6 - 100.5. The doctor ran a blood test and the results showed elevated potassium and a slight elevation in her blood sugar. She then ran another blood test to check her kidneys and gave her a urine test. Those results came back fine and her White Blood Cell Count was normal.
Avatar f tn A chest x-ray wouldn't show nerve impingement & a disc bulge would have to be large to see on any basic x-ray. Most people that use computers have their neck curved for hrs. & then get this shoulder pain. I used a microscope yrs ago & had to take breaks to neck stretch from similar problem. That was before computers were around. Only way to really dx is to have a Cervical mri.
551343 tn?1506834118 I dont think it is frozen shoulder, although I cant move my arm upwards it seems to be pain along my arm as well and into my elbow....ache, ache, ache. What with stomach ache and not eating much I am beginning to think something horrible this way comes. Not long now and I have the rheuy appointment but if this pain and the tummy ache keeps on I shall have to see the doctor. I have actually started to loose weight .... over half a stone since xmas.
Avatar f tn However, it has progressed into back and neck ache, headache, leg and foot pain. Do these sound familiar to anyone? I am new to this. I was told that she has impaired glucose tolerance, but her fasting insulin level (after 2 hours) was 234. From what I've read, this seems to fall into the diabetes category. She definiteyl seems better when we restrict her sugar intake.
Avatar f tn Last week I got back from a month long trip to Malaysia and since being home I've had terrible stomach ache and discomfort after eating. I thought it was just indigestion due to the change in diet on coming home - i.e. much richer food, but now I'm worried it might be something else. I'm also now starting to feel a sore throat coming and I'm a bit worried these could be malaria symptoms.
Avatar f tn i went away on a trip for scuba diving and i had an ear ache, i thought it was from the water but after i took the drops, the pain shot down into my neck area too. the next week i found out i had mono. then the pain started coming back and it would hurt to breathe. now, i am pretty much done my mono, but my pain has spread. it's like all over my body now. the other day i had a sharp pain between my shoulder blades and then i also had a sharp pain run down my left arm.