Stomach pain keeping me awake

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Avatar f tn Fir the past three nights I haven't had a full sleep, I feel my baby moving all night long which is keeping me awake. Any ideas on how to sleep??
Avatar n tn this happened on a night 6 months ago after i drank alot of alcohol and was trying to repay my sleep debt the day after. since then, these twitches have been keeping me awake. i went to see a doctor and she said that it's most likely anxiety due, something i probably inherited from my mother.
Avatar f tn t wake me at night. I only get the pain when I am awake. The pain comes and goes. I will try to cut down on fried food to see if it will stop hurting. It has been hurting for about a week. I am going to take Pepcid for a while to see if it will help.
7791645 tn?1394292401 Are there other mommy's to be that are up and unable to sleep? What's keeping you awake tonight? I'm up do to words dreams.
Avatar f tn I have some sort of tinnitus in my left ear and for the last few nights the noise has been keeping me awake. It's extremely frustrating. Usually I can get into a position that stops the noise and I can sleep peacefully. But it's kept me tossing and turning for the last few nights and I'm really begging for a good night's sleep. I think my tinnitus may be linked to my pulse, as the noise pulsates in time with my pulse.
Avatar f tn 38 weeks pregnant and I've been getting period like cramps all night keeping me awake. They aren't regular yet, but does your stomach always tighten with real contractions? Seems the cramps come and go but there's no contracting. Sorry for silly question I'm ftm!
Avatar f tn Ok so I was layin dwn tryin to ave a nap, and as usual my little bundle was kicking keeping me awake, after about 10 mins I gave up and sat up. Then all of sudden my stomach started moving like crazy ! Only way I can describe it was my stomach was having a fit . Has anyone else had this and should I be worried ? Or was it jst nothing ?
9677729 tn?1411047370 Back pain. .
1749417 tn?1331996992 So, I asked him what was making my legs move at night so much that not only is it keeping the hubby awake but the sheets on the bed have all pilled due to the movement and I am going broke buying sheets! They have little balls of fabric all over the area above and below my feet and no one would want to sleep on them...they feel awful!
Avatar f tn My due date is coming up fast, and I'm getting really stressed about it... I am tired... I just cannot sleep for the life of me... I can't even settle my mind enough to meditate... Anybody else going through this?
Avatar f tn Hi Sarah I'm actually on that as well. Glad it works in that way for you. For me it really helps control my heartburn, which was keeping me awake all night. It doesn't however help the other stomach issues. I have tried 5 different PPI's. Thats why I'm looking forward to the Dr's appt I would recommend Mandy try it, they (at the GI office) were very surprised none of the PPI's worked for me.
Avatar f tn I wake up every night with severe stomach pain. Sometimes its high and other times its all over. This happens several times a night. What is going on?
Avatar f tn It eventually goes away but returns.. This has been happening since Sunday night. It keeps me awake and wakes me up. I asked one of my friends who recently had a baby what it could possibly be and she said that it could be back labor or BH contractions.. any opinions? I do have a dr apt today so he will know about this!
Avatar n tn My 8 year old daughter has stomach pain when she eats, which causes her to eat very little then 1-2 hours after she will have diarrhea. Sometimes she has diarrhea and stomach pain without eating anything.
Avatar f tn I'm 16weeks 3days and will be calling my Dr tomorrow morning :( it hurts very bad and it even keeping me awake!! I was thinking of a back brace, I didn't know they had pregnancy ones? online?
Avatar f tn The doctor said I will be given valium for the pain. Is it very painful to do it when you're awake?
Avatar n tn If it is painful to the point of keeping you awake at night, you may be able to have your physician prescribe a light pain killer. Otherwise, when you are resting place a warm compress on your stomach area and take an antiflammatory medication for pain. Try not to do any more lifting until you begin to feel better. Please take care.
Avatar f tn I've been dealing with this for the past year. I've been getting severe stomach pains (doubled-over, I'm-about-to-scream pain) and diarrhea/constipation. I nap all the time and have diffuculty waking up and staying awake (enough that it's actually affecting my life). I have to poop about 30 minutes after a meal (or else I might 'have an accident'). I get very nauseus/dizzy a lot.
Avatar f tn I am 57 yo & have had bad arm pain at night & wake up with it every night. It is consistently worse if I have been active like digging or lifting in the garden. It started as numbness in fingers but now after two years has progressed to both arms, the pain is quite bad & won't go away unless I get up out of bed. I went to a chiropractor which was no help at all.
Avatar f tn I am still having symptoms lie runs and stomack cramps, lethargy and depression. All is less than it was but still keeping me awake at night and tired in the day. I am 82 and copd. Have scoliosis also. Using asprin and tylenol for my pain. any info is apprecited. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I also get really bad period cramps and a few weeks ago, when I had both the stomach pain and cramps, I was woken up at 2am in unbelievable pain, which I couldn’t distinguish whether it was cramps or the stomach pain. It didn’t go away very quickly either and pain killers didn’t work. Now I’m at the stage where every time I eat, my stomach gurgles and churns really loudly, then I get the pains. I also have the feeling like I want to burb and throw up at the same time.
Avatar f tn I too have a bad back injury and it keeps me awake at night without pain medicine. I only take it if I wake up in pain, and sometimes I find that knowing it's there is enough to relax me and make a difference without even needing it - isn't that funny? Anyway....
Avatar f tn Ive had cronic constipation my whole life. Recently its gotten severely bad. My doctor prescribed a while bunch of laxitives (A LOT) , along with suppositories, high dosage enemas, ect. The pain has become unbarabe. My doctor says that its totally normal for me to feel all that pain (means they are working) but even all that still isn't enough to get me relief.