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Avatar f tn Early intervention is VERY important should he need some sort of speech therapy. Speech problems are more common in boys. In just three days, after trying an oral exercise that the counselor has us doing for the next two weeks, my son has already started saying "na na na" and "la la la". Something he's never said before! Usually it's just "ahhhhh" or "ohhhhh". I swear I think it's due to the exercise she has us doing. He hates it, but oh well.
Avatar f tn The brain has so many areas responsible for the different aspects of speech... language, articualtion, word recall, etc. A cognitive evaluation by a speech therapist can be helpfully for baseline function and recommendations to help with cognitive deficits.
Avatar n tn Hi, sorry for my late reply, I have been travelling lately. Our son has been going to traditional speech therapy for 4 months now, but still no speech (he is 30 months old). We are not doing any specific home therapy, just following some general advice from the speech therapist (using songs etc). But see below, our view of the problem has changed...
Avatar n tn And she refused the Birth to 3 speech therapy for him as well. He has made very slow progress compared to my daughter (they are the same age, only 1 week apart). I mentioned the things to her, only because my daughter has and will be going through them, but after that I don't suggest things because I know she gets frustrated because she hears the same things from her family.
703031 tn?1398966907 We've already been in touch with the Early Intervention program in NJ, she's had her evaluations (except Physical Therapy which is today) and she's been accepted into the program. We still have a few more meetings to go before any of her therapies start. At this point it doesn't look like any therapy will start until then end of May atleast. In the meantime, Lexi had her 18 month checkup at the pediatrician yesterday.
1232798 tn?1267665135 If you get him help now, he may even be able to thrive in a normal classroom. He definitely needs speech therapy. Sounds like apraxia or a language delay. You HAVE to get him evaluated and services ASAP. I cannot emphasize how important it is. I just attended a wonderful workshop that showed us the miracles of early intervention. Contact your school district today and inquire about early intervention.
Avatar n tn He started at motor and speech stimulation a couple of months ago, and he has improved his motor skills, but still no speech. We are going to bring him to specialists on Asperger, but the good ones have long waiting lists, so in the meantime we would like to check in this forum. Here are issues that we find worrying: - does not talk - does not eat solid food - does not bring anything to his mouth - he started to walk late, by 18 months. Never crawled.
Avatar n tn From her assessments she will then make recommendations regarding speech therapy and any social interaction or communication difficulties. But MAKE SURE YOU ASK ABOUT THEM, otherwise they may try to get away with just speech therapy. If they have other concerns they will ask for your permission to refer her to an Educational or Clinical Psychologist. Don't worry. This isn't about being mentally ill or anything.
645800 tn?1466864555 Today was the day for my NeuroPsych evaluation testing. It was scheduled for 8AM at the Murfreesboro VA Hospital which meant I would have to get up at 5AM in order to get there on time. I had told my friend Dave that I had to get up at 5AM so what does he do? Calls me up at 4AM to make sure I got up. Oh was I foaming at the mouth mad about that.
Avatar f tn But he may need alot of speech therapy and by the time he is going to nursery/school he may need alot of structure and visual supports such as a visual schedule etc. An experienced SALT should be able to tell you whether a child looks like getting a diagnosis of being on the spectrum. She should also assess for Semantic Pragmatic Speech Disorder. I don't know if he is too young to assess for that yet, but many children at the higher functioning end of the spectrum have this.
559187 tn?1330786456 If your neuro is worth anything at all, then she/he will take notice and hopefully refer you to speech therapy for a consultation to evaluate and manage it. I'm glad my issues were addressed. Now I know what I need to do to manage it and hopefully not end up with food in my lungs and aspirate pneumonia. Takve care and great comments.
Avatar f tn I also wanted to say (after reading your posts again) that my DS also repeats things that he ee in movies and "read" his books word for word (of course I know that they are just memorized...but he has recited most of them word for word only after reading them literally only once or twice...and we are talking about books with a lot of words on a page (ie. Cat in the Hat). Thanks for the telling me about that book...I have to get it ASAP.
Avatar n tn hi my son is almost 26 months he has good eye contact, says many words and few 2 word sentences, undestands simple directions and sometimes respond to his name. what concerns me is his repetitive behaviors. he sometimes does stay alone and play in a repetitive way, like opening and closing a box many time or a door. and isn't very sociable with kids but seems intrested when he sees a kid. like he looks at him and follows him with his eyes but doesn't really play with.
584252 tn?1218227286 The district nurse asked me to sign a sheet which i thought was unusual she said it was incase they need to refer her for other services ie speech therapy or other things like that. My other children have had ops and i have had never had to sign one of them before so now i am wondering wether she is going to refer her to someone to look at her??? because of the way she behaved it was horrible.
Avatar n tn He is having regular check ups with doctor every month, having home PT, and just finished speech therapy to help with aspiration. Just curious if this sounds familiar. Please, let me know as we are running out of options. OH.....I must add that he had several more TIAs in 2 months period but we don't know when these happened. I wish you all the best, my prayers go out to all of you. Signed Desperately seeking answers.
149081 tn?1242401432 You guys are wonderful. Wish I had that kind of humor. Never been one to be able to joke around. I guess you could call me a serious person, unfortunately.
1263071 tn?1270297845 She recommends 6 weeks of therapy twice a week heat/massage and 6 weeks of water therapy twice a week. Now that is 4 days of therapy......I might as well forget the other 3 days! She is suppose to call my Primary physican and my MS Dr. and try to put all the pieces together..........I hope & pray she is successful.......but my hopes are not high..........hang in there & keep your records and keep fighting! We are can't be nuts!
Avatar f tn Welcome, and so sorry to hear your DD was diagnosed with Chairi, but you have come to a great site for info and support. We all suggest a specialist who deals with Chairi because there are a lot of DR's out there who don't really know much about this. I suggest that you request a copy of all of her records so you can have them on hand. For me I actually went to 3 NS before I found one that I felt good with.
Avatar m tn 5, but I don’t know if that is precocious, or was skewed by my persistent pointing out of every word, with sounding, I read to him, many books a day, from about 5 months and on. (I was determined to make him a good reader!) He did seem to memorizes the names of a lot (maybe 25) of his dinky cars right away (like Honda civic, Acura, BMW, etc), I think maybe by sound at first, but he was able to eventually read the names on the bottom. He loves cars, but never obsesses about them.
Avatar f tn Tell your neuro about this and he will probably be willing to write a speech therapy consult for you. They work with defining cognitive loss and can help you develop memory tools to improve daily function. For back pain anywhere (but especially the lower spine) try sitting on an exercise ball at your desk or when watching TV or anytime you would normally use a chair. It should be large enough to allow you to sit with hips and knees at close to 90 degree angles.
10286430 tn?1409052092 I have speech problems with migraine, but I am starting to have it when I don't have migraines. I can't gather my thoughts very well and I get very emotional very quick or very angry, that's not normal for me. All these things also happened back in 1997. In both cases they never did a spinal tap. I emailed my GP and I asked him to look over my medical records for 1997 to 1999. I am also gona insist on a spinal tap to my neurologist.
Avatar n tn Hi, Welcome to our haven of the Undiagnosed! It sounds like you are going through a lot of really hard stuff and all of it would cause depression, but I do not believe the other way around. Not to the extent that you are describing. I am a physician, but am no longer in practice and I am NOT a neurologist. I absolutely understand why you are suspicious that you may have MS.
Avatar n tn Kind of similar to the new theory of candida and autisim link. Some claim enzyme therapy helps Autism. If I remember correctly, there are some enzymes (not just the many variants of Lactobacillus) that consume the candida thought to be responsible for autism. I only mention this because this all falls under the realm of chronic infection and interestingly I have not head of the Autisim cure people looking at the Marshal Protcol.
Avatar m tn No severe memory problems during treatment and no post treatment problems and I did 72 weeks of therapy. The problems that I do have I attribute to the natural process of aging.
Avatar n tn Now, I'm getting Cs and Ds. This is not me. And I too would be completely lost without making lists everyday. There absolutely is a connection between Lex and memory. I decreased my dose to 10mg a month ago and I can feel a difference. My mind just feels more open. It is hard to describe. I'm just feeling and thinking more. I hope my memory will grow stonger.
Avatar m tn This is Part 2 of a 110,000 word (270 page font-14 or 350 page font-16) longitudinal, retrospective and prospective account of my experience with bipolar disorder and some other mental health problems over 70 years:1943 to 2014. Notes: This is a personal and idiosyncratic, medical and clinical study of what some life-study students call a chaos narrative. This study focuses on an aspect of my life involving several mental health issues, mainly bipolar 1 disorder.
Avatar n tn He can measure the spasticity and problems with my balance and coordination and impaired gait. However, my speech isn't always affected but when that happens I can't get the word out at all, or else repeat the first word about five times. I never stuttered or stammered in my previous 50 plus years, so there has to be an explanation for that. I have had a history of allergies and my ANA is elevated and I have inflammation within my body. My fingers are always swollen and my eyelids.