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Avatar n tn But the professional that should see and assess him is a speech and language therapist. You want one that is experienced in speech disorders and also ASDs. Then they can assess all parts of his language and social communication skills. He may not have good comprehension, or may not have social communication skills. I would also raise his limited food intake. This maybe down to sensory issues. Is he very sensitive to sound eg. covering his ears or appearing deaf.
Avatar n tn I know how he may be feeling. since i have problems in both areas of language(using the wrond word or phrase) and speech(slured and at times uncomprehensable) . I am happy to have caller i.d. on our phones so i may decided which ones to answer. I am sure more than once the person in the other end thought i was either drunk or mental retarded. If i consously goo slow my words come out better in the language context.
Avatar n tn My concern is although she has a surprisingly acute comprehension she still chooses to communicate using sign language or mime over speech. She will try to mimic a word if we ask her to but usually leaves out or distorts some of the sounds. She will not talk on her own. Her MRI at 1 week showed "irregular brain activity" in the front right lobe. Could her slow speech be due to the seizures or sepsis? I have an appointment to check her hearing.
Avatar f tn she has limited speech therapy (maybe 30 min. once/week). Her parents cannot really afford private speech therapy [I paid for an Eval. + one session two years ago; $240 just for that]. and No guarantees that would help <<<< The fact that a girl & boy in same family do not really talk @ ages 3.5 and 5.5 is baffling. Has anyone ever experienced anything related to "home environment" which could be cause of this ?
Avatar m tn I always think that when a mom's internal warning bells are going off, it is good to follow up on them. If there is something wrong, early intervention can do really amazing things! And the important part of helping with speech is that it is so tied to social interaction with peers and that is tied to self esteem. So, first, let me ask if you've mentioned this to your pediatrician and what do they say? They may suggest a speech evaluation. These never hurt.
Avatar n tn I have told him not to do it and he hardly does it now. He started Speech Therapy 2 weeks ago and has improved already. But because of his lack of coherent speech his classmates do not understand him so he has no best friend as such but he does play football and run around with them. The school counsellor says that he might be Autistic because of this. I think that's an unfair diagnosis because of his cleft palate.
Avatar m tn I was also doing some reading on disorganized thinking because I have so much trouble with confusion during mania. I was reading that disorganized speech is a big part of disorganized thinking, which in turn is a form a psychosis. Disorganized speech comes in many forms, such as echolalia and "word salad" and so on. It seems there are a lot of types. I do believe the repetitive speech to thought might be among them.
Avatar n tn I have 2 children, a boy (17months old) and a daughter (3years 2months), I'll begin by explaining the problem(s). My daughter have a great understanding of how to care for her brother, how to get dressed & is all round a dream to be with but she doesnt respect her mother, she has a few word vocab and just wont accept help.
Avatar n tn he took him to a childrens hospital and found out he had a rare seizure disorder. he only had seizures when he was sleeping and it caused his speech to be disrupted. one of the medications i remember them giving the child was valium ........good luck oh yeah and the child is like 10 now and you wouldnt ever know someone was wrong.
540151 tn?1213867723 If the child is not speaking, has disordered speech, echolalic speech etc then they would get a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (provided they meet the other criteria for this as well). If you look at DSM IV under autism you will see the kinds of behaviour the specialists are looking for. And this behaviour has to be to a signficant level.
1263071 tn?1270297845 My MRI is clean and I keep hearing you might want ot consider conversion disorder over and over again. I am discouraged though because I have been to a psychiatrist that ruled that out. So I have half drs saying MS and half saying conversion disorder. Has anyone every experienced this and do you ever feel like you leave your dr office like you have just had the wind out of you? How long have some of you had to wait for your diagnosis? Did people say you were nuts?
Avatar f tn Hello. Conversion disorder has it roots in the sub-conscious mind. It may be a mean to avoid certain situations, persons or events. If there is a certain situation one is afraid of, the body reacts by conversion, preventing the situation to even arise. This is the simplest model of conversion that I can explain here. You are correct in saying that conversion disorder does not necessarily have a personality disorder associated with it.
481349 tn?1226714087 This can also affect thought so if they cannot organise their thoughts they cannot organise their speech. Semantic Pragmatic Disorder = these children do learn to talk, but they speak as if their native language is their second language. They tend to take language literally and don't understand sayings or certain types of humour. My son has been assessed as age appropriate for his expressive speach, but his receptive speech is much lower.
696755 tn?1236019912 I recently saw a neurologist due to my severe symptoms that I have been having for over 2 months. He said it may be conversion disorder? Is this rare, does anyone have any further info on it, because I have not had anything traumatic going on lately so I don't see how I could have this? Not to mention I don't think the symptoms fit. Also if I do have this, will these symptoms come back if something stressful happens later in life???
Avatar f tn I tried to send a letter to two speech-language doctors but they wanted fees, so I thought I'd post it here and if anyone has some answers, please post. :) ----------- I am writing regarding some issues I have. I would like to know what they may be and what therapy, education courses, natural or prescribed medicines, or what things I can work on that might improve or remedy the problems. I am currently 27.
Avatar f tn You've been proactive on working on his speech issue, have him in preschool, look to the future---- all of the things he needs to be 'okay' with his speech. I take it you had him fully evaluated by a speech pathologist as he's been in speech therapy, right? Did they give any reason for the delay? You say he's much more social now, eye contact and all of that type of thing? He repeats but he also points or uses his two and three word sentences to indicate what he is wanting, right?
1415711 tn?1286284954 getting lost, going to wrong places 35.Difficulty with speech or writing 36.Mood swings, irritability, depression 37.Disturbed sleep-too much, too little, early awakening 38.
Avatar n tn The child may have difficulties making the correct word sounds which could be due to something like Dyspraxia, or they may pronounce words wrong due to Central Auditory Processing Disorder, or the child may have a developmental disorder such as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Is your grandson's social interaction skills at the same level as his peers? Why can't you understand him, give an example of what his speech is like. Is he mixing up pronouns?
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Avatar n tn I am trying to figure out what might be wrong. She has just turned three. The problems we are seeing in her behavior is her speech. She has a vocabulary of about 100 words. She normally uses one word when communicating but she does have several phrases of two-three words. We feel these are phrases she has heard us use or picked up from movies and are not words she puts together herself. When you ask her anything she usually does not respond verbally unless she repeats a word you may have used.
470168 tn?1237474845 My sister didn't say anything until she was 3, and then pronounced everything wrong and had problems remembering which word to say. My sister did not and does not have any sort of sensory processing disorder, she just had the language processing disorder, which had something to do with how her brain registers and processes language. I think sometimes auditory processing disorder and sensory processing disorder can go together, especially when someone has autism.
Avatar f tn Oh yea, when I touch my face it sets off the shock sensations and exaggerates them. I have dysphonic speech and scanning speech. I take cool showers because I can not stand the heat. That has been going on for several years now. At work i had to write simple medical paragraphs. Someone brought it to my attention about mispelled words, run on words, and sentences. Then i started slowing way down and proof reading them. Guess what? It continued. Please help me feel better about myself.
Avatar m tn My son was saying 20 words by the age of 18 months and by 2 1/2 had over a hundred words, however they were nearly all labels, he found it very difficult (and still does to a certain extent) to structure sentances, ask questions etc etc. By 3 years old he was quite echolaic, confused me, you, your etc rearely used the word no and never said yes in response to a question.
Avatar f tn The father was not around during most of my granddaughter's infancy and he said he read that it is not unusual for children to have speech problems when the father is not there because the father has influence over the child's speech. Any truth to this?
Avatar f tn Her teacher asked if she could be evaluated for a speech disorder. I had no idea she may have an issue, and agreed to do so. She went for her evaluation and had not grasped the sp sounds yet. She knows her sl sounds and makes other mistakes like- star is sar, and purple is papo. I was told she had not grasped her s clusters. I was shown how to teach her and she learned them within about 30 minutes- spoon, space, spaghetti, etc. are now correct.
Avatar m tn You didn't mention any speech impediments, like stuttering or lisping, only that his speech was limited to one word responses, and that those responses often made no sense. Is it possible that the boy is uncomfortable with you, and behaves oddly because of it?
Avatar f tn It has been almost 3 weeks and I am still having issues with my speech, I stammer over words, I have trouble with word recall, and transpose numbers. From what the docs told me and what I have read, a few days to 2 weeks is the max for the speech issues. I am a paralegal and I stood in front of a Judge the other day and it took me 20 min's to explain something to him that I should have been able to do in 5. I also have not regained full strength in my left hand.
Avatar f tn migraines; slurred speech; severe fatigue; pain in my legs (muscle cramps); pain in my right arm that feels like I am being stabbed w/a hot poker, which would sometimes put me on the ground, along w/weakness in the same arm and more I will not bore you all w/now. Although I would mention these various symptoms to my doc at he time, there was always a logical answer: leg cramps-I was a jogger; migraines-I was a young teacher w/stress, etc. I did not mention the slurred speech to the doc.
Avatar n tn I hope I have given you all some tools to fight this disorder.........all of you can overcome this disorder, you are strong and capable.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder about 15 years ago. I was placed on Lithium, which did help stabilize my mood, but caused serious side effects. I was changed to Tegretol, which slowed me down to a crawl. Multiple other meds were tried for the highs and lows. After about five years, I stopped the medicines completely. Things were quite rocky at first, but things have been stable for several years now.