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Avatar f tn I have 3 sore spots on the edge of my vagina. I haven't had sex as I'm only 13 years of age. I don't know what they are. They don't burn&itch but they hurt. Does anyone know what it is?
Avatar n tn hi, i also used to get the same kind of red bumps around my vagina. and by the time i notice, it would be sore and hurting. and they would be on either same spot or different spots of outer vagina. i also tried to make appt. with ob-gyn. but it goes away by the time i go to the md. however, thanks to god lately(about 1&1/2 year) i haven't had any showed up. i think they are more like pimples and also depends on the kind of diet?
Avatar f tn Is it normail to have little dots on the vagina all lined up its not sore or anything
Avatar n tn I have spots around the area of my vagina and they have white heads on them. Also its really painful when i pee. I'm worried, I don't know what is wrong. Help me please!
Avatar n tn but 2 nights ago i started to itch and i saw something red, it didnt look like bumps they looked more like spots, and my vagina became sore its worst when i wipe after i use the restroom....
Avatar n tn i havent shaved recently but i have had sex with my boyfriend tow days ago, we did use a condom and today i have found three red spots on my vagina above the vagina lips and they are very itchy .i am really scared cuz i have no idea what it could be can anyone please help me!!
Avatar m tn i had a small lump/spot around by vagina for a couple of months. it was sore and was itchy. after about 4-6 months it went but theres still an ever so slight bit left. now i have the same lump on another place around the vaginal area and is a replica of the other one. it cant be an STD as im not sexually active. its really stressing me out..
Avatar f tn I've always had skin tags on my vagina only 3 and I always knew they were there but yesterday when I was getting in the bath I noticed three little pimple typed spots at the top of my vagina above my pubic hair and they were kind of red around the outside and puss filled I soaked them in the bath as they were kind of sore but now I'm Starting to realise there are multiple around my vagina that look abut like blisters I know this sounds like herpes but I've never had sex any ideas of what it cou
Avatar n tn Last week i had sex with my boyfriend and bled, so I checked it out and it looked like there were little blood blisters right on the inside, I was kind of sore during sex, as well as a little after, but nothing too intense. The went away after about a week, and then we just had sex again and it looks like they're starting to pop up again. I am confused because they don't really hurt, and they\re only on this one spot, on the opening of the vagina towards my stomach.
Avatar n tn I have sore spots on top of my vagina, I am prone to ingrown hairs in that area. When i touch them they can become itcy,they are quite sore if I press them in hard. One of them looks bruised and is quite big. I have tries to squeeze it and blood comes out. I am sexually active. Hope you can help!
Avatar n tn That said, I never thought that this problem was weird until I realized it probably should have gone away by now - there are little whiteheads on my vagina, exclusively on the labia majora. It's been like this practically since I hit puberty, but like I said I never imagined it was any different from the next girl's vagina - in middle school health class we were all told that it's normal to get pimples in "strange places" during puberty, but they never went into detail.
Avatar n tn Yea I have this also but it is peeling on the top of my vagina near my cliterus. Now that I read these comments I realize I probably don't rinse off my Body Wash good enough in the shower or maybe I'm allergic to my shaving cream, body wash, etc. But you should think about these things, maybe they apply to you.
Avatar n tn A couple of days I had severe itching on the left lip of my vagina. Now there is something like a pimple but larger. The left lip is hard and has swelled to twice the size of the right. I have tried hot washcloth and also ice. I have gotten some pus to drain out but is still hard and VERY painful. I can haredly walk. I don't have insurance and just had a minor surgery (May 7) to remove a kidney stone. I had a stent in but it has been removed. The area is also very red.
Avatar n tn I have a bump on the right side of my vagina and it just came abt this morning.I'm going to take you guys advice and put a hot towel on it.I pray it goes away but its swollen and it hurts...
Avatar f tn i have recently found a few spots and a cut on and around my vagina and i am getting abit worried me and i am getting abit worried about it because it is getting painful. i am on my period could this have anything to do with it??
Avatar n tn You cant get a canker sore on your vagina. If you have weird bumps on your vagina you need to go get an STD check.
Avatar f tn I recently engaged in unprotected sex, however the guy I was with said he was clean. Two days ago I found that I had two itchy spots on the outter lips of my vagina. It is slightly swollen and itches like crazy. I have no idea what this is. please hellp!
Avatar f tn I received a red spot just a bit up from the vagina lips and noticed it was an in growing hair but the red spot is still there but it looks like a scar, the past few weeks more have appeared in the upper top left but they haven't turned out to be in growing hair, not really sure if its the shaver I'm using but some are really sore if you press on them but nothing comes out of them there's just like little holes in the middle of them as if they've been squeezed but they haven't?
Avatar f tn I have these white spots in and around my vagina, which don't itch and aren't raised. My boyfriend and I are both virgins, and I swear that the furthest we've ever gone with ANYBODY is oral sex with each other. My concern is that he went down on me one while he was recovering from a cough. Is this related? I'm hoping that this is just poor hygiene on my part, rather than it being... something else. May someone please tell me what these are? Please help me! I am so concerned.
Avatar n tn I am only in my teens aswel and everytime I shave I get little red spots aswel like on my vagina and on my bikini line and I don't no what it is? Its really itchy aswel I didn't speak to anyone bout it cus I thought I was abnormal and people would laugh What is it?
Avatar f tn So to recap, skin tag that is sore to touch on the lip of my vagina, round hard ball under the skin on the outside of my vagina lip, and very dark spots on the inside of my vagina lips. I dont have any STD's and there is no weird smell or discharge. I feel like pregnancy has jacked up my vagina and I need some advice on what to do besides the obvious and advice on what these things could be. Thank u so much!
Avatar n tn And then I have the hard bumps on my and around my vagina. Some are a little sore and others are seriously sore. there's about 4 or maybe 5 of these bumbs. One of them is about the size of a bee - bee gun bullet. Sorry I have no other way of describing it. I though maybe I have a yeast infection from earlier articles.. And then I heard about the HSV 1 or herpes. Does anyone else have this ? I'm so scared.
Avatar f tn They leave little blood spots on a toilet paper. They are located mostly on the entry to my vagina and next to anus. I had problems with dryness in this area.I visited doctor and they discover I have some thrush. Can this be related? My doctor didn't give me much advice on this dryness telling it can be allergy, but it's painful and I really need to find what causes it. The cream for thrush soothe pain a bit but do not remove the cracks.
Avatar f tn I checked myself out in the mirror and discovered that I had three cuts. 1 on my perineum (area between vagina opening and anus) and the other 2 on both surrounding sides on my lower labia major (outter lips). I also noticed blood spots on the toilet tissue. Again i didnt panic. I went to the doc and explained my findings. Immediately after looking at my cuts she told me that it looked like Herpes. I was caught completely off guard. She did some type of Viral Culture.
Avatar f tn The lips surrounding my vagina had become really sore and itchy have had this now for a good 2 months atleast, i have now discovered i have little white spots on this area and was wondering if this may be a result of scratching??
Avatar m tn I have also had for the past 4 days an INCREDIBLY painful and sore throat with spots on the back of it. I'm not sure what to think. From day one I have thought it has been herpes, but I have had no herpes type outbreaks on my penis (that I know of?) - nor any cold sores on my mouth. Because of me thinking this is Herpes I have been losing sleep, nit eating well and drinking alcohol just to try and get my head down at night - the paranoia is eating me up.