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Avatar n tn my nipples are tender and i am a week away from having my period.
Avatar f tn For over a year my vagina is always wet sometimes with discharges but not smelly when i open my vagina i see like whitish stuff cant really know what they are...
Avatar n tn My vagina is itchy on the inside and gives off an onion/garlic smell....I have been eating alot of onions lately could that have something to do with it? The discharge is thick and creamy too(sorry about the details!!! I'm just worried!!!
922434 tn?1244461135 Sometimes i have this yellowish kind of thick discharge from my vagina and it dries off quickly on my knickers cauing a thin line of thick spot. What could be the cause of this? Im a virgin and I dont have any sexual partner. Im sure this is some kind of infection but what is it and how can I treat it?
Avatar f tn So right before I got pregnant I had my IUD taken out bc of pain during sex and the doctor told me the pain wasn't because of the IUD it was because I have a short vagina with a thick cervix but as soon as it was removed the pain went away and my normal obgyn has never mentioned it to me before now I feel self conscious about my vagina. Has anyone else been told this before? And since I have a thick cervix will it take longer for me to thin out before labor?
Avatar f tn In vaginal yeast infections there is burning, soreness, pain during intercourse or urination, vaginal discharge which is thick white with cottage cheese appearance. It can also cause local pain in vulvar area called vulvodynia.The treatment includes topical application of antifungals like clotrimazole,miconazole.Oral medications like fluconazole are available and vaginal suppositories are also prescribed by some doctors.
Avatar n tn My vagina is itchy on the inside and gives off an onion/garlic smell....I have been eating alot of onions lately could that have something to do with it? The discharge is thick and creamy too(sorry about the details!!! I'm just worried!!!
Avatar n tn I have discharge thick and white and oder after having sex. I went to gyn and everything is normal. Is possible i'm allegeric to him? Also recently he said his penis had stick white substance and itchy for the pass couple a days? What does this mean if everything is fine with me? the doctor said that he might have genital warts? Couple a months ago I felt a small bump on the outside of my cervics. He is my only sexual partner but he has played the field alot since i've been with him.
Avatar f tn hi, I didn't have a period for 7weeks, then was on for 2weeks 14th-28th may, really heavy etc, then today2June, when I went to the loo, I had really thick white stuff all in my undies and when I wiped there was a lot too..
Avatar m tn I am 19 and about a year ago after taking some treatment for vaginal yeast infection, I got a white tounge and thick, sticky saliva. I wake up everyday with uncomfortably bad breath. My vaginal secreation is also thick and can look withish at times, it does not necessarily smell bad but it has an odd smell. The lubricant that comes from my vagina during sexual arousal is also sticky and whitish, looks alot like my saliva. I have gone to doctors and no one seems to know what I have.
Avatar n tn my question is why is my sperm thick and white?
Avatar n tn i have a question i mean have white thick stuff come out my vagina and i never hyad sex and im still a virgin and i wounderin my vagina not itchy and not sore i mean wat does it mean for real i just want to know wat it was dat cause that if any one know wat it is or wat it does cause i know its not a yeast effetion if you know wat diz is then plzzz comment thank yhu and have a bless day :))
Avatar n tn -Purchased 1 Day yeast infection treatment, inserted the bird egg size medication in my vagina. Experienced a highly uncomfortable burning feeling inside my vagina for a few hours. Itching was gone that night. - 3.5 Days ago. -Extreme discharge throughout the entire next day. Assumed it was the medication exiting. -Very white, caked on, curd-like discharge. Haven't been able to get it all in the shower, I scrape it off when it gets grossly thick.
Avatar n tn I also have the same problem,, tchiness, irritation, redness and this thick kinda green stuff that comes out of my vagina..But when will it stop and what causes it??
Avatar f tn I've noticed that for about 5 years now I always have this very thick, cream like discharge. Even when my girlfriend is down there or im masterbating, it never gets wet with anything other than that white cream stuff. Occasionally it won't be there and I'll have normal fluid like natural lubrication, but not often at all. Its even in my underwear more often than not. It doesn't itch or burn or anything, but it does have a different sort of smell..
Avatar n tn If i go into the bath and squat (Im sorry this may be disgusting) to clean myself, i take out chunks and chunks of this discharge from inside the vagina. This cannot be normal. Also, once my vaginal area gets moist, it starts itching. I am currently in another country, and I am afraid to go to the gynecologist. Any ideas of what this could be? And any ways to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn I have a very thick lining and was told to have ablation. I am afraid to have this done. I am only 45 and don't want to compromise my health. Will this send me into early menopause? Also, what happens to my ovaries? what happens to the unfertilized egg? Where does this go? This discussion is related to I've been on my period for 2 weeks and have large clots.
Avatar f tn I m 23 yrs old. I have been noticing this white thick curdy fishy odordischarge from my vagina since last few days. whenever I have sex with my bf it comes out n its disgusting. I feel itchyness n discomfort while havin sex. Its really bothering me n I'm not feeling good about myself. can anyone please prescribe me medicine or gel to treat this. I'm allergic to emox.
Avatar f tn Can someone help, I am getting thick white fishy discharge from my vagina and I'm getting this every day with pain in my vagina and stomach above my pubic bone, pain in pelvis, irregular cycles, painful periods and urinary urgency. Urine tests come back clear and an ultrasound done in 2009 was normal but my symptoms I feel need investigating and I have been sexually active recently. I'm worried about my doctor arranging for me to have a pelvic exam. Will I need to have this?
Avatar n tn I have been having and thick gel-like discharge for a while now, it was greenish the first time i noticed it, and i took my butt to the gyno, they tested me for stds and a yeast infection and the results were all negative; however, i keep having this discharge when i go to the bathroom i will see this string like gel coming out of my vagina, is very gross!
Avatar f tn A few of my friends said it sounds like a yeast infection but they discribe that as (cottage cheese coming out of your vagina) which i'm not experiencing at all. Although, i read that antibiotics can yield yeast infections and i was on some serious ones for bronchitis a few weeks ago...I also read something about bacterial vaginosis which sounds super intimidating but i don't have the slightest clue what it is.
883223 tn?1271349015 Before my last sexual encounter with my boyfriend, the last time we had sex was about 3-4 weeks before my last period and bout 6 days before my my period was suppose to start, I started to discharge a brown-colored substance from my vagina with a very light, small part of blood, it lasted for about two days. Then, 3 days before I was expected to start, my full period began(3 days early).
Avatar n tn The last three months I had 23 then 18 day cycles with spotting inbetween so the doc ordered another pelvic/vaginal ultrasound today. She said my lining looks thick(day 13 of cycle) and wants to do a water based ultrasound and a endometrial biopsy after my next cycle. Can anyone tell me what an upper borderline adnexa is for someone my age? Since my CAT Scan and Ultrasound was considered normal in April, should I be concerned about advanced cancer?
Avatar f tn C due to irregular staining for a duration of a few months after my pelvic ultrasound showed an abnormally thick uterine lining. All was well for a few months, I then had 3 months of no period (hooray) but then I had about 2 weeks of staining. After a month I had 3 days of extremely heavy bleeding (something I had a few years ago on a monthly basis - but I thought I was done with that). I went for another ultrasound which again is showing a thick uterine lining. My dr.