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Avatar n tn I have this large bump on the inside of my vagina lip. It isn't inside though. I tried to squeeze it to see if puss came out and a bit of puss did. It hurts like a zit would to the touch. My mom says it is a pimple but I don't know. How do I get rid of it and what is it?
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old. I have a bump on the outer lip of my vagina. Under the skin their is a lump as well. i have had this type of bump twice. But the second bump I popped. And now after maybe after a month the same exact bump has returned. I have noticed a characteristic of this bump it seems to only come when I use those body washes from perfume sets(you know the cheap ones that are only to make you smell good) I have tried to stay calm as possible. But I mean I am kind of worried. I am a virgin.
Avatar f tn I got a skin colored bump. It keeps getting bigger and it only hurts when I touch it. Its been there a few days. What could it be?
Avatar n tn I have a rather large bump on my vagina lip....I have never had a bump on my vagina like this...it's about the size of a pencil eraser. I'm a virgin so i dont think it can be a STD, but i'm scared of what it can be. It does not ooze and it is the same color as my vagina so it has no redness to it. It seems like a pimple but also seems to large to be a pimple. It does not hurt but itches a little but not alot. I am not able to feel it unless i touch it. I just realized it today.
Avatar f tn Hello, im 22 yrs old..i have a bump on my right side vaginal lip..on the inside lip..i dont kno wat can it be. i had an sexual intercourse with my son father on saturday and i got the lump on moday..can it be an std..im really scared rite now? What can it be?
Avatar f tn I hadn't checked the area until yesterday but yesterday I noticed a small lump on the underside of my vagina on the right vagina lip. I do shave this area and last shaved on Friday night. The lump feels hard and is slightly red, there is only one lump/spot. It is a little bit itchy but i'm not sure if it my clothes irritating it. It's not painful unless I prod it, when I prod it with quite a a bit of pressure there is pain.
Avatar n tn alright well i just noticed a bump , its more like a ball .. on the outer left lip of my vagina .. i tried to pop it and some liquid came out , it didnt hurt til i tried to pop it .. i can actually like grab onto the cyst like bump its like a little golf ball sticking out of my skin .. i tend to get cysts on my back and bottom .. and im thinking it could just me that .. but im not quite sure and im scared ; it just looks like a little ball of skin but its hard .. but its just skin coloured ..
Avatar f tn I have a bump on my vagina and when I press on it it hurts I squeezed it and puss came out was this just a cist
Avatar f tn I just recently noticed a white bump on the lip of my vagina. It doesn't have a defined border around it so I don't think it's an std. It doesn't hurt unless I touch it. I've had it for a few days now and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. It's starting to worry me. Has anyone had something similar who could help me or know what it could possibly be? And how I can make it go away?
Avatar m tn i have a bump on my vagina lip closer to my leg than the inside of my vagina, also i have on at the top of my pubic line and right in between my vagina and my leg. they hurt really bad and when i pop them blood comes out maybe a little puss. going to the doctor is not possible because im only 16 and yes im sexually active but i always used a condom. and i remember getting these before i was sexually active. sometimes i do shave and the bumps always seem to show up around when i get my period.
778044 tn?1299546534 Today when I was showering I noticed a small little bump on the outside lip of my vagina. I looked at it when I got out of the shower and it's just a red bump. Kinda hard but feels like a pimple with no white head. I had something like this before I was pregnant and it was only a clogged pore that went away on it's own. Do you think it's worth a call to the doctor?
Avatar f tn I just recently noticed a white bump on the lip of my vagina. It doesn't have a defined border so I don't think it's an std. It doesn't hurt unless I touch it. I've had it for a few days now and it doesn't seem to be getting better. It's starting to worry me. Has anyone had something similar that could help or know what it could possibly be? And how to make it go away?
Avatar n tn I have this big swollen bump on the like lip of my vagina and it wont go away and it seems to be getting bigger. Its nota pimple but its swelling like one. Ive never had sex or anything so its not like herpes or anything. But what is it?
Avatar f tn ive noticed a farely small bump on my right inner lip and its really hard but its not red its the same color as my skin. ive had sex with my ex of 2 yrs but he was a virgin and so was i, so i dont think it could be herpes or std's unless he cheated when we were together or was born with it and didnt tell me but i havnt had sex in 6months and it just recently appeared on tuesday morning and it hurts really bad. What could this be? im thinking a boil or cyst maybe cancer but i hope it isnt.
Avatar n tn PLEASE HELP...... I have a fairly, large raised bump on my outer vagina lip and do not know what it is. It is sore to the touch but dosnt look like a pimple nor an ingrown hair. It is making my whole labia swollen. I have posted a picture, please help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am still with the same partner and we've had unprotected sex many times (are monogamous, as far as I know) for 7 years. Two days ago, I noticed another bump on my vaginal lip. It hurts to touch and is very firm. I remembered the Doctor telling me two months ago that what I'd likely had was a vaginal pimple. This feels the same as the one before, but is easier to see because of the location. It looks slightly larger and more red than I remember the other one being.
Avatar f tn Tonight, I was scratching down there and I felt a bump on the inside of my left lip and my left lip is VERY swollen. It hurts and itches. What could it be? Need advice asap.
Avatar f tn Over the last two to three days IV noticed some irritation on the left lo of my vagina and tonight notice two small bumps on the lip of my vagina near the vulva. Kinda freaking out hoping to good I don't have herpes, but I had to do a ton of blood work and tests for my pregnancy and Dr never mentioned herpes?
2068019 tn?1331251732 I have a lump on my vagina lip, its not a bump, its a lump. It hurts a little and i just noticed it today, I am sixteen and have never had sex or sexual inter course. I know that it is not an ingrown hair because i have had those before and this is very different. I just noticed it today and it is about the size of a pea. Its not on the surface of the skin but its underneath it. It doesnt have any pink/redish tint to it and you cant pop it because it is underneath the skin.
Avatar f tn So, i noticed this little maybe pea sized at the most hard bump on well IN and ON my vagina on inside the right lip, its really redish/pink and like i said its hard. I've gotten it before but it has gone away, I'm very curious as to what it is, and why i get them sometimes and if theirs anything i can do at home to make it go away or if i should make an appointment with my PC. any advice will help. this worries a tad bit. thanks in advance!
1361273 tn?1277621629 Okay, I'm a girl who is a virgin but I do check myself out down there and I discovered a bump between my vagina lip. I thought It was a pimple but its not. And When I squeeze it, it hurts really bad. Could this be a tumor or something. Oh and I will not go to the doctor right now.
Avatar n tn ok so i have this pea size lump on the left lip of my vagina. it only hurts when i press on it. i tried to pop it thinking it may be a zit or an ingrown hair but it just hurt really bad nothing came out. its the same color as the rest of the skin around it and you can barely notice it if you are looking. i found it yesterday idk how long its been there. i looked up sebaceous cysts but i'm not sure thats what it is.