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Avatar n tn but now i have a huge pimple bump on my pantyline on the other side between my thigh and vagina but its higher up but this one looks more like a blister.... im very scared This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/245764'>vaginal blister</a>.
Avatar m tn It can cause recurrent bouts of small, vesicles on the penis or vagina. Practice safe sex and use a condom. I hope it helps. Best Wishes!
Avatar f tn About 5 months ago, i noticed i had a blood blister on my vagina. Me and my boyfriend had done everything but sex. The blister was redish purple and it was located near the bottom. It went away, and i had gotten a new one about a week later. That one also went away. I haven't gotten any since. I've been on all the STD websites and the only symptom i show of an STD is acne. Please help! I'm only a teen.
Avatar f tn There's these little bumps on the inside of my folds closer to my butthole. They don't blister or anything like that but it itches. I sometimes get a rash after I get my period but it usually goes away but this one seems to be getting worse. I'm scared and when I looked it up, it doesn't soumd like any of the symptoms of herpes. HELP! P.S.
Avatar f tn Last night I woke to find a pea size red blister on the outside of my vagina near my left inner thigh. I just had a baby and they did all of the std checks on me and all are negative. My husband does not have any blisters or bumps on him and never has. I have also been feeling a little nauseous lately, but that could be a coincidence. Has anyone else had these and what are they. The blister is not fluid filled, just feels like loose skin that is dark red. Thanks for any comments.
Avatar f tn Dear Doc: I recently noticed a blister on my penis, it is not the first time. I've been having this for a while now. It always appears in the same spot, which made think that it wuz because of masturbation. By the way, I always notice the smal blister while I'm masturbating. I decided to post this since lately I've been reading about Herpes. I've had two partners, used condoms with only one. I spoke to the one I had unprotected sex with and she is not experiencing any symptoms.
Avatar n tn The only sexual contact I have had is with the same individual in the post I placed in this forum on the April 22nd, on December 25 there was anal intercourse and she rubbed her vagina on me, I also had contact with 46 days ago I recieved oral sex from her and I fingered her, I washed my hands after touching her,(as far as I can remember) could I have possibly contracted herpes then or could it have happened back in December?
Avatar n tn besides her. after sex the next day i've grown a big blister on the top of my penis. this happen before... before i never had sex but this time it's much bigger.. I'm very scared/afraid that i might be getting herpes or any dieases. because in future i do not want to have kids or my wife to be sick with the same illness caught from me. If any of that i guess i'm gonna end my life. sooner or later. thank you.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend yesterday,, this isn't the first time we've had unprotected sex, so i wasn't really worried. until i noticed a small blister on the skin around my vagina. It hurts really bad, so i tried to pop it, and now it's just really red&&bleeding. I'm scared it's herpes, or something, please help.
Avatar n tn hey, all...I am an 18 year old college student. I am in a very serious relationship for a year, and my boyfriend is the only one ive had sex with ever. he has only had one other sexual partner, and has no diseases. we have been sexually active for a few months, and never had a problem untill now. on sunday we had quite a bit of rough intercourse within a short time, ( im away at summer school :-( ) and my vagina was sore for quite some time.
Avatar n tn I have this blister the size of a 5 cent piece near my vagina area and I am unsure what it is, I have had it for about 2 months now. I looked at the pictures of herpes and it does not look like those kind of blisters. I can not feel the blister at all and its flat with no puss. Looks like irritated dry skin. It wont go away and I am unsure of what it is?
Avatar f tn After a few days on my period, when I urinate, the urine burns the blister. It feels like I have a cut down there. The last time I shaved that area, I do remember nicking myself but I don't remember where exactly I did that. Could this be herpes? I was tested in May of this year and my tests came back negative for everything. I scheduled a doctor's appointment for next week but I'm curious now. Does this sound like herpes? [URL=
Avatar n tn I am 16 years old and i have this blister type spot AROUND my vagina. my knicker line irritates it a lot, i have had it months. I thought at first it would go away, as it was like a water blister i squeezed it and a water type substance came out, then it turned more into a spot, it become sore and if i squeeze it puss comes out.
Avatar n tn i have a few blood blisters on vagina i popped with a pin and it bled but still very hard and full what is the cause and treatment?
Avatar n tn Sorry i inserted the hand in which i had the blister ( burnt while smoking ) in her vagina for 10 seconds.
Avatar m tn But she draw for me which blister affected her body. It is a single blister, not a whole bunch of blister on her genital. Although last time she used to mistaken chafing as blister.. I might get a wrong info by what she says to me. And she used the cream to apply on her blister. It's gone for good. But mostly if our finger nails are dirty, can it cause by this? Like touching my house door knob, then finger her. Or maybe I touches my hair and end up put my finger in her vagina?
Avatar f tn I have ONE vaginal "blister" on my upper vaginal skin fold. Ive been faithfully sexual with my husband for 3 years now. There is only one, and it's not that painful. It is painful to touch and if urine gets on it as well. I've only had it for about 2 days and have never had anything like it before. It's skin color just a little red, and hard to see just looking. It doesnt look like a zit or pimple, it's kinda like an ulcer looking thing i guess.
Avatar f tn I have what appears to be a blood blister just outside the vagina. It has bled, but I've never seen puss. It is sore. It's right where the elastic of my underpants rubs. It is about an inch long. What medication can I use to get rid of it. I've had it about a month. Could it be an infection from a toilet seat? I haven't had sex in quite some time, so I can't imagine it being a std.