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Avatar f tn my husband gets white spots on tip of his penis after we have sex , but only when i climax.
Avatar n tn That said, I never thought that this problem was weird until I realized it probably should have gone away by now - there are little whiteheads on my vagina, exclusively on the labia majora. It's been like this practically since I hit puberty, but like I said I never imagined it was any different from the next girl's vagina - in middle school health class we were all told that it's normal to get pimples in "strange places" during puberty, but they never went into detail.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have been getting white spots on my back. Just a few. I think they might be chickenpox scars and that might be it because they dont itch or anything. May be the same for you shreksb. Have you had chickenpox??
Avatar f tn I have white itchy spots on my vigina (vagina) ,, its bothering me what should I do and what is it?
Avatar n tn just two days ago i realized my wife has developed white spots near the vaginal openings on upper thighs, earlier it looked like dead skin or dryness issue or vaginal discharge after intercourse dried up, but now it still is present as few white spots around the vagina on both thighs almost in symmetrical fashion, pls note they are not inside the vaginal walls but on thighs near the vagina, Apart from this area she doesn't have them on anywhere on her body.
Avatar f tn The lips surrounding my vagina had become really sore and itchy have had this now for a good 2 months atleast, i have now discovered i have little white spots on this area and was wondering if this may be a result of scratching??
1153424 tn?1262142488 And after that, thats when i started to get this thick white discharge on my vagina and its really scaring me. about a month a go. i started getting itchy and i looked and had some white "spots" or something inside my vagina. i told my mom and she gave me monistat i believe thats the name. and the itching went away , I feel wet all the time and this smell that ive never had before, and the white discharge as well. I dont think its normal PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Avatar f tn I have white spots on the inner lip of my vagina and they arent sore or itcy and dont burn but i am very worried, do you have an idea what they are?
Avatar f tn I have white spots on the inner lip of my vagina and they arent sore or itcy and dont burn but i am very worried, do you have an idea what they are?
743935 tn?1232681712 i am 20 and ttc i have always noticed little white spots on the tips of my nipples but they are more distinct now, and i squeezed them a little bit and i show a tiny bit of white stuff come out. this all started because around my nipples seems kind of moist lately, also my nipples have been very sensitive. and i have been having to wear a sports bra over my regular bra because my breats have been sensitive i have also been having weird stomach pains not agonizing but very sore.
Avatar f tn I tried the vinegar on there for 10 min and my whole vagina turned white except for the spots. Anybody with the same probs or know of this?
Avatar f tn So im sixteen and i just started having sex with my boyfriend about four months ago, two days ago i noticed a raw red and white spot on the lips of my vagina , now this isnt itchy and its not a bump it is raw , it stops burning when i put neosporin on it, we have never had unprotected sex we have always used a condom, and he doesnt have these spots either , at first it looked like peeling skin but i dont know what it is
Avatar m tn They are slightly raised and the next morning (friday) one had a white spot on it (spot on bell) but was gone a couple hours after i looked at it. The doctor said it doesnt seem to be anything serious but after hearing what the girl told me and having to wait for my results, i would like to know some possibilities.
Avatar f tn I have these white spots in and around my vagina, which don't itch and aren't raised. My boyfriend and I are both virgins, and I swear that the furthest we've ever gone with ANYBODY is oral sex with each other. My concern is that he went down on me one while he was recovering from a cough. Is this related? I'm hoping that this is just poor hygiene on my part, rather than it being... something else. May someone please tell me what these are? Please help me! I am so concerned.
Avatar f tn The scalp patches are white like before. We only noticed 2-3 NEW WHITE HAIRS from 1 patch on her head. Rest all the hairs are black. Now we found some more very tiny spots like 1 mm in size on other areas. When we noticed these new ones carefully, we saw that FIRST THERE IS SOME INFLAMTION ON THE SKIN TOP LAYER like SOME HOT OIL HAS BEEN POURED ON IT (Flat shining and WRINKLED surface) then after 3-4 days the skin under that mark comes little white. The spots are NOT symetricaly located.
Avatar f tn For a while now I've been getting red, painful spots on the skin around my vagina. They always form white heads, like acne would on one's face. An STD is impossible, an I really don't know what it could be. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Thanks, anyway.
Avatar m tn I kissed her on her lips and various other parts of her body (not genitals). 3 days back I noticed 2 tiny spots on my gum just below the front tooth. These are whitish (not exactly white, transparent sort of), don't hurt or itch. When I brush I can cut them open with the brush and nothing visible comes out of them (watery fluid probably).
Avatar m tn We had unprotected sex for around 20seconds before my brain finally kicked in and I put a condom on, but i did place my mouth on her vagina for about 20 seconds too. About a week after sex with her, I noticed lots and lots of white spots appearing around the rim of my penis head. I've had spots like it before and was prescribed Clotrimazole 1% cream which cleared up the fungal infection after about a week.
Avatar m tn It is found in post menopausal women and presents as small white spots on the skin which become dry, cracked and itchy. You should get this possibility evaluated from a gynecologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn If not should check it out together as a couple, second of all feminine hygiene products can actually irritate the vaginal skin because it's so sensitive down there also it depends on where you have those pimple like spots try googling forcyde spots to see if they look the same if not then please go see a doctor also always wash yourself only with plain water and always wear cotton underwear and loose fitting pants also stop any sexual intercourse until you see a doctor to prevent receiving or
Avatar n tn My right labia is extremely swollen, with red spots on the inner vagina, these red spots also have "white heads" to them that look pussi???
Avatar m tn this is a two part question my girlfriend has white colored bumps that look like skin tabs in a small group about an inch away from her vagina, and one on the inside of her right labia. it kind of freaks me out and i dont know what it is... does this sound like some sort of genital warts? also, i noticed on the inside of her labia she has bumps that look exacly like taste buds, and again i dont know what they are.
Avatar f tn I'm slightly confused about the location of the bumps..it is on your labia or it is on your vulva. if it is on your vulva you shouldn't be worried it's totally normal, I have them and my gynocologist has never said there was a problem with them. if it is on your labia you may want to go see your gynocologist about that. As for the discharge you might want to go ask your doctor about that too...we all smell from time to time but if you are truly worried go see a professional.
Avatar n tn Hi im 17, On my vagina lips it's a white patch of skin and patches that are itchy,sore,stinging and begining to peel of? Iv ended up taken the skin of as it was hanging and is like a grase, when you fall over it leaves that bit of skin thats sore and cant touch?? i know it sounds disgusting but im really scared and its really uncomfortable for me now iv applied creams (clotrmazole) and fam fresh and it eases but is still really sore and doesnt seem to be going? But im a paranoid person.