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Avatar n tn For the last few weeks my vagina has been very red, itchy and sore. It doesn't burn when I pee though. It seemed to go away when I got my period but the symptoms have now returned. Although now i have been spotting as well even though my period ended about a week and a half ago. There are no bumps or anything that I see but my vagina is pretty swollen. It has an odd smell but there seems to be no unusual or excessive discharge.
Avatar f tn I've lately had a really dry, very sore and unbearably itchy vagina - to the point where it's been waking me up at night. I've considered it could be a yeast infection, which i have had before, but the medication doesn't seem to be doing much. There doesn't appear to be any cuts or blisters, i don't think, though i've also had small cuts, itches and discomfort a little further back around my butt. Is there anything obvious this could be?
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks pregnant & my vagina lips have been itchy and kind if sore, I don't know if its where I'm dischargeing more now and its just irratating it. Is this normal or should I be worried?
Avatar n tn he only went in an inch or so, but anyways, he didnt *** and he was tested a couple monthes ago and he is clean... but my vagina is itchy and red and sore... I know its normal to be sore for a few days after your first time. But the itchyness? Is it because of the friction? we were both pretty dry... and yeah.... I get irritated very easily... when he fingers me it feels sore too and like itchy.. and ive had this before, from other things like soap..chlorine from pools.
Avatar m tn My vagina has been slightly sore and itchy lately, with a lot of discharge. The discharge smells, feels and looks like my discharge normally does. When I rub KY Jelly on my vagina and don't wear pants and underwear, it doesn't itch or feel sore. Is my vagina irritated, or is this a sign of something else?
Avatar n tn Ive never had sex before but my vagina has been itchy lately and alittle bit sore. I was wondering if it could just be a yeast infection or if its something more serious.
Avatar n tn Recently I noticed my vagina is itchy and sore. even my anus is sore and has red pimples. there also been discharge. it has a smell. what could it be? what can i do?
Avatar f tn My vagina has gotten really sore recently, it is itchy and lumpy and it hurts to sit or lie down and even walk, i am 15 and not sexually active so it cant be an STD, it also hurts when i pee and when i wipe too. It is on both sides at the bottom and is hard for me to see. It feels rather pea shaped and it has recently come since ive started my period which i only started 3 months ago and so im still not in a regular pattern yet.
Avatar f tn I I dont know why but I have all of a sudden got a really saw and itchy swollen vagina im 34 week
Avatar f tn My vagina is itchy and it is crackin at the top of the openin and a little inside. I have had only one sexul partner and three kids so i know it is not a std but i want to find out what is wrong.
Avatar f tn So I just finished my period and for the first time no blood escaped and stained my undies, but now my vagina is really itchy and red, with a warm burning sensation (but not an incredibly intense burning, more like a 'humming'). It feels dry and sore. My clitoris is also itchy. I'm wondering if this could have to do with an infection or irritation because of the tampons and whether it will go away in a few days.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing no std, no smelly discharge dont hurt to pee I shower everyday just a sore itchy vagina Idk why plz help anyone
Avatar f tn Hi my vagina is red sore itchy and I haven't had sex and it's annoying and I don't want to go to a doctor because I am to embarrassed and my mum will think I am an idiot also I am a bit young help!!! And I do masturbate.
Avatar n tn i have sex with my bf but we use a condom, a day after i get like a red mark around my vagina and its sore and a a tad itchy...this happens when we have oral sex too...why does it get red and sore? how could i prevent it?
Avatar f tn It is not a fishy odor, but smells kind of sweaty. I also am itchy and sore. There are no bumps but i am red and sore. It does not bother when i go to the bathroom. Just itches, smells sweaty, and sore. I am not sure what is going on and i was looking for some advice or suggestions.
Avatar n tn I am 14 years old and my vagina is really sore and itchy , I haven't had my period since my first one 6 months ago , should I be worried HELP
Avatar f tn Secondly, It can be due to STD’s like Chlamydia or thrush(red,sore,itchy vagina along with pain during sex and slight increase in the vaginal discharge may be present), Gonorrhea(Itchy, red, or swollen vagina and Pain during intercourse, urinating or abdominal pain may be present),Trichomoniasis(red, very itchy vagina along with greenish, frothy discharge is present) or Lichen sclerosis which is a non-infectious inflammatory skin disorder which affects the vulval and perianal skin(Symptoms inc
Avatar n tn I have a very itchy vagina after shaving it and they are becoming very sore , I have tried sudocream but it has not helped what can put on it to stop the pain
Avatar n tn As long as I can remember I have had some itchy bumps on my vagina. Even before I began having sex. I never knew what they were and I have gone to my doctor repetedly for it. They can't find anything wrong with me. The itching has continued and has been very annoying. Recently, some of the bumps become much larger and are sore. They never scab or crust over, they just become extremely sore. I do not believe that they have ever bled.