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Avatar m tn A few days ago around the time I got my period, I notcied a bump in the inner lip of my vagina. it was soo sore and hurt to be touched. It has gotten worse and now is swollen and itchy, and there are more bumps. I've been thinking about going to the doctors but i've heard that the medicines only make it worse. What is this and how can I make it better?!
Avatar f tn Well i havent had sex in about two weeks and now my vagina is very itchy and my vagina lips Are Extremely Swollen Ive never seen anything quite like it and im Very Very Scared because i never used protection and im also scared to go to my GP , i cant stop worrien any help on this ?
Avatar n tn how to cure the vagina when its itchy,swollen and feel bit stingy while making a pee?
Avatar f tn I I dont know why but I have all of a sudden got a really saw and itchy swollen vagina im 34 week
Avatar n tn So, I took a one day yeast infection thing and I woke up in the middle of the night because my vagina was really itchy and hurt. I looked at in and saw it was extremely swollen, at least 2 times its normal size. It hurts to the touch. It doesn't hurt when I pee and there isn't any odd discharge other than what I mentioned earlier. It does hurt when I close my legs and when I walk. I tried putting ice on it but that doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Anyone? Sorry tmi.. My lips have been so swollen.. I'm not itchy. And at my last appt my doctor said my discharge is normal (which I haven't had any now) My mom said it happens before labor. I just know it's too soon for me to go into labor. I'm 33 weeks. Is it true that you're swollen before labor? Or just towards the end of your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn My husband and i have been having sex quite often for the past few months and just yesterday i noticed that my vagina feels like its swollen. this happened one other time and that was on our honeymoon, many years ago. Its not too painful just uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Hi,i am 33 Years old and like two days ago my Vagina started feeling sooo itchy and swollen..it was difficult to even sit still ,what is my problem?is it normal?
543572 tn?1214238309 Later that day and the next day I started coughing up blood and mucus! Now my fever is alot better but now I have a swollen and itchy vagina! What does this all mean??
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks but has anyone suffered from swollen vagina? It's not itchy or sore just bit of pressure but I noticed its very swollen.
Avatar n tn So I've noticed the day I shaved my vagina, it was super swollen.. It kinda was itchy and sore.. I had my normal doctors appt and they checked to see if I was dilated... I'm 3cm and 80% thinned out.. I'm not contracting and I'm due in a little less of 3 weeks... Anyone else go through this? If so.. How soon did you go into labor?
Avatar f tn Now I usually go straight to the bathroom and pee because the *** will leak out and cause me to feel itchy around and inside the opening of my vagina. But being lazy, I didn't go pee after sex and slept that way. Once I woke up I immediately went to the bathroom. While I was peeing I never noticed anything... No burning, no discharge, nothing unusual.. But when I wiped, my vaginal felt a little sore and I just felt an urge to itch..
Avatar f tn ) I have also had the same problem as u dry itchy vagina.. Also had lil bumbs u could nearly see them tho n it hurt n itch a lil swollen I used vagisil cream it helped me :) I came to the conclusion it was a yeast infection nothing major alot of worm get this even if they healthy from there.. u sometime get that for using pesky soap bars to clean down there n turns into a infection then the humid makes is that way..
Avatar f tn My vagina is so itchy! It's only been a few days but it's so bad that it keeps me up at night. It all happened after I used a sex toy. I was not turned on and was not really "wet" down there but I was just trying to please my boyfriend. Ever since my vagina has seemed really irritated and swollen with itching that is unbearable.
Avatar f tn i have been getting a very itchy vagina lately, it got so itchy that it was unbearable, so i went to the toilet to check it out and i discovered that one of my vagina lips were very swollen. i didnt know what to do, so i got ice and just held it on it for a few minutes to see if it would help it go down, but it didnt. i told my mum and she said it might be a yeast infection, so i have to go to the doctors. im really scared and worried incase its something worse.
Avatar f tn about a month ago i had sex for the first time, ( yes i used a condom ) i got pretty itchy a few days later and it last about a week or so, and now my outer vagina lip is swollen, i dont know if it has anything to do with that or not? but im really scared and i dont know what it could be? any ideas?
Avatar f tn about a month ago i had sex for the first time, ( yes i used a condom ) i got pretty itchy a few days later and it last about a week or so, and now my outer vagina lip is swollen, i dont know if it has anything to do with that or not? but im really scared and i dont know what it could be? any ideas?
Avatar m tn i have kind of dry, itchy vagina, not inside, just the labia and the opening of my vagina, I am almost at the end of my birth control pills and close to my period again! i wonder if it has anything to do with that again! I am trying to not eat anything sugary and drink plenty of water to hopefully make it go away! i am so scared this will stay like this forever! i am about to get married and i really don't want to have this condition forever!
515112 tn?1211439470 Ok Soo Me And My Boyfriend Didnt Have Sex I Dont Wanna Get Into Details Butt He Fingered Me N After Awhile The Lips Of My Vagina Started 2 Burn N I Noticed It Had Gotten Swollen Like If I Had 3 Lips Instead Of 2.. The Thing I Dont Get Is That It Didnt Hurt While He Wuss Fingering Me.. All Of A Sudden This Happened Wich Has Never Happen 2 Me B4.. The Next Day It Wuss Hurt 2 Walk N Pee I Had 2 Be Sitting Down So That I Wouldnt Feel Any Discomfort.. It Went Away In 1 Day.. Is This Normal..???
Avatar n tn hi, was hoping you could help me, im not very old (mid teens) and i have relle badly swollen vagina, i dunno why its like this? i was reading the other posts on the site, and they all said they have had sex and this has happened to them. but i havnt had sex yet, i admit ive been fingered by my boyfriend but not sex? n we havnt done it in about a month? so i relle duno why this has happened to me. it happened yday, i just assumed it was a wee phase or something, so i put some sudocrem on itt?
Avatar f tn Hey I feel really embarrassed but basically it started off with swollen and itchy vagina, when I wee I get a burning feeling and there is now yellow odourless discharge. Even tho the discharge doesn't smell the whole situation is making me smell like I haven't had a wash down there I a while and this happens after I get out Of the shower it's ridiculous! I'm cleaning Properly.