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Avatar f tn recently i have been experencing a very itchy vagina happening on the inside of the lips, but not inside the vagina. it has been happening for about 5 days now. It started the one morning after i had sex. I have no idea what it is any ideas?
Avatar n tn s been 4months not sleeping with my man,last night I woke up my vagina itchy when I look it at the mirror inside my vagina there is something big,red inside,
Avatar m tn i have kind of dry, itchy vagina, not inside, just the labia and the opening of my vagina, I am almost at the end of my birth control pills and close to my period again! i wonder if it has anything to do with that again! I am trying to not eat anything sugary and drink plenty of water to hopefully make it go away! i am so scared this will stay like this forever! i am about to get married and i really don't want to have this condition forever!
Avatar m tn Hey! I'm not sexually active, but my vagina lips have been itchy off and on for the last couple days. I'm not getting any weird discharge, itch on the inside or smell, either. Any ideas? Could this just be an allergy to toilet paper, change of diet, etc.?
Avatar n tn But my vagina itches on and off. Its been extra itchy this week and i dont really think its herpes nor do i think its yeast. does anyone ever experience this? and if so is there anything i can use to stop it? thanks guys!
Avatar n tn I'm almost 30wks pregnant and for the last 3days my vagina has been itchy and irritated. It feels better when I rub with a washcloth sorry tmi but then it burns because the skin is torn. Only bothers me on the outside of the vagina!
Avatar f tn i have a couple of tears inside my vagina, its not (itchy, red, bumps, discharge) and i would like to know what causes this and how should i treat it?
Avatar m tn So about 2 weeks ago I started to get really itchy around my vagina and just inside my vagina. When I looking at it in the mirror there were a couple raised skin bumps right inside my vagina that were itching really bad. I know it is not an STD because I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and we both got tested and treated for STD's when we first started having sex. Last week when I was on my period the itching stopped completely. But I just ended my period and the itching came back.
Avatar f tn For the last month i've suffered with a very sore, itchy and stinging vagina (inside and out), has i previously had thrush a year ago, i decided to treat it with canasten, i used the tablet and cream, and has the symptoms didnt go away i then tried the pessiry. it did make me inside less itchy and sore, but not completely clean. After all that, i decided to see my gp which prescribed me a 2 day antibiotic and a anti fungal lotion to use twice a day, this hasnt made any difference to the area.
Avatar n tn About 10 days ago I noticed two lumps inside my vagina, they got itchy 3 days later, I am so scare, I think I have Hpv, or it can be something else?
Avatar m tn So, I know it's nothing like that, but could it be something as simple as a yeast infection? Or UTI? I don't have any discharge or smells or anything, just the itchy feeling inside my vagina. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My vagina is itchy on the inside and gives off an onion/garlic smell....I have been eating alot of onions lately could that have something to do with it? The discharge is thick and creamy too(sorry about the details!!! I'm just worried!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 20 and over the past couple of days I have been experiencing this itching inside my vagina. I'm not experiencing any burning when I pee, abnormal discharge or odd smells. It's not constant, it quietens down sometimes and then is flares up again to the point that I literally want to scratch (sorry!) At first I though it was maybe something to do with my period (I was clutching at straws) but I started my period this morning and the itching is still the same.
Avatar f tn Then yesterday I noticed swelling inside my vagina. I think it's my urethra that is swollen but I'm not sure. If I use a mirror to see and open my labia, there is something swollen that is basically blocking the entire hole. I don't have the burning with urination any more, but still itchy and irritated. I don't like going to the doc out of modesty. Could this swelling be associated with a yeast infection, or something more serious?
Avatar n tn what are bumps inside of vagina that feel like pimples but hurt if sqeesed.i have high cancer cells and hpv.I am 37 year old female.
Avatar n tn Everything seemed ok until i had sex with my Husband (we are seperated) about a week ago, it hurt and now it is very itchy and burns inside the vagina. I am very prone to yeast infections because i am diabetic and started using an over the counter yeast infection cream. It has sort of helped the burning and the itch but its not totally gone.
Avatar f tn My vagina is really itchy inside and out I also had a kidney transplant not long ago and I understand it's common to get UTI's and Vaginal Thrush with the medication, my symptoms include, itchiness, burning, mild fever and pain just before you finish urinating.
Avatar n tn My vagina is itchy on the inside and gives off an onion/garlic smell....I have been eating alot of onions lately could that have something to do with it? The discharge is thick and creamy too(sorry about the details!!! I'm just worried!!!
Avatar f tn However, i may have warts in my vagina. My vagina inside and sometimes outside became extremely itchy, red and dry. Could the warts havespread if i used the same razor? i saw a doctor and she said it could be hpv but i had those warts on my legs before i was sexually active. Please help!!!!! If you need more information let me know.
Avatar n tn He is my only sexual partner but he has played the field alot since i've been with him. His other girlfriend broke out in cluster a small bumps inside the entrance of the her vagina. urgent for an answer What should I do?
Avatar f tn I've got itchiness inside my vagina. Idk if I have UTI or other infection. What do you think it is?
Avatar f tn A day after sex the inside of my vagina is itchy. Could it just be because it was my first time? Or is there something wrong?
Avatar n tn Hi my vagina is itching inside and outside ,I scratched it and it hurts me, And I felt aroused... Is that a sign of looking for a sex because I'm still a virgin?or whatever it caused?
Avatar n tn hi doctor, i have a problem. so i have been noticing that my vagina is itchy and on the inside of it, it has a white coating i guess you could say. (but it's not that bad at all) and i have no idea what that could be. i've had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend recently, and i know he doesn't have an STD, so what's wrong with me?..what should i do?