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376148 tn?1309899577 thanx ladies...i have really really sore nipples...i dont remmber my nipples being this sore the last time i was preggers...i have a runny nose and i was just wondering if i would be having symptoms yet..i mean my fertile stage was between the 18 and 24 i believe and im guessing now i would be 4 dpo! Right?
1783159 tn?1450763556 So I took clomid at the beginning of the month and had a few mood swings! Thanksgiving Eve my nipples became real sore and still is and I took a pregnacy test and it came out neg .... Did I test to early or should I give it some more time and then test? Im so confused...
Avatar f tn I am 5 dpo and my breasts have been pretty sore and my nipples are VERY tender. Could this indicate pregnancy? Or is it too soon to have any symptoms?
Avatar n tn Hi I took clomid for two months and I am now 8 weeks 3 days pregnant! my first sign was sore nipples, I had no other signs (other than a little moodiness and fatigue) untill almost 6 weeks, but I had heard that clomid can make your nipples sore, so I didn't think much of it untill I got my BFP 12 dpo. Good luck to you let me know how it goes for you. What dpo are you?
1343283 tn?1300898264 And the next two days after i think i ovulated, i had very sore nipples (sry for tmi). i talked to one lady who said she gets sore breasts right after ovulation, but i was wondering if there was anyone else who also experiences it. thanks so much!
395440 tn?1201195935 I'm 11 dpo today and have a 12 day lp. AF is due here on Friday. Since 8 dpo my nipples have been tender/sensitive, which is not odd but it's usually just my left one and this time it's both. And this usually starts soon after O and stops a day or two before AF. This time this symptom started a week after O and is still here. Well, today not only do my nipples have issues but the underside of my boobs is tender too. Is that a sign?
670717 tn?1271778879 Hello, I've been ttc since Semptember 08. My husbands SA came back perfect, so I went to my GYN. She told me that I wasn't ovulating. So she put me on Provera for 3 months to induce and regulate my period (since I hadn't had one in four months), then she put me on 50 mg of Clomid days 5-9. Now, I took my clomid and didn't have any symptoms until the last day. Around CD 9-23 I've experienced slight hot flashes, headaches, lightheadedness, cramping, and moodswings.
Avatar f tn Yes! I remember those days. I'm now 36 weeks and those annoying symptoms are long gone but I remember them being soooo itchy!
Avatar f tn I have never had sore nipples, it is usually my whole breast that gets sore around AF and pregnancy
492921 tn?1321289896 I agree with Mum, I have had similar symptoms since having my boys. I haven't nursed a baby for about 3.5 years and it still happens around a week after I ovulate. I also tend to notice ewcm for 4 or 5 days every cycle. Definitely ask your OB/GYN if you are concerned. Maybe you can run it past their nurse, just to set your mind at ease.
Avatar n tn Hi, first when do you consider dpo when you took the ovidrel shot. I took the shot on 6/26/08. Today is 6/5. So if I count from the 26th that makes today the 10 dpo. I took a first response test yesterday and got a faint blue line (me and my husband both could see it). I took another today (yes, I am that curious...I have been trying for a year now) and the line was even more faint. does this mean I am pregnant...or that the hCG is getting out of my system.
796506 tn?1370188305 I know it could be a sign of Ovulation and PMS and Preg, im going thru the same thing waiting to see if im prego, i have had the sore nipples since ovulation i ovulated last wed and thu and believe or one or the other. And they are still sore and now my boobs are sore too but not as horrible as the nipples, from what i gather you can not feel much before implantation. So wait another week and take a test like me!
Avatar f tn OMGOSH! My nipples are SOOOOO sore! They have been sore since 2DPO & tonight I am 9DPO. They are ONLY sore when I am pregnant. I have done 2 cycles of Gonal-F w/trigger & they were sore, not even this bad though for about 4-5 DPO, thats it.
Avatar f tn Super congested, had a yeast infection for a few days, sore nipples, sleeping like my life depends on it, super moody, hot flashes, breaking out
474362 tn?1234752013 Then nipples got less sore and constipation went away. 7wks pregnant and still slightly sore nipples is my only "normal"/healthy pregnancy sign. (Other signs are cramping/spotting---but these are not good).
362408 tn?1236441081 I have been doing extra hours at work so maybe its becuase of that but i have had bad headaches and my nipples feel sore and i just feel really tired but it could just be cos of work and the fact that i so badly want to be pregnant im imagining symptons (How sad is that) :-(
Avatar f tn I'm having cramping on my right side of my belly button and lower. Af isn't due for a week. I'm 5-6 dpo. I'm also sneezing a lot, sensitive nipples, mild lower back ache, and fatigue. The cramping bothers me when I cough. Almost feels like I did too many sit ups but I haven't been to the gym in weeks. What could this be?
Avatar f tn So I keep getting sharp pain in the side of my boobs but my whole boob isnt really sore like they usually are before AF but my nipples feel bruised and are pretty sore anyone else have this type of discomfort?
298462 tn?1259457975 silly question---- do you always spot with implantation? i have not spotted yet!!!! i do have "lotion-like" CM, cramps on and off that actually were worse on 3-5 dpo. (i'm now 8) now i've got sore nipples and a little bit of tenderness on the sides.... i'm over anylizing i'm sure but hopefully this is it!!!!!! what do you ladies think?
Avatar n tn Hi again everyone! So I'm 9 days DPO and I'm feeling a little bit dizzy and sleepy after meal, i've cramps and sore nipples(not the whole breast) which happens every month prior to my period which is due on the 29th of May. I'm really stressed because i have unprotected sex 5 days prior and 3 days post O. I was wondering if these are signs of pregnancy or I'm just imagining them? Please help.
Avatar f tn Hi my lmp was august 14th I had sex unprotected sex with my boyfriend august 25th yes he did ejaculate my ovulation was august 29th. 1-4 dpo no symptoms 5-7dpo nauseous once, heaches, backaches, ovaries aching a bit 8-10dpo the same as 5-7 but extra bloated feeling full even when I haven't eaten anything, peeing alot, sore nipples. Btw i've never had sore nipples or ovary aches . Today is 10dpo my AF is due September 12th. I've also been taking folic acid bout 2months.
613471 tn?1244201788 Hi ladies quick question anyone at 10 DPO had cramping in their left side, I been having dull cramps in my left side and my left leg hurts like the muscles are being pulled. My breast hurt but only on the outside like around the breast. My nipples don’t hurt as much, just around the whole boob its self. Anyone have this?
Avatar f tn Testing from 15 days past ovulation is best to avoid a false negative from testing too early, some people have no symptoms at all, me however have got nausea, headaches, sore swollen breasts with enlarged nipples, needing to pee more often, eating more, gone off tea now drinking coffee.