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Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, one thing is certain that there is continued nasal irritation which is causing nasal sneezing. Sneezing is a protective mechanism which tries to drive the irritant out of the nasal passage. The possibility in your case is any particulate or foreign body may be left inside which may be irritating the nasal passage. There are receptors present on the nasal lining which are activated leading to sneezing reflex.
Avatar n tn Bad odors are often associated with infection of the nose or sinuses; occasionally even with a dental infection. You should first get a complete exam of your nose and throat by an ENT specialist and treatment for whatever infection is found. Some medicines can also cause bad or at least unusual odors. Unlikely to be vitamins but you might want to hold the vitamins for a week or two. A condition called atrophic rhinitis can also do this.
Avatar n tn mainly morning and night he s sneezing with flem some times the flem colour may change light,medium,dark... i changed 2 doctors and also i have showned to ent also i chkd blood test,x-rays it shows normal only , i tried allopathy,homeopathy nd naturopathy, steaming...... giving tulsi juice,etc... im avoiding icecreams,chocolates,sauce,etc...
Avatar f tn Anyone catch a cold while pregnant ? What's a good remedy to get over this ? Am I allowed to take medicine and what ?
Avatar m tn I am using auto CPAP without humidifier, and I'm having a big problem the minute I get up I have runny nose, and constant sneezing I was recommended so many ear drops even containing steroids but nothing helped I used humidifier on trial basis for 2 days but there was no improvement. I clean the pipe and other attachments regularly but without any effect. Is there any permanent remedy as this condition is very annoying both for me and people around me.
Avatar m tn My 8 year old beagle developed what appears to be a post nasal drip, where she coughs and gags. Shortly after, chronic sneezing with mucus discharge started. It's daily. Mostly in AM and PM. Our vet prescribed Benedryl which hasn't really helped. Does anyone know of a homeopathic solution?
Avatar m tn Prescribed Clindamycin for a whole month. His only symptoms after a day or two back on was increased sneezing (or reverse sneezing and some snorting) He was doing incredibly well after 1/1/2 weeks on antibiotic again, but we started having problems getting it into him. Called the vet on Friday Aug 18 and her assistant suggested holding the antibiotic over the weekend. Called on Monday and couldn't talk to vet until Tuesday afternoon. She suggested giving antibiotic only every other day.
Avatar n tn I'm 34, have had severe sneezing fits for about 12 years and have found a home remedy that works for me so thought I would share it.... Firstly, I also will sneeze for anywhere from 4 solid hours, to overnight.. to the point where sweat profusely, get the shivers and have even passed out from sheer exhaustion I have run a marathon - I know many of you know what I mean. I also suffer from asthma which is a great bonus..
Avatar m tn Hey guys! So from around the age of 15 I started having sneezing attacks which last about a day and a half. I sneeze, my nose gets all blocked and stuffy, my arms hurt alot, my eyes get watery and after about a few hours I don't even manage to speak properly. This happens every week or so, there's no telling when. It gets worse during season changed especially now but it happens throughout the year. There's nothing new in the house which I can think of.
Avatar n tn I wanted to clarify that I do not have high blood pressure, I do not have diabetes, and I am a normal weight.
4188406 tn?1350820922 I am chronic patient of Nasal allergy or sneezing itching please suggest me of remedy and how to safe from this allergy i m every day upset due to this allergy recently a Test report of CBC and IGE CBC report is best while IGE is 150 and i m suffer in sneezing every day which causes i do not work smoothly in office Syed Raza Ali
Avatar m tn hi yesterday i sneezed a lot but today i stopped sneezing but have a blocked nose and i feel like cant breath well because i sneezed a lot and its like inflammed i was checked for asthma and dont have asthma is this cold/flu?
Avatar m tn I am experiencing continuous sneezing problem e.g. 20 to 30 every day, from last 10 year. One the doctor says that your uvula is slightly longer. I had my sinus surgery last year. It did not make much difference. Another doctor thinks it’s an allergy problem. I have started having caught now which I never ever experienced in my life before. Such a loud sneezes makes me very tired and sick thus needs to take day off from my job, which is leading to risk my job.
Avatar n tn Help!!! i have been experiencing itchy throat, watery left eye, headache and sneezing since 2007. It has been going on and off eversince then and seemed to eased off with the use of Levocethirizine 10mg. The problem now is that this symptoms has been persistent and very embarassing and troublesome. I have used Levocetirizine and Piriton but with no change this time. It has now gotten to the point where I have nusea everyday and have to vomitt everyday before i feel any kind of relief.
Avatar f tn I have a infection in my throat and ear Noe I'm sneezing and I'm scheduled to be induced tomorrow feeling like this with muscle ache??? Any remedy? Home remedy I tried chamomile tea with lemon, scope, and nothing :( at least no fever yet...
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The increased eosinophils could be due to an allergic reaction. The constant runny nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion could be due to vasomotor rhinitis, in which the symptoms occur in response to a trigger, like eating spicy food or going outside in the cold. The primary treatment is simply avoiding the things that trigger your symptoms.
Avatar m tn This moring i woke up with my left ear having a blockage of somekind, my age is 13 and I do listen to earphones, mostly I just put the earphone on my RIGHT ear it dosent hurt although it is quite annoying, what should I do?? I did go through a 3 day cough and sneezing flu Is there some kind of home remedy for this??
Avatar f tn Irrigate your sinuses with saline solution (salt water). It's truly the best remedy. Hope you feel better soon! I had a sinus infection for a lot of my pregnancy and it's horrible.
Avatar n tn Hi, my son had his tonsils and adenoids removed when he was 3 years old, due to chronic recurrent tonsilitis. Ever since, he seems to have a cold every other week and has daily sneezing fits - up to 40 consecutive sneezes each time - which sometimes makes the back of his throat bleed. Anyone got any suggestions please? I would be very grateful! Thanks!
Avatar f tn The type of pain described by you is more consistent with a mechanical back pain, where in with movements like changes in posture, coughing and sneezing the pain is aggravated. Cough and sneezing cause the muscles to contract as a protective mechanism around the injured part and hence the pain. This is more common with small fractures or a herniated disc. So, I would advise him to consult his doctor at the earliest to rule out a fracture. A plain x ray may show up a fracture.
Avatar m tn But there is something you need to clarify, does your cousin have any recurrent sneezing, running nose, nasal block and headache, if so there are chances that she might develop allergic nasal polyposis (which appears as pearly white swellings), rarely do they get infected and appear red. Please do furnish few more information regarding this, so I can do my best to clear off your doubts.
287230 tn?1197864963 cold and flu tablets multi vitamins lemon, ginger and honey tea drinking heaps of water homemade a chicken veggie soup (lots of carrots for vitamin C) washing hands lots trying to rest up I MUST be well for the 12th as all my leave has been arranged from work and I can't go cancelling! Anyone got any other great home remedy to share? Suggestions?
Avatar n tn Thanks! I am experiencing swollen glands from my ear to throat and sneezing a lot. Does this med help for this also?
Avatar f tn Please give me answer. while sneezing, coughing or shouting my urine leake.? What is the remedy? and give me some good medicines.
Avatar m tn Hi, Just wondering if anyone's doggy has suffered from allergies with sneezing and somewhat of a cough. . . Told to give him Benadryl. . . Are we able to give him Claritin or something similar???? Any other remedy for him avail, I know, no chicken soup for him . . . .
Avatar f tn Is this the cause of y headaches at night ??? Can someone please tell me a remedy to make this better it often keeps me up every night if anyone had answers let me know .
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I was really sick - fever, body aches, chills, headache, sore throat, some sneezing, mild runny nose, and some heaviness in my chest. All the symptoms are gone, now I have some chest congestion and sinus drainage. But I still feel run down. I haven't been sleeping great due to the coughing (and unfortunate worrying that something more serious is going on). I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with this?
Avatar m tn That said, most people that I know who have allergies complain more about runny noses, sneezing, etc., which doesn't seem to happen much with me. So, can someone confirm that this is indeed allergies and not something else? Also, what would be the best way to treat these sorts of allergies, since most allergy medicines seem aimed at stopping runny noses and sneezing.
4188406 tn?1350820922 I am chronic patient of Nasal allergy or sneezing itching please suggest me of remedy and how to safe from this allergy i m every day upset due to this allergy recently a Test report of CBC and IGE CBC report is best while IGE is 150 and i m suffer in sneezing every day which causes i do not work smoothly in office Syed Raza Ali