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Avatar m tn Hello, My mother is 55 years old and she have problem of Uncontrollably Sneezing. This is not regular however 3x a week. Possibly this could be happnning due to dust and I observe it is very strange because whenever she gets this allergy shots, during that time if she touches the water, sneeze get uncontrollable. She is facing this problem since very long time.
Avatar m tn then when i was 14 yrs i had uncontrollably nose bleeding which went on for a week due to the constant sneezing but was cured by sneezing on traditional tobacco just once.the sneezing stopped for a while but came back after a has become worse for the last 3 months where i sneeze uncontrollably early in the morning and this goes on for till midday only to return in the evening each day and i don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn 31 weeks and sneezing is no fun... Makes my belly hurt. It hurts as the sneeze starts and I uncontrollably breath in really deep (sometimes it stops the sneeze), and then after I sneeze my belly tightens up for maybe up to a minute and hurts for just a little while after. A coworker said it was braxton hicks.... Either way I'd just like to stop sneezing but I don't see that before my allergies go away for the summer.
1155261 tn?1266690117 Hi There, I'm just curious - does anyone know why the sneezing is so frequent while going through the withdrawal? I'm in day 6 of codeine WD, and I've just been sneezing my head off! I've been sneezing a lot every day, and just now I sneezed about 25 times in a row, and I just wondered why it happens? I tried searching on the web, but didn't find anything overly useful. I still have a bad headache - and I'm not sure if it's going to go away.
Avatar n tn I have had allergies and asthma all my life. When I have a sneezing/hay fever reaction, it's accompanied by the usual itching of palate and eyes, and my medications take care of it. But once or twice a month, I sneeze uncontrollably, hundreds of times, all day long, and nothing, not Allegra-D, not Claritin, not Benadryl, will stop it. And the weird thing is, this sneezing is NOT accompanied by the usual itching. When I have a "sneezing day," I am nonfunctional.
Avatar f tn At first I thought it maybe dust etc, so changed my bedding and did a major spring clean but last night I sneezed uncontrollably for an hour and this morning I have been sneezing since I got up (2 hours now). I also have itchy eyes, headache and my nose and cheeks are tender to touch. It is also affecting my sleep - I keep going hot and cold during the night and can't sleep properly because I'm so uncomfortable Is this just another cold/ continuation of the last one or something else?
Avatar f tn after that i'd say about the weekend my nose got SOOO stuffed- just out of the blue, but that comes and goes. and plenty of times i have been sneezing uncontrollably but i'm not sick. i know when im sick and it's rare anyways. monday 6/27 at work multiple people said to me that there was a "glow" about me .. and i didn't feel any different i felt happy yet tired but i didn't think anything of it. until today ..
Avatar n tn I am getting pain on my nech while sneezing or coughin. The pain is unbearable. For 3 min i am not able to do anything. Any one has any idea why I am getting this pain.
Avatar n tn This is my third day of taking the L-Tyrosine and have been uncontrollably sneezing. lolol...Is it supposed to make u sneeze. Also, I took the 3000mgs, like the Thomas Recipe said to, and today I took 4000mgs..Is that too much? Is it addictive??? Let me know, cause I will stop. Don't need another addiction under my belt... I am sure it isn't , I just dont wanna take too much... Thanks..hope u are well....
Avatar n tn The VERY first sign I am w/d (for me) is I start SNEEZING UNCONTROLLABLY! So bad, I can't catch my breathe! I'm sorry BUll..hang in there kiddo....
Avatar f tn I know its weird but my forst sign of preg was I was sneezing like uncontrollably and I never sneeze, also I smelled more things and I cramped super bad
Avatar f tn Okay, so 5 days ago I had a few pimples on my chin that I'd been messing with. (They were open) and the day or two prior I noticed I was sneezing uncontrollably and at times as much as 10 times or more in a row.
Avatar f tn I sometimes get sneezing attacks and I had the worst attack in my life after drinking 8 yuengling Lauger's . I went to lay down for bed and started sneezing uncontrollably it was one of the worst sneezing attacks I have ever had but it was followed by something that I have never experienced in my life . My sinuses clogged 100% and even my soft pallet swelled I had difficulty breathing out of my mouth because of this . It was like I was snoring while awake . I went to the E.
Avatar n tn I am not complaining, apparantly, my friends all think I was looking like **** and now I look healthier...But, I am eating UNCONTROLLABLY...I mean, everything that I see I eat...and then it is constant going to the bathroom, peeing...I mean, like every hour or two...anyway, I am only 28 and shouldn't have this bladder was just wondering if it was attributed to the L-Tyrosine. I am also sneezing like a champ??? Weird... Anyway, thanks again...
Avatar n tn bulge occured and bladder fell some again,{ although, again I had rare occurences of urine loss, hard sneezing, only. During bladder stress test they had me do everything to loose urine. It did,nt occur.\Doc said "we will lift bladder and not neck of bladder because of lack of loss. I came out of surgery urinating uncontrollaby! Docs said wait it out, could be the supra pubic tub I still had in irritating.
296076 tn?1371338074 I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow, and let me tell ya...I pee when I sneeze, I pee when I laugh, I pee when I cough....I pee when I blink my And Kegel-schmegel...I've been doing those damn exercises since I got the postive pg test 6 months ago......they haven't helped! And from what I just gets worse toward the end when the little one is really putting pressure on the bladder!! I've also started to wear a pantyliner...just in case....especially at work....OMG...
Avatar n tn I am very concerned about my father who has been snorting uncontrollably since December 08. He says if he doesn't, he gets an excruciating headache. When sitting in the room with him, it appears that he has absolutely no control over it. My concern is that he may choke in his sleep or while trying to eat. Is there anything that I can do for him? There are stories about people who experience hiccups for years, same for sneezing. Could this be one of those weird things?
Avatar f tn She said suddenly, she got short of breath to the point where she could not breathe and started shaking uncontrollably. She said she was also very hot at that time. I picked her up from school and she said that her entire body was in pain. She had a fever of 100.4. 20 minutes later, it was 102.8. She has had no coughing, sneezing, etc.
335728 tn?1331418012 Made it through Christmas Day pretty much unscathed but knew something was going on when we got home and I started sneezing uncontrollably...this is always and omen for me and it didn't let me down! By boxing day morning I was in bed with a fever of 101, a kleenex stuck up me nose and according to hubby...a rather unpleasant disposition...????
Avatar f tn I cant imagime holding my baby, and he/she staryed coughing or sneezing uncontrollably. That would b a nightmare. ***If yall stay focused, and do what u need to do, u can get better.
15206917 tn?1441194009 I have spells of depression, anxiety, soft stool, knees a week sometimes and the sneezing. The sneezing is the worst for me because I've never like sneezing even when I was a kid. I know it's only a phase and all this is going to pass. If I can give any words of encouragement for those that are going through their own battles, it would be to give it to God. He's in control, with him it can be done. Those wondering what I've took to get here.
Avatar m tn i was on the floor tucked up in a ball and shaking and breathing uncontrollably, screaming and crying! it seemed all to real... even when i woke up i felt out of breath and anxious. and im not sure if its related or not... but that day my allergies were the worst theyve been all season. i was sneezing like crazy... puffy eyes, runny nose... not sure if any of this means anything... or if i just had a bad dream... by the way.. i dont have any family history of epilepsy.
Avatar f tn diarrhea for the last 7 days, including today leg cramps (not my normal ones) strange buzzing sensation in my face/head insomnia (way worse than usual) agitation-yelling at EVERYONE, including my poor child sneezing uncontrollably racing thoughts no appetite-not even for chocolate Nausea to the point of drooling Now, I've also been on Gabapentin 3 times a day, for the last few months, for peripheral nerve pain and the PM dr has tapered me down to 1x day on that and 1 50mg of Topamax, with eve
Avatar n tn At first I thought it was just an abrasion. Around Jan 3rd I got a bad head cold. I was sneezing uncontrollably and coughing. I think I went through 5 boxes of tissues. It lasted for a couple of days and I loaded up on vitamin C, tea, etc. I then browsed the internet and learned that "flu-like symptoms" are a sign of oncoming herpes. I freaked. (I had been very run down due to a little bit "excessive" X-mas and New year parties I might add) Since Jan.
Avatar n tn Since last year I have been wetting the bet at least once every 2 weeks usually I wake up with a wet bed however there have been times where I have been times were I woke up to urinate and then found myself uncontrollably wetting before I had the opportunity to get out of bed. During the day I need to go to the bath room every 15 minutes to an hour. Sometimes the urge is rely strong but very little urine is voided.
Avatar f tn I controlled it through environment. The symptoms I was having at the time (sneezing uncontrollably for hours in the mornings) went away, so I figured I outgrew them. Around the same time I had stomach problems and was diagnosed with acid reflux. I took meds for several years and then went off when the symptoms went away. Last December, I started having shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo, and an increase in migraines and headaches. I went to the doctor, and they said I had asthma.
Avatar n tn Yeah, it helped! 4-6 hours. My muscles just felt as if they were tearing apart. I was puking, sneezing, caughing, crying uncontrollably (no joke) going to the bathroom every hour. Oh, it's horriable. But it can be done. If I can do it, you can to. They mental pain was so bad I had to leave work. I am now on day three and taking baby steps. I woke up this morning with energy again. Very little, but some. You need to start vitamins the day you plan to start detoxing. If you do, this will help.
Avatar n tn I had a common cold about two weeks ago. It started with me sneezing uncontrollably. I developed a scratchy throat and then my lungs started weezing and I woke up numerous times coughing uncontrolably. It persisted for a few days with a mild fever and body ache for a couple days. I have no fever or body ache anymore but now my weezing is still there and the stuff in my lungs seems to have deepened. The stuff I was coughing up was brown and yellow and now it's just plain yellow.
Avatar f tn I've never had allergies (other than an apparent dust allergy I developed not too long ago, as I have sneezing fits when I dust), but starting last week, I began to feel absolutely terrible. A lot of people I know with allergies are miserable right now too, but their symptoms seem different. The best description I can give of mine is: - it feels as though the lower front part of my brain is on fire.