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979826 tn?1389039958 Before I had my surgeries and all the pressure build up I would get relief from sneezing or just cry for no reason to let some pressure out. No one understood when they would see me. It's crazy, but yes it did help me too. Hope all is going well for you.
609540 tn?1257320441 Hi, I don't cough,wheeze,not breathlessness and no post nasal drip. When spring time and summer I have a hayfever attack,sneezing and watery eyes.Sometimes I take allergy tablets.
Avatar f tn I work with our local humane shelter and we have two cats sneezing with a lot of yellow mucus. One has had it for several months and has gone through several antibiotics from several different vets and steroids as well. Nothing is working. Beautiful, pleasant cats but unable to adopt them out due to this problem.
Avatar n tn However, nasal antihistamine sprays are ok. I am now using mine and finally have some relief. There are some antiallergy meds safe during pregnancy, so do discuss with your doctor what to do if the symptoms get too bad.
186606 tn?1263513790 What do those of you who have allergies or allergic sinusitis take for relief? I have a horrible headache and drainage and am not sure what's safe to take.
Avatar f tn It seems to occur in patterns of every 48 hours, I will get 24 hours of sneezing then 24 hours of relief before getiing another 24 hours of sneezing and another 24 hours of relief and so on. I am desperate to know how to stop this and what is causing this, please can anybody shed some light on this problem? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have allergy in rainy season with running nose & sneezing. But last year I moved to a new place during rainy season.Firstly I suffered from bronchitis & afetr recovering from that I suffered from throat infection. I contacted one ENT specialist. These all were over. NOw agaian its rainy season started. Right now I am carrying 16th week. My doctor suggested me to take XYZAL tablet and also FLIXONASE nasal spray(Max 2 times). But still I am not having relief.
Avatar n tn It could be muscle strain and should settle with time. So, dont worry and if painful, you can use OTC Acetaminophen for relief from pain. Take care. Regards.
Avatar f tn I was up last night googling the same thing!! I'm having terrible allergies and sneezing about 20 times a day and every time I get shooting pains! Like texasangel said, best relief is leaning forward holding your stomach so the ligaments aren't stretching any further. The worst is lying on your back when you sneeze..ouch!
Avatar f tn Bizarrely the only time i feel good is when i start sneezing the more i sneeze the better i feel, i feel energetic and human again and i look much better so much so i try and catch a cold! It relieves all my symptoms and i just don`t get it, i am guessing my heart has to work harder when i have a cold but i cannot find anyone who feels the same... Any ideas please i would like to know if its all related to one thing and what could i do to feel good all the time?
2200368 tn?1345852112 I have allergies and asthma,but this sneezing is morbid,wherever I go in public I start sneezing like 20 times in the row,and at first people are like:Heeey,bless you,then they are like:What the heell,are you going to stop?! It doesn't matter if I am at my bedroom,at living room,in classroom,in the bar,every now and then I get a crazy sneezing attack,and it mostly happens early in the morning when I wake up,or late at night.It doesn't matter is it sunny,hot,cold,sneeze,sneeze,sneeeezeee!!
Avatar f tn 5 mg, and I've been sneezing all week. Wow, how we forget about sneezing when we're I dont think I ever sneezed once in the past 2 years on Oxy. Overall, the taper has been doable so far. Still not at the energy level I'd like to be (of course). But over time, it will return. Got lots of healing to do. I managed to get some housework done and of course packing. Hope u all are having a successful day. Don't give up!
Avatar f tn com/Carlson-Labs-L-Lysine-Amino-Acid-Powder-100-g/13608 and this product in this brand for relief from the sneezing..and an excellent product for cats with URI.. use 1 opened capsule mixed with food until symptoms cease. these 2 supplements are very inexpensive. if you order from iherb quote this code and you will recieve $4 off and that will cover your shipping.
Avatar n tn Every morning when I wake up I start sneezing. I have to clear my sinuses and it stops after about an hour. Recently it started happening when I get ready for bed. When I'm sleeping I have no problems. If allergies then why doesn't it happen while i'm sleeping?
Avatar n tn I have had allergies and asthma all my life. When I have a sneezing/hay fever reaction, it's accompanied by the usual itching of palate and eyes, and my medications take care of it. But once or twice a month, I sneeze uncontrollably, hundreds of times, all day long, and nothing, not Allegra-D, not Claritin, not Benadryl, will stop it. And the weird thing is, this sneezing is NOT accompanied by the usual itching. When I have a "sneezing day," I am nonfunctional.
Avatar n tn I have tried a multitude of anti-allergins. Tavist, Chlorotriplon, Reactine, Aerius, etc. None of them have given me any kind of relief. I have been to see allergists to get a list of what I am allergic to. These things are strawberries, cherries, peanuts, tabacco, horse hair, dog and cat dander, dust mites.
Avatar m tn I could smell something musty but I didn't really concern myself until the 2nd night when I could not breathe well at all and had to sleep outside in the open air. I am now back home and coughing, sneezing, itchy...and wondering if I need to get to a doctor or could just go to Walgreens and buy something to end my symptoms. I cleaned everything (clothes, me) uoon my return and the smell is no longer in my belongings but I am still uncomfortable. Any idea what I can do, doctors out there?
Avatar f tn For about 2 and half years now every night and morning i have a blocked up nose and im constantly sneezing, I am sniffing through out the day and it is just clear mucus. i have been recently waking up in the middle of the night with sneezing fits and my face puffs up and i can hardly breathe. ive been to the doctors and all they say is its a cold or a viral infection but i have never known of one last nearly 3 years!
Avatar f tn I became sick with a simple chest cold last week and for the first time in my life, the constant coughing and sneezing is killing my back. I'm shocked at the pain its producing. My back now feels inflammed and it hurts to walk normal. I'm just riding my cold out to see if my back pains in my fusion area goes away. Anyone else experience back pain when coughing or sneezing?
Avatar m tn Since then every time I sneeze I have the same issue and fills like HELL. My GP laughed at me and couldn’t understand what I was going through told me to take pain relief and rest.. I have not since seen my Neuro or Orthopedic Specialist but they are coming up CAN'T WAIT. I know it is hard to diagnose with the info I have provided but is it likely I have torn a muscle or cause some other issue?? I have no new Neuro Pain or new sensitivities, no weakness or pain below my fusion.
Avatar f tn Guess I should have looked to the internet along time ago...I have used my CPAP for 12 or 14 years now...Never had the "oh my goodness...Great relief" that so many people say they have...It has been a struggle at best but...I can not sleep without it ...and since my dad died at 67 years old of a massive heart attack after decades of horrific snoring..I need to learn to use it. I have had a horrible time with my sinus. At first I thought it was related to a new job.
Avatar m tn It could be that whatever allergen triggered your sneezing also triggers the itching. I am waiting for a friend to give me a link to an article about this on another website. I asked for it yesterday. When I get it, I will post it here as well. What she has said about that article is that there has been reasearch indicating that inhaled allergens can cause itching.
Avatar n tn I realize that seasonal allergies in infants is rare however my 3 month old daughter has been suffering from sneezing, watery eyes stuffiness for the last month or so. We have taken her to the dr on several occasions only to be told to continue to suction out her nose and use saline rinses. these symptoms are beginning to affect her eating, she is having a hard time nursing and refuses the bottle.
Avatar m tn I've been in real withdrawals for 6 days with no relief in sight. I broke down and took 30 mgs of hydrocodone in a 24 hour period to get some relief. I'm kind of half functional at the moment. My question is have I set myself back to zero or has this little break wasted 6 full days of the worst w/ds I've ever had and I'm a 57 year old addict from way back. I had tapered my meth. dose from 90 down to 10 mgs a day at 5 mg every 2 weeks. It took 5 or 6 days for w/ds to hit.
Avatar f tn Im going through opiate withdrawal right now, im on my 2nd day and all i can do is watch the clock and think about getting pills. Im 21 and have been addicted to opiates since I was 18. drugs of choice: 80,40,20 oxycotin, suboxone, subutex (basically anything that has opiate in it! i'll settle for anything really) I have advice for people who want to quit cold turkey... DONT!! DO IT!! its the worst feeling in the world and will only make you use again.
Avatar f tn I no longer wheeze when exposed to certain things but I still have all the nose, throat, ear and sneezing problems, frequently bad enough to prevent me from sleeping soundly. I am very lucky to not have any anaphylactic allergies, however I do have a few mild food allergies. Recently I had a health screening at work and my eosinophil count was double the norm, also indicating an allergy problem.
Avatar n tn Its gets supper itchy and i cant help but press the corners of my eye. This leads to an instant cold- watery nose, sneezing and eyes become very uncomfortable. This problem is driving me crazy as it is happening almost everyday. I consulted a doctor and he said that this is a dust/smoke allergy. He gave a course of 7 days-eye drops- Cromal. It did give me relief, but after a few days the problem has again started. Need your help. Is there a permanent resolution to this problem?
Avatar m tn This did seem to relieve some of the pressure but not all of it. I usually get seasonal allergies witht he common symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, sore throat etc...but currently I dont have any of these. And in the past when seasonal allergies would strike due to pollen or whatever, I never experienced floaters, this dull pressure in my head, and headaches. After visiting with my family doctor, she suggested that I try nasal irrigation such as a Neti Pot.