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572651 tn?1531002957 He has Jeeps, Commands Cards, Ward La France, jeez the list goes on..... so I chose first off Sherman Tank, but that sounded too manly, so then I opted for Sherman, nope still no good, so I then chose Shermany as it sounded more feminine :))) I orignally joined the forum back in I think 07 and I was then Sherma - no good:)) I forgot my password and my email addy changed and so I had to start again!!
Avatar n tn I was sure this was going to be the lowering of the boom on me for so much monkey buisiness the last few years. Oh no... They wanted to get me to let them be my pharmacy and that the would work with the doc. so that the meds would be delivered right to my door. The best part is that they will automatically get the refills for me, and even told me how to tell the doc to write a three month prescription. That was when I knew it was all about the money.