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Avatar m tn Everything was OK, but two weeks ago, I started to have something like a common cold, I had runny nose, and sneezing. I took some pills, and the runny nose and the sneezing were gone...but I still have some nasal congestion. I have been taking antibiotics, and also, my doctor gave me two shots of antibiotics, but I still have the nasal congestion...And a pharyngitis, the weird thing is...
Avatar f tn The hallmark symptom of Chiari is a headache when coughing, sneezing, bending over, going to the bathroom, etc. These are called valsalva maneuvers. Do you have that symptom?
15607012 tn?1442453350 The chickens were sneezing and in poor health. The chickens, my dad, me, and my cat were all sneezing a lot in the few months prior to everything going to hell. The chickens basically all fell over dead one right after another mysteriously. My dad usually tended the chickens. I only did while he was in the hospital. I don't know if something like bird flu is possible or not. I've been walking around with this for two years whatever it is so I hope it isn't some kind of transmittible disease.
Avatar n tn hello again, i am back to report. i am now about 7 weeks away from injury. the image that amoebaSIX left the link for is pretty much Exactly the area that I have affected also. i now have feeling in and on my nose and some in the midface. right under my eyes is still feeling a throbbing and occasional tingles but no feeling yet. my lip is still pretty much numb and yes, just like amoebaSIX, after being out in the cold and then warming, the tingling is more evident.
Avatar n tn // I don't know what to do. It annoys me alot, that I can't squeeze it a bit without getting pains. So I have to wear very loose pants. If anyone knows any useful facts, please let me know.