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Avatar m tn What causes sneezing attacks in the morning. I sneeze 10 or more times in succession when getting up in the morning. Also have had dull headaches with the sneezing.
Avatar m tn You need to make note of what is causing a bout of sneezing in your case and try avoid it. Sudden severe sneezing is most commonly due to allergies, also as your symptoms are relieved by Claritin allergic etiology could be present. If severe allergy is present for multiple factors then immunotherapy should b e considered. Best.
Avatar f tn Sometimes products we use around the house can cause reactions in our pets. Whatever the situation, prettykitty is right - tests are necessary. If you live in or near a city there are usually quite a few options for low cost vet care. If nothing else, you can call your local aspca and ask for advice. Keep us posted, please.
Avatar f tn My cats have been sneezing frequently as well, but only since the season changed and I thought it might be due to dryer air in the house. I keep my humidifier running full blast in my bedroom and noticed all 3 of them sleep w/me since I started doing this. Spirit normally sleeps w/ m.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm bit desperate, nobody give me any answer and I asked a lot of vets until today, my male cat, now 8 months old, have often episodes of sneezing with pretty consist result which come out, was also with bit of blood sometimes, he was smallest of all, and first 5 months of his life he was out, we take it in our home when other cats was taken by neighbors, he got trouble with eyes and we cure him (eyes clustered).
Avatar n tn Saturday night we received a small dusting of snow in Montreal, (yes very early even by our standards) and when I awoke Sunday AM the sneezing started. In the past though sparingly in the past year, I would have small sneeze attacks after stepping out of the shower in the morning and it would go away after getting dressed, these "shower attacks" don't happen as often anymore.
Avatar f tn Sneezing is the body’s natural defense to clear offending agents from the nasal passages. Sneezing occurs with upper respiratory infections, foreign bodies, allergies, etc. In small dogs, we will also see dogs do a “reverse” sneeze. This can be caused by post nasal drip. When a small dog stops and gasp for breath during activity or excitement, the first thing that comes to mind is collapsing trachea. These pets are fine in every other aspect and the episodes are often short lived.
Avatar n tn Told about the low iodine diet, RAI, and all that. What I'm worried about is being isolated (at home, not in the hospital.) from my family, friends, and pets. Do I need to clean furnature, carpets, etc before my family can use the room again? If so, how do I do that? My kids are 7 and 17. How long do I have to stay away from them? Seems to me that the treatments for thyroid cancer are worse than the thyroidectomy.
685623 tn?1283485207 The Canadian Medical Journal posted an editorial in which the writer criticized Air Canada's allowance of small pets to travel in the cabin of planes as an "unnecessary allergic hazard" The editorial called for a ban on all pets in the cabin of planes. As you many already know, peanuts are not served on airplanes anymore because the peanut dust would get into the recirculated air of the plane and cause reactions in passengers.
Avatar f tn My sneezing can last all day long (or more). The only rests I get are when I am eating/drinking, lying on my back, or "corking" my nose with kleenex. The kleenex will only help for about a half an hour at a time. When I have a bout of constant sneezing, I can sneeze 30 to 50 times. It totally exhausts me, not to mention the inconvenience of having to find a place to lie down or wash my hands all the time. Sudafed will help on the second day, but not on the first day.
Avatar n tn has allergies and she walked in the examination room and started sneezing sneezing sneezing and holding up her hands infront of her face infront of me.
Avatar m tn I think one of the biggest things is the fact that the symptoms are not always present, that they have to be set off---as in sneezing, or something like that. My husband is 27...I'm not sure how old you are, or if age even has anything to do with it... If you've come across any new information since your post...please let us know!
Avatar m tn I have a continuous problem with thick mucous in my throat. I must clear my throat a hundred times a day. My larnyx gets so full of the thick mucous that I almost choke and it causes my eyes to water. When this happens I hack up about a quarter cup of the stuff. I went to an ENT specialist who diagnosed sinusitis due to restricted airflow because of a deviated septum. After two surgeries for this there is no improvment. I've tried Musinex and steroid nose sprays. Nothing seems to help.
1094771 tn?1330284476 Hi I am jumping in late into this thread. I was not sure if I would be starting this month or in February, but as of Tuesday we got the thumbs up from our RE that we would start once my period shows up which by my calculations will be Jan 23. I am to call the office and go in on the third day. I got my list of meds I cannot believe my eyes...I like allgood427 cannot not even look when I see a needle much less give it to myself.
Avatar f tn I will go to some pet stores and play for few minutes so that I can check if I'm allergic to pets. Also in my recent research I have heard that we have a new device to monitor asthma which is really excellent. The device name is Insight eNO system. I forgot the company name. That device is used to measure the airway inflammation and gives the results in few seconds and doctors give medication based on that. Any idea about this device?
209987 tn?1451939065 try different foods, even canned tuna(in water)... are you feeding the same as he was accustomed to in his previous home?... Was he in good health before you got him? when was his last Vet check? If he doesn't start eating by tomorrow at the latest you had better get him to a clinic...but first try temping foods, cans and dry both. even some people foods to get him going, such as cooked chicken. its not easy to bring adult cats into a new situation.
1399033 tn?1449591379 I don't have allergies. No new pets, change in atmosphere, or anything but I am sneezing so much it's getting beyond irritating. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and the sneezing started yesterday and has yet to let us. Anyone ever gone through this before and had rhinitis? I've never sneezed this much even during a cold. I'll be asking about this sneezing at my appointment Wednesday.
387767 tn?1345875627 old and is supposed to be housetrained, keeps pooping in the house, usually in my dining room ( we blocked off the living room)! He's great with the urinating outside and he hasn't sprayed or anything, he sleeps in the bed we got him and hardly ever barks, never bites. But this pooping thing is killing me! I am used to my cat who always went in his box like an angel. Connor (dog) loves to walk and go outside and he goes to the back door, and we take him out, but he won't poop outside.
Avatar f tn Lavender oil can cause an irritant contact dermatitis and also eye irritation in humans, and in small animals living in the bedding, the contact is continuous. I have no personal experience with this bedding, but one other person has already written to the forum because all their small pets were having trouble with the lavender litter. If you try it, monitor your hamster closely for any skin irritation, scratching, sneezing, nasal or eye discharge.
537731 tn?1268268886 Througout the day I have to wash out eyes, out my fingers in eye to remove the stuff- I know this can't be good but it happens so often I have to. It is clear, and runs in the bottom of eye, on eye, top of inside eye, long stringy goo. I can lightly wet a cutip- put in inside corner of eye and spin. The stuff goes from top to bottom. It is such an irritant. What could this be- I went to dr before and they said it was allergies. All the time I dont think so.
Avatar n tn I now know how Christ felt having his feet nailed to the cross. Open heart surgery was like sneezing in comparison to the nerve pain post-op. In all liklihood we have SESAMOID BONE WITHIN THE PERONEAL SHEATH along with the brevis tendon which runs down our calfs and laterally along our foot that turns under the cuboid. Physics along with the bone structure of our foot causes the nerves to be agravated with any movement of the foot, sitting as well, I KNOW ! and so do you.
Avatar n tn I have a sore throat, sinus headace, sneezing and stuffy nose....I believe its allergies, since its happend 2 times in the past 2 weeks....
Avatar n tn The fibers cause a pricking feeling in the nose when inhaled and protracted sneezing. If one looks directly at the sun while blocking out the disc, the particles may be seen in forward scattering. This effect is suspiciously absent from the literature. The feeling also seems to come with a south wind.
Avatar n tn Most people are allergic to the proteins in the pets saliva and skin. If the pet has fleas, flea poo is also very allergy causing! obviously you come into contact with these proteins when you stroke the pet but also the become airborne and cause all the symptoms you describe. There is a product I heard of that you can comb through your pets fur that I presume changes or coats the proteins in some way? Can't remember what its called though sorry!
Avatar m tn Although allergies in pets are not “curable”, they are very treatable and controllable in most pets. Every animal is an individual and often different medications need to be tried or combinations of medications may need to be used for maximal comfort. When the motivated pet owner, family veterinarian and a veterinary dermatologist ( work together, our allergic pets can be helped to live long, comfortable lives.
Avatar n tn I just bought my very first home and have been living there 2.5 weeks. It is a 1978 home so before we moved in I had the carpets cleaned (carpet only in bedrooms and basement rest of home hardwood floors). I also had the expensive Duct cleaning done aswell. Sense we have lived there nothing but issues. My daughter wakes up sneezing out a greenish flem from her nose and coughing. I wake up with swallen eye lids, congestion, stuffed up ears, coughing up flem. She is on Zyrtek (spl?) daily.
1186396 tn?1264382347 Some pets are more sensitive and even allergic to flea saliva and will often show signs of excessive scratching, hair pulling, and hair barbering while other pets in the household are not affected. You can try to get a flea comb and comb one of the cats without the symptoms and see if you can find live fleas or flea dirt. This would be proof positive that fleas could be part of the problem.
Avatar m tn Just one last thing, Does the time from when he did it to the time I used the computer come in to play in this? I would say 10 min. before I used it?
Avatar m tn I have nevere noticed any difference, and unfortunately we are used to his nose blowing now, but we are aware of that something is wrong, either food, or? We do not have any pets and house is clean with not lots of chemicals used in the household. Thank you for any help or recommendation.