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Avatar n tn Sometimes my boyfriend's deodorant will set me off, other times it's because I've had a cat on my knee for too long. My sneezing episodes (like many of you above) follow absolutely no pattern and give no warning when they're about to strike. My GP prescribes me loratidine or cetrizine hydrochlorde, I alternate the two as loratidine doesn't work as well for me but doesn't send me to sleep! I also have a nasal spray (which makes me sneeze) and some eye drops.
Avatar f tn My female cat has started licking off her hair on her paws and legs and possibly is starting on her belly - they are long hair and it's kinda hard to tell until a definite bald patch appears. This has been happening since before Christmas. At first I thought it was due to the loss of her beloved "Cat tree" but I got her a replacement - although I'm not sure she likes it near as much.
Avatar f tn when WE are in contact with something we are allergic to we usually get runny eyes, noses...sneezing. when a cat is in contact with an allergen it effects their you are on the right track. I will also tell you from my experience and reading the MOST common culprit is the FOOD...their are so many ingredients and additives(preservatives) in pet foods and many are allergy FAR the most common is GRAINS in the food(carbohydrates). Or mites if you are feeding dry food.
Avatar m tn Sometimes, the oxygen in the blocked sinuses is absorbed by the blood vessels of the mucus membrane. This creates a vacuum inside the sinus, which causes pressure from the outside, and of course, pain. Doctors use three ways to classify sinus problems: • Acute: a severe attack which lasts less than 3 weeks • Chronic: sinusitis which lasts for 3 to 8 weeks, or longer, sometimes for months and even years. • Recurrent: several attacks of acute sinusitis in one year. 8.
Avatar n tn I do have allergies to dust, dust mites, mold (which is bad), trees, weeds, pollens, histamine, saline, glycerine, cat/dog dander....I have been taking Allegra for years and that would keep me under control....I am seeing the Allergist next week as I have been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis. I am using Rhinocort nasal spray and still taking the Allegra...I was diagnosed with ETD in my left ear and in November 2007 I was sick for three weeks, got better and then got sick again after Christmas.
472570 tn?1274689487 I think the fliers drop eggs everywhere because I'm constantly seeing the white dots all over everything. Vacuum them up as soon as you see them and put a mothball in vacuum bag, as well as tape over opening when you're not using it. Let's keep in touch and share info so we can beat these things together.
Avatar n tn Chlorpheniramine relieves red, itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; itchy nose or throat; and runny nose caused by allergies, hay fever, and the common cold in adults and children over age 2. Chlorpheniramine should not be given to children younger than 2 years old because it may cause serious or life-threatening side effects in young children. Chlorpheniramine should not be given to children older than 2 years old but younger than 6 years old unless prescribed by a doctor.