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Avatar f tn Hello, I'm bit desperate, nobody give me any answer and I asked a lot of vets until today, my male cat, now 8 months old, have often episodes of sneezing with pretty consist result which come out, was also with bit of blood sometimes, he was smallest of all, and first 5 months of his life he was out, we take it in our home when other cats was taken by neighbors, he got trouble with eyes and we cure him (eyes clustered).
Avatar m tn Prescribed Clindamycin for a whole month. His only symptoms after a day or two back on was increased sneezing (or reverse sneezing and some snorting) He was doing incredibly well after 1/1/2 weeks on antibiotic again, but we started having problems getting it into him. Called the vet on Friday Aug 18 and her assistant suggested holding the antibiotic over the weekend. Called on Monday and couldn't talk to vet until Tuesday afternoon. She suggested giving antibiotic only every other day.
Avatar f tn I live on a farm and have many barn cats. Last fall I noticed many of them sneezing,and they have leaky eyes and now that winter is here they are really coughing and sneezing with eyes and noses that are leaking. I feel so sorry for them and I don't know what they have? I have been giving them lots of warm meals and cleaning their eyes and noses. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Sometimes my boyfriend's deodorant will set me off, other times it's because I've had a cat on my knee for too long. My sneezing episodes (like many of you above) follow absolutely no pattern and give no warning when they're about to strike. My GP prescribes me loratidine or cetrizine hydrochlorde, I alternate the two as loratidine doesn't work as well for me but doesn't send me to sleep! I also have a nasal spray (which makes me sneeze) and some eye drops.
Avatar n tn AND, is she an outside cat? These are important questions. If she's an outside question, there could be a parasite or some kind of strange fungal infection. These problems would also cause a high WBC. I had to go reread your post to make sure I didn't miss anything. OK, I'm a little, she has a low WBC? Either way, I'd still ask about a parasite or a fungal infection. Both are possible. Sometimes, if an infection is bad enough, it can lower the WBC.
326352 tn?1310997895 Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help de-allergize a cat instead of getting rid of the cat? Our 3 1/2 yr old will probably fall to pieces if we end up having to give the cat away because her sister is severely allergic to him. To keep this in persective, I'm allergic to cats also, but manage mine fairly well and have grown out of mine, mostly. There are some products for bathing and for spraying around the house.
Avatar n tn Cat has multiple symptoms: 1) sneezing of long time duration, occurs in fits, very sporadic; can go a several days with no attacks, sneezing seems to follow eating also. 2) only about 4 teeth left in his mouth, no obvious ulcers or tumors inside mouth or tongue. 1 fang in front, 3 molars in back, inflammed gums, smelly breath. Broken tooth on side OPPOSITE nasal swelling. 3) inflammed, swollen, red nostril, occasionally opens and bleeds after he paws it.
1101325 tn?1321256673 my question is sense then we had him corentined for 5 days and brought him home he sounds worse and my other cat has gotten this as i was told was going 2 happen (shelter also gave us meds 4 him) is the older cat going 2 get bad like the kitten or did we treat him fast enough....
Avatar m tn I have a 2 yr old black cat that I got from a local animal hospital after a couple in town brought her and her brother in to have the adopted. The mother cannot be caught to spay and she keeps having litters, so maybe this is genetic. Since day 1 (I got her @ 3.5/4 months old) she's had one issue or another.
203342 tn?1328740807 I took my 12 year old cat to the vet today to get some more eye cream and because she's still throwing up. I've had this cat for 10 years and they've always said the eye and sneezing was probably allergies and just gave me an eye cream when it would act up, which it would about twice a year. This last year she's lost weight from 12 pounds to 8 pounds. The eye is acting up more often and she's been vomiting off and on the last 2 months.
Avatar m tn Cats typically spread URI viruses through sneezing and nasal discharge so if there is still discharge, your cat could still spread the virus. Many cats harbor Herpes virus for years and can start shedding again when stressed. I would wait 3-4 weeks after the last vaccine booster is given. It is possible for the FIV+ cat to get symptoms of URI after vaccination. It depends on how well the immune system responds to the vaccine. Most likely, the vaccine will help limit symptoms though.
1356964 tn?1302091035 You can research this under Eosinophlic Complex, its a hard issue to resolve, I have a cat with this also. does your cat also have skin/sores that are a manifestation of EGC? I would wonder why you Vet is treating her with antibiotics when the UA test was normal, this indicates there should be no bladder infection. However a high Urea/bun does indicate Kidney disease...this to my knowledge is usually not treated with antibiotics...
Avatar f tn My female cat has started licking off her hair on her paws and legs and possibly is starting on her belly - they are long hair and it's kinda hard to tell until a definite bald patch appears. This has been happening since before Christmas. At first I thought it was due to the loss of her beloved "Cat tree" but I got her a replacement - although I'm not sure she likes it near as much.
18872118 tn?1469868542 (irritable, tired, cannot stay asleep, sneezing, strange smells that no one else notices) I do not remember doing that all those years ago, but then I had never been on any one thing for so long. As a former nurse (impaired), I realize there is a long half-life, so there is no telling how much has been stored up in my fat cells. I guess my question is: Is there any timeline for these symptoms?
1590008 tn?1297043641 My Cat who i found in a ditch at 5 weeks old, with a short kinked tail, heart murmur, and she is orange(90% of orange cats are male, mine is a girl) is 10 years old and has always been very skittish and odd. She is very affectionate and follows me around the condo. When I moved into my boyfriends apartment 2 years ago she began over grooming her belly and inner legs. It is not red of dry or irritated looking in any way, there is just no hair or very little.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your good help. History; Symptoms: Cat about 10 yrs old. Periodic sneezing and serous nasal discharge for years. Also reverse coughing. Recently had almost all teeth extracted and remaining few cleaned. Nasal test swabs were done for Chlamydia, Herpes, Calci-all negative Punch biopsy of nare tumor was scc early stage-either prestage or stage I X-rays taken of head-nasal cavities showed calcification, whatever that means. I have not seen the xrays, but can probably get them.
1232362 tn?1333139006 I was hoping you would come along and answer - thanks FM. Don't you also give Akira a little Zyrtec?
Avatar n tn Well sounds like your cat has an upper respiratory infection. You'd better get that taken care of before it's too late. The vet will be able to help. Cats with URI get euthanized at shelters, so yeah, it is serious. If you have other cats you should isolate this one or else the infection will spread rather quickly. I'd take the cat to the vet ASAP.
Avatar n tn Have an 8 year old cat. Has had sneezing spells on and off for several years. Now has ONE nostril swollen -other is normal, and raw/red with some pus and small 1mm sore which opens periodically-this is more recent, over last few months. Continual nasal discharge serous, sneeze is serous Shaking his head peridodically. Appetite is suppressed. When stressed a few months ago, he developed mild conjunctivitis which cleared up on saline irrigation.
Avatar f tn I have allergies, dust, hay fever, cat hair ect.... not life or death type allergies, but sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, headaches. I take a one a day antihistamine to deal with it. .. but it says on the box not to take if pregnant. Im only 7 weeks, and have stopped taking them... but my allergies are horrible at the moment. All the sneezing is not helping with my morning sickness. During my last pregancey my symptoms actually went away but not this time...
Avatar n tn by what margins. I cannot afford such a scan. This cat has has serous nasal discharge with sneezing for at least 6-7 years. Tests negative for calci, herpes and chlamydia; negative for HIV and the other killer virus. X-rays taken of the skull prior to dental cleaning showing some calcification; question whether there is a comcomitant cancerous process in the nasal passages or elsewhere.
Avatar n tn My 9 yr. old cat has been sneezing for over 2 yrs. He also has constant left eye & left nose drainage...sometimes bloody. Vet has no answers here so gave him an antibiotic shot. The shot was ineffective.His appetite is fine.He does'nt purr out loud so I've wondered if it's an obstruction.
685623 tn?1283485207 The final interesting thing to me with this article is a 1998 study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal. This study found cat hair on 100% of the seats sampled on domestic flights. My questions are this: How many seats on each flight were sampled and do New Zealanders really fly with their cats that often?? I think a lot more study needs to be done before we consign all of our pets to the cargo hold.
Avatar f tn a coupe of mouths ago, are vet decide to Waite to have her spayed because she was sneezing she was left out side in a cardboard box until someone fond her and her brothers . I have three dogs and they get a long really well. so i thought that she may like a another kitty to be with . so we got cassiopeia , same thing she had came from a cat hoarder so we took her in and she has been spayed because she was well .
Avatar n tn They did a CAT scan on me to rule out anything serious (tumors etc) and asked me a bunch of questions. The CAT scan didn't turn up anything abnormal so they reffered me to another doctor and a neurologist. The problem is, is that I will not have insurance to do this until 2008 and I do not want to wait that long to find out what is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn I have a persian/himilayan cat and it seems she always has a discharge from her eyes--mostly when she sleeps. Is it a common condition of himilayan cats? I have taken her to the vet and have medicine for her eyes but she still wakes up with black goop around her eyes. I wash it off with a moist cloth and that also inspires her to do some cleaning herself.
189586 tn?1297257661 Questions,, sneezing 20-30 times a day, when will this stop? sleepless nights, UGH, when will this stop? On Thomas recipe, not sure if its helping or not because I still feel like I got hit by a bus! back pain is awful, had 3 epi's yesterday, did not do anything, seeing surgeon next week to discuss surgery number 4, last was a fusion. Sick of the ball and chain, taking motrin and tylenol for the pain, fatigue, when will this get better? thanks to all who give me the support to stay strong!
Avatar n tn When I found her she was so sick, runny nose, eyes, ears and sneezing. She has taken 3 rounds of antibotics and many tubes of L-Lysine. She is not active at all, only walks slowly. The majority of the time she is sleeping. She still has running eyes and nose but not as bad as before. I think her ears still bother her but they are not running any longer. But the poor baby can not meow, she tries but nothing comes out. She eats good and loves her dish of milk.