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Avatar m tn Hello, I have a cat who has sense the day we rescued him been sneezing and at points discharging, for a lack of better words, snot balls on the walls. We have taken him to the vet and have received a medication that did not work after completing the full bottle. I don't recall the name of this medicine. My question is, are there any over-the-counter medications that we can give this poor cat so we don't have to pay 50$ over and over again to visit the Vet.
Avatar n tn The sneezing I can live with---it's 10 hours a day with a running nose that's a killer. I'm starting a nasal spray called Omnaris and hoping it helps. It's truly a debilitating condition and I commiserate with the others who've written.
Avatar n tn Siamese Lynx-Point,spayed female, 8 yrs old, no prior medical condition other than 2 UTI's. Presents with coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge. Given Amoxil for RI for 7 days, went away for 3 months... came back ...given another dose Amoxil for 10 days. Symptoms came back 1 month later Given another med for 10 days and on 7th day quit eating and still drinking.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am looking for some opinions on what to do with our cat. We recently found out that she has a diaphragmatic hernia and were advised to put her down, but we want to know if there are other options first. Here is some more information. She is about 9 years old as of this summer. She is an inside cat. About a year after we got her, when she was just a kitten, she got really sick and almost died.
Avatar f tn Sneezing snot, reverse sneezing and obvious post-nasal drip due to the hocking and gagging and lots of other unpleasant trying to breathe noises that keep everyone up all night. We have been to three veterinarians. After suggestions of "only" $1800.00 for a rhinoscopy and an unnecessary dental. Vet #1 tried an antibiotic with no result. Then they cultured and tried the "right" antibiotic. During the third course Eddie developed hives, obviously this wasn't working anyway.
Avatar m tn The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after. I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc. All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your good help. History; Symptoms: Cat about 10 yrs old. Periodic sneezing and serous nasal discharge for years. Also reverse coughing. Recently had almost all teeth extracted and remaining few cleaned. Nasal test swabs were done for Chlamydia, Herpes, Calci-all negative Punch biopsy of nare tumor was scc early stage-either prestage or stage I X-rays taken of head-nasal cavities showed calcification, whatever that means. I have not seen the xrays, but can probably get them.
Avatar n tn She is sneezing all the time has a runny nose and keeps blowing snot bubbles. It seems as though she is only breathing through her mouth now and it sounds like she is weazing and she constantly has goop in her eyes. I called a vet and he said not to worry about it as long as she is eating and drinking still. She drinks all the time but I never notice her eating. I want to feel at ease but something doesn't feel right.
Avatar m tn Plenty of saline drains into every nook and cranny of your sinuses, and when you stand straight up, it drains out with most of the infected snot and pus. During the first treatment, you will see. After several treatments, your sinuses will resume their normal function, and you will be able to breathe freely through your nose. If you want to know what causes sinusitis, and why the saline solution works, go to Part II of this journal. PART I 1.
82861 tn?1333457511 I also gave them the veterinarian dose of benadryl today (1 mg per pound) to little effect, so that lack of reaction seems diagnostic in itself. With both dogs hacking and sneezing snot everywhere, and DH adding his allergies and asthma to the chorus, I can hardly hear myself think. Maybe the vet can give DH a shot when he's through with the dogs tomorrow?
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
Avatar n tn The risk is that you have to bend down in a shower, to use gravity, but it’s unsurpassed in its ability to flush out a fistful of snot, with any bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, chunks of gel, weird smells, blood, whatever, from every nook and cranny of your sinuses, and will restore the sinuses to full function in less than 2 weeks. Read more in My Journal (friggy).
1512520 tn?1290261730 nothing is wrong with me!!! Except that I am in such a pain that I can't go to work anymore. I am nauseous, dizzy, have constant post nasal drip, facal pressure, headache... I first thought about a problem with molds at work but then I started reading about these blogs on Topamax side effects and especially on the generic ones. I have almost no doubts!!
Avatar n tn I went through with the cat scan and it showed nothing. I don't really want to go through that again so I guess I am going to give it a few days. It is probably just the end of being sick.
Avatar m tn yes this closed group i am with talks all about cyanobacteria. Its all related.
Avatar n tn The drainage was unilateral--left side only. I made an appointment with my doctor but cannot see her until Tuesday. Investigating a bit onlne I saw something that seemed similar--CSF leakages. But I have had no brain injuries, only a recent cold. My question is--is this probably what I think it is? Do I need to be very concerned? Should I insist on seeing the doctor sooner or go to emergency? What should I do in the meantime? It hasn't happened again since then.
Avatar n tn The cure is to get rid of the pustulence, with surgery--no way!--or advanced saline sinus flush. I got a Snot Demon for 7 yrs, teaching grade school/germ factory. A cold in the fall, then sinusitis, lost smell then taste, Cipro, hawk spit cough, sore throat, partial recovery in summer. Then I heard about a saline flush, like the one mentioned above. Better yet, I used to be a swimmer, so I know how to get massive amounts of salt water in and out of my sinuses. Miracle!
Avatar f tn After 3 weeks to a month, it appears my Mother and I are over the worst of it. I believe it was some form of bronchitis. At least that is what the symptoms were like. I had the heavy cough that made all parts of my body hurt. Some of the symptoms continue to linger. If I get the dry cough a few times, I take a cough drop "ricola" and stop it. The last 4 or 5 nights I was able to sleep. Before that, I would wake up coughing after less than an hour on my side.
Avatar f tn Began blowing out large, old blood clots a week ago, and huge pinky size snot with blood covered on other side. Anyway, 2nd f/u ENT visit is this week, but will ask for antiobiotics asap/on Monday. You are not alone.
Avatar n tn All bloodwork was normal. Took a job in Iraq where I am currently. Arrived in Feb. In Jun, I was sick with extreme fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. Saw a doctor in Jul and was given OTC headache meds. They did bloodwork that came back normal. Since that time I have had daily head pressure and tinnitus. The tinnitus comes and goes and can be really loud and annoying. Visited another doctor in Sep who thought it might be an allergic reaction and was given zyrtec for a month.
Avatar f tn Also, yall know that stringy, super stretchy, gewy, snot-like cm we sometimes get??? Do you all think its sperm that mixed with the non fertile CM? I ask that because I havent had sex with my fiance in a week (since we been busy this week) and i havent seen it but as soon as we had sex last night, i went to the bathroom and when i wiped, the glod of cm came out (sorry tmi). I didnt see any more until this morning. lol, i know this is long.....
Avatar m tn I have a continuous problem with thick mucous in my throat. I must clear my throat a hundred times a day. My larnyx gets so full of the thick mucous that I almost choke and it causes my eyes to water. When this happens I hack up about a quarter cup of the stuff. I went to an ENT specialist who diagnosed sinusitis due to restricted airflow because of a deviated septum. After two surgeries for this there is no improvment. I've tried Musinex and steroid nose sprays. Nothing seems to help.
Avatar n tn It was occasional problems such as mild sinus pain/pressure and headache with mild eye strain. Each year it has gotten worse. Over the course of the past 5 years I have seen multiple doctors across different specialites: Ears, Nose & Throat, Neurologist, Allergist, and my Intern. I have had MRI's and CT scans. This year has been the worst so far. I have already gotten 2 sinus infections.
Avatar n tn Wow!, I have had the same thing and am about to go crazy with it. I have had Endoscopy(twice) and CT(twice), Barrium Swallow (twice), ultrasound, still no results. GERD and Sinutitus is all they can come up with. I hope to find something for relief. I too take the medicine (nexium) twice a day, following doctors advice for GERD. I have no symptoms of it though. I still think it is Sinus related, but nothing has helped so far.
Avatar f tn In a few sprays I managed to free up and blow out some dense mucus from my right nostril, which I also felt relieve the sinus on that side, Repeated sprays followed by reclining with my head tilted back made sure my sinuses were flooded with saline and partially cleared. Though my nose was still a bit smelly, the rankest smell was immediately greatly reduced, so that the awful original smell was far less noticeable unless another person was just a foot away!
Avatar n tn In May I began to have dizzy spells which coincided with a sore throat and earache, which cleared up on their own. However, dizziness and fatigue continued for several weeks. The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue.
Avatar f tn I didnt have the best experience after the surgery, they didnt even give me discharge instructions. During my follow up with the O.R. nurse she finally told me that I cant sniff, blow my nose, try not to sneeze and dont hold my head down. She said for at least 2 to 3 months!! Is that for real???? I am on hydrocortisone 3 times a day, and before the surgery i was diagnosed with hypersomnia, because i couldnt seem to stay awake. I would wake up, and about 1 to 2 hours later I will fall asleep.
Avatar n tn I have found that cold baths seem to either kill or paralyze them. I clean the floors with a rag and cold water regularly. I also clean the counter tops the same way. air conditioning (the colder the better) seems to kill or paralyze them as well. I wash my clothes and bedding in cold water every day. The mattresses and furniture are wrapped in plastic and completely sealed in packing tape and I wipe them completely down with cold water everyday. This has been a nightmare for me.
Avatar n tn Playing, eating, lots of energy the whole works. The next day she started to come down with something (sneezing coughing and green mucus) so i took her to see the Doc. Doc said her and her baby sis had the same thing just a plain cold- no meds, just rest, stay hydrated, use a humidifier you know the drill. Anyways things were rocking along and a couple days later i checked on my daughter about two hours after i put her to bed and once again she threw up in her sleep.