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Avatar f tn A pac or pvc in just the right timing of the heart beat could trigger it so coughing and sneezing is a similar thing in it disrupts the heart and as such may give your svt a chance to jump in or help it to stop. I am not certain how afib starts and stops but starting and stopping on a heart beat like yours did sounds a lot like an accessory pathway svt which is a lot easier to fix than afib. I would definitely mention this to the EP.
Avatar n tn I have the skipped heart beat feeling that happens out random occasionally. But now I have another sensation that feels more weird. It usually happens once in blue moon if I am laying down for awhile and then stand up. I feel this weird strong throbbing pulse in my chest. I believe it is more of a slow, forceful pulse feeling. It lasts maybe a few seconds and then disappears. I just really hate the feeling and am nervous about it.
Avatar f tn Hello ! I'm 20 years old . 2 years ago I had rapid heart beat , chest discomfort and shortness of breath . I went to the doctor . Did an EGG seem like tachycardia ( the doctor didn't say anything but I do study medicine(2 year) and i compare it in one of egg i have in my books ) and he gave me atenolol . I took them for a period and was ok . Now I've had the same . I feel chest discomfort but it starts usually at nigh at 8 or night , it irritates me makes me nervous .
Avatar n tn I can relate to sliding hernia when lying down, but when I am sitting upright, or walking, standing, something is ordering the heart to beat twice as fast for 4 to 5 hrs before gradually subsides, If was something like restriction, heart would work hard all the time, but when Im relaxing it beats nice and slow. My main focus is how to turn this off, rather than wait it out for 4 hrs!!!! Suggestions have been biofeedback, yoga.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm new to this forum so please bear with me... It is interesting to note that you all are calling these missed beats PVC's. The feeling of a missed beat can be caused by two areas of the heart. A pvc is a premature ventricular contraction originating from the bottom half of the heart and a PAC which is a premature atrial contraction originates from the top part of the heart.
Avatar n tn Do you mean does a cats heart skip a beat when they sneeze? That's an old myth, used on people. It's where the whole saying "god bless you" thing came from!
1416390 tn?1333905204 My Vet told me this one.....If you feed your dog in the kitchen by the refrigerator, the dust mites that blow out from under from the fan, are inhaled by the dog while eating...They start coughing after they eat & then off and on the rest of the day....NO, i'm not kidding!!!!!!!!!!
194584 tn?1477598913 This sounds crazy but when I sneeze I get this feeling in my heart like I have been shocked.Then my heart beat goes up for a few minutes.What is this?
Avatar m tn I have many panic attacks a day, and all I can think about is my heart, and breathing problems. Everyday I put my hand over my chest to check out my heart beat because the chest pain can get pretty bad, and I check my nails and lips to see if they're turning blue. I don't like exercising now because when I do I feel very tired and have a faintness feeling.
Avatar n tn I really believe I am so in tune to my body, I feel just about every beat. My heart beat is VERY hard almost all of the time along with the palps. A lot of people with palps,including myself, feel them more at rest. Mine are still there throughout the day when I'm working, etc...I just have my mind on other things, so unless they are really hard or come in runs, I usually don't notice them.
Avatar f tn hearing the heart beat of your baby is a wonderful experience..I almost cried the first really shows you..
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy so i dont have any clue of really whats in store and i cant make a sooner apt so not having symptoms and not being able to hear the heart beat is really worrying me it doesnt feel real
Avatar f tn Hey girls so i found out today that my baby girl is really low like we heard the heart beat down by my hip but he said that its ok cuz shes not too low but real low lol wat does that mean?
3187059 tn?1344889176 What I feel is shortness of breath, sometimes left pain, also have a rapid heart beat. but every morning I sneeze and have secretion it last 10 min or 15 . now days my are also red and itch. I took Dexamethasone ( anti allergic for eyes itch ) and I do feel better ..even I don't have that sneeze in the morning .what worries me is the shortness of breath they are not often and they don't last. Am I allergic ..
159619 tn?1538184537 No symptoms like chest pain, dizziness or SOB, just the annoying feeling when my heart skips a beat Any imput would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn It all started when I played basketball (like I always did) but for about 2 hours straight at a high intensity because my friend was over. That night I felt my heart was pounding kind of hard but didn’t think anything of it. Then came the palpitations and stabbing pain. Went to the ER Jan 8 2018. They sent me home said I was fine. Then they call me on my drive home and tel me to come back.
6333619 tn?1386601982 So yesterday was my first apt and I was able to get an ultra sound, to see my baby and the heart beat. I'm so relived. The last pregnancy I had I ended with miscarriage at 6w+5d. I'm going to be 8 weeks tomorrow. The doctor however said there is a small bleed in my uterus and said about on average 80% of woman have this issue. He says it should just clear up on its own but until then no physical activity and no picking up anything heavy. Have any of you had this issue?
1144176 tn?1261324469 yea its kinda like a flip flop. it beats normal and then out of nowhere beats hard and out of rhythm for a few beats. i feel the hard beat under my right peck muscle, through the ribs.
Avatar f tn I am so glad thats what it turned out to be. I was really worried. Good luck and keep us posted on your pregnancy. We are about the same amount along!
Avatar f tn Hello, when I exercise, specifically when I do jogging while standing, I see a pattern of lines in a circular pattern, they're whitish, I don't know if this would classify as flashes, It feels like they're in sync with my heart beat. I've first noticed this 9 years ago when I was running a marathon and pushed myself hard. I told my opthalmologist about it at the time and he saw my retina then told me it's nothing. Lately it started to bother me, I keep thinking it may not be normal.
Avatar f tn the structural integrity of your heart has little to do with the electrical impulses of the heart unless it is at the top end of a congenital defect or a progressive disease to me...the electrical originates in the av/sinus node of the heart where the basic brain of the heart is....and is basically receiving an improper signal that causes misfiring etc. I guess Karen what i am basically getting at is how are you feeling?
Avatar n tn I have worn a holter monitor while working out and the Dr says as long as the heart is not damaged, then PVC's are quite normal during exercise. The same as when I laugh, sneeze or hiccup I too get a missed beat. I just wished I did not feel it, I would not care so much then!!!
3179512 tn?1344465028 I just took a teensy tiny bit of Armour for the first time 15 mgs (.25 grain) by dissolving it in my mouth and then drinking some water. Roughly ten (maybe 20?) minutes later, RING! RING! RING! RING! in my ears - seemed to go along with my heartbeat!! I immediately began searching online for "Armour causes Tinnitus" and nobody seems to have any answers at all, but there are a few others like me out there that swear Armour gave them tinnitus.
Avatar f tn I was the same was terrible before 12 week scan then when everything was okay the thoughts went but then at times i would feel really bad pains I would wounder if I hurt my baby and start ringin my midwife up for a baby's heart beat monitor appointment to make sure my baby is okay in there .
Avatar f tn It's reassuring to hear its not me, I hope for your sake it doesnt last long. I think it is making it harder as my midwife has not yet listened for the heart beat - so no reassurance. We saw it at 12 week.scan but nothing since. Im so so excited about the next scan but dreading it in almost equal measure - just in case, just wish I could stop worrying but after my first pg which ended with a mc I dont think that is an option!
Avatar f tn Don't worry!! Stress is what is bad for your baby. So all you can do is take care of your body as best you can and relax relax relax! Take a warm(not hot) bath, meditate, write, read, etc...whatever you like to do that keeps you nice and relaxed. Everyone is worried during pregnancy! Especially their first. Your first scan, you wont hear the heartbeat because they usually only do a vaginal ultrasound. But you'll be able to see the flicker of the heart beat!
Avatar m tn Anything I eat just cause chaos just like the w/d did, now after 3 straight days of no sleep and stomach issues I feel my heart doing an off beat 2 or 3 times a day. Manly just when I'm lying down but still it gets my anxiety through the roof! When I first started w/d it did this but after a few days it went away and I don't have any heart problems so it's throwing me off can these symptoms come back couple months later?
1127141 tn?1262548683 ) Even seeing that little heart beat is a relief. Did they tell you what your baby's heart rate was? The reason I ask is because I got to see my baby's heart on the 11th. They said everything was great and it was 113 per minute. I was 6 weeks 2 days at the time. I get the ultrasound result, and they remarked that the heart rate was a little "low"??? Every where I read online said between 100-115 was good for early 6 weeks and it's not out of the norm for you to not see it at all?
Avatar n tn The general area I can feel this is below the waist right where the hem of your underwear sit. So like the top of the pelvis? And maybe a little lower. It feels like a heart beat sort of. I get similar feelings in my legs or side sometimes which I just attribute to being able to feel my pulse. It's a little concerning having it near my pelvis though. It just happened to me a few times, felt a little stronger than when I've felt it before.
Avatar f tn 203 chance of having downs = but we have opted out of takin any other tests.....all other points in the test were fine.....heart beat is still strong...flutters becoming more frequent and nausea has stopped aches and pains have subsided.... again thanks shayne...good luck with your lil one...