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Avatar n tn As soon as Hosp removed the thing, an hr later, heart rate increased, face got hot, remained that way few hrs, sneezing and watery nose! Too bad monitor wasnt for 2 Days! Awaiting results from monitor. Redoing all my blood work. Generally the heart will be nice and regularly, so its nothing thats permanent, but other times, out of the blue, the heart receives a msg to start working hard beating faster for hrs.
61536 tn?1340701763 Just wondering if anyone else experiences this sensation. Sometimes my heart rate will feel "sluggish", like it wants to beat faster and can't...almost like it's pushing against something that's holding it back. For example, it can be on the treadmill with a heart rate of 90-110 while walking briskly at a 5% incline, when usually it's around 150-160 during a workout. It comes and goes and doesn't happen often. Prevents the SVT though!
Avatar n tn I want to share briefly my experience. Bottom line, one day, out of the blue, my heart started skipping a beat and the next beat was strong, as if my heart tried to catch up. These episodes occurred several times a day, but the frquency increased as i went to bed at night. All started in early May in the Washington DC area. I mention this because, as you will see, allergies were the culprit, if not the cause per se, at least the exacerbation of symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am always paranoid that my heart is beating too fast and I tend to monitor my heart beat on my arm. I didn't know so many people had the same problem as I have. Anyways, I had ekg done test came back normal. Had CBC and other blood work done, all normal. I have learned to control panic attacks (I don't get them anymore), but anxiety I just can't get rid of. I get the palpitations when I am laying down or sitting. Never when I am up and walking, or running.
Avatar f tn They found mine by accident because I felt a fluttering feeling and a skipping heart beat sometimes and was getting biofeedback at the time and she could see something abnormal then. So my echo was normal and they found it with a 24 hour monitor. You could get that done as well to see if you have any problem with the heart beat.
Avatar m tn Its like my nose passage is blocked with the other passage small air to pass. Chest pains, I feel my heart beat more frequently now. Whether it be fast or slow and loud or skipping. I even experienced it waking me up, its like my heart stopped, Im just thankful It woke me up. Pressured head, its like having your eyebrows wrinkled when its very sunny protecting your eyes coz the heat is harming your eyes. Im having my hands shaking, its like getting nervous is an ALWAYS to me.
Avatar n tn Lately it seems he is having quite a few skipped heart beats. I have felt his pulse and it is true, his heart seems to skip a beat after every ten or fifteen. This happens for about ten or twenty minutes two or three times a day but it hasn't happened when he's been to the doctor (murphys law!!) I have shown him this site and he is glad to see that he is not alone in this. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I walk either 45 minutes or 30 minutes almost every day depending on my scheduled activities for that day and my level of energy. I wear a Polar Heart Monitor and use a hand held recorder to record my heart beat every 3 minutes of the walk. I trasncribe all this information to worksheets which I furnish to UCLA. As I said, when I am adhering to this excercise program I am virtually PVC free. When I stray from my excercise program, the PVCs return.
Avatar m tn -Vision Change(blurry vision but not a near sighted or far sighted problem cause I have 20/20 vision Its more of a slightly out of focus feeling and when its bad my vision gets cloudy -Heart skips beat (currently testing have had a million ekgs x rays and blood tests at the er only.found nothing.
Avatar f tn The heavy sweating, exhaustion and crazy crazy rapid pounding heart beat. What I've found helps a lot during that time is don't consume any caffeine, not even from pop or chocolate. It's just one more thing to jack ur heart rate up. Because ubdont Harvey any drugs in ur system to slow that down, ANS ur going thru withdrawal it will help a lot. Do try and be as active as u can, going for long walks will help u detox and help u relax. I wouldn't mess with any sleeping aids at all.
343765 tn?1202526132 I am going to try taking digestive enzymes and see if that helps both my GI tract and irregular heart beat. I have read that when your GI tract is messed up that the inflammation or gases put pressure on the vagus nerve which controls the electrical signals to your heart and heart rhythm. Do you have irritable bowel or GERD?
Avatar n tn Now, since having to deal with this a big part of my life, I am quite familiar to where my heart is, and what it feels like. I even notice if it's skipping a beat. I just can't seem to explain this pain in my chest. When it comes, it lasts for about 1 minute, and will continue and then stop again for about 10 minutes. It's kind of like an aching feeling, only much worse. I do not feel short of breath, and I cannot say that there are any more symptoms with this. Is any one familiar with this??
429155 tn?1205676864 45 back to bed no sleep crazy arms/legs/sweating real real bad hot/cold coughing/sneezing, and EXTREME CRAZY ARMS/LEGS. Sunday 04;30 On computer, 60 hrs now feel clammy and sweaty and ache all over, have you heard of RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, well think of that 10 times worse ( CRAZY LEGS/ARMS. ) To be Cont.......................................
Avatar n tn I've been wondering for some time if there was some connection between stomach issues and heart palpitations/rapid heart beat. I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for a while, but the doctors seem to be very limited thinkers and not capable of much other than flow-chart type logic and haven't been any help. Like some others, I sometimes feel short of breath and my heart flutters and bumps, and burping often seems to help.
Avatar n tn I believe it is a mechanical effect in that the gas inflates the intestine which in turn pushes on the vagus nerve or the bottom of the heart and triggers the A/F episode. The sensation is located under the left rib cage not in the chest. I can also induce A/F by swallowing something very cold on an empty stomach. This freaks out the nerve and the A/F proceeds.After I get converted, things are quiet until the sensitivity builds up again (avg of 6 mo.).
Avatar m tn and ty again for the support and taking the time to help me realize i can do this.. I quit a 10 year heavy meth addiction over 15 yrs ago never relasped so deep down i know i can beat these opiates.. i greatly appreciate the motivation .. i will be basicly lessening my dose every 3 -5 days buy 1/4 of each pill. till im down to a reasonable dose to go cold turkey...
Avatar m tn All of this is normal Oh and the sneezing... You will have to fight it. You can do this. Hang on. It is great to be free.
Avatar m tn ( I am really new here, and am still trying to figure things out. I am going to avoid taking it and work through this. I was given the option to start skipping days, but i declined. I guess I just had an epiphany last Sunday and made the decision that it is time for me. I am having a very difficult time, but I have a piece of paper above my monitor that says.
Avatar n tn by about 7pm i was in the bath tub trying to console my withdrawls and was literally loosing my mind. i beat my head up against the tub to try and knock myself out. i also bit the **** out of my arm because it felt better than what i was going through. so eventually i dialed 911 and was rushed to the hospital and apparently the wonderful suboxone wasnt working like promised. when i got there all they did was shoot me up with lots of atavain, that caused me to crawl out my skin and sent me home.
Avatar n tn Every cycle I get rashes, colds, sore throat, incapacitating fatigue, depression-with hopeless, scary, thoughts and much crying, sweats, racing heart beat and insomnia to name a few. Every doctor I have talked to is perplexed, talks about how it's natural with aging (BS!) or makes assumptions with the "we can't be sure" speech.
Avatar n tn It is scary and disconcerting, my heart can beat fast and loud, my eyes unfocus, I see things that aren't there, my eyes feel strange and of curse my brain. As if someone is switching me off for a second. Part of me thinks that one time it will switch off for good but I just want it to stop! I hope to hear some more diagnoses and think I should go to a doctor about this if going back on my meds doesn't help.