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Avatar m tn I also tend to get the feeling that my heart stops and then it feels like a sneeze in my chest followed my once again an adrenaline rush. Is this how palpitations feel for you? Should I be worried? I have had a holter, 4+ EKGS, ECHO, and monitored telemetry in the ER while I had symptoms as well as similar symptoms during the ECHO, but not on the holter.
Avatar f tn 3 years ago I had a horrible spell of my heart acting crazy. 6 trips to the ER, I hospital admission and 3 bouts of afib. I had been taking atenolol prior to this because of a couple of SVT episodes that had to be chemically converted. After the afib I was put on sotolol which caused new and different palpitations, so then I was put on bystolic which did well. So I've been plugging along with nothing more than my usual pvcs and pacs and pretty much resumed normal life.
Avatar n tn heart will go thump thump thump thump thum, whoosh whoosh alt. Rarely have palpitations but get them, get 8 rapid shots then stops. Sometimes heart decides to work hard and face and ears get hot. Other times, beats slow down and hardly hear pulse in ear. Also at bedtime, if I lay flay on back, 90 mins later am awakened by faster beat, dry mouth, I sit up for 5 mins it slows down and able to sleep for 4 hrs. This is fluid accumilating?
Avatar n tn Have you had your thyroid tested? Side effect of hyperthyroidism is fast heart rate, palpitations, etc. Just a thought? Also I was never diagnosed with an EKG or 24 hour heart monitor. I had to wear a 30 day halter monitor before I was actually diagnosed. Cardiologists never diagnosed me either, but it took me going to an Electrophysiologist before I was properly diagnosed.
Avatar n tn This is what I asked the doctor, so it tells my story quite clearly: Hi, 33 yr old male, 110 lbs overweight 3 years ago, with no history of such, I started having skipped heartbeats and somtimes fluttering episodes that would last maybe 5 seconds. EKG/echo normal but symptoms persisted vigorously over the next 18 months or so.
Avatar n tn Hi, 33 yr old male, 110 lbs overweight 3 years ago, with no history of such, I started having skipped heartbeats and somtimes fluttering episodes that would last maybe 5 seconds. EKG/echo normal but symptoms persisted vigorously over the next 18 months or so. Well, after about 18 months, my symptoms of irregular beats and chest tension mysteriously just disappeared one day.
Avatar n tn Anxiety can cause heart palps, but you need to be sure exactly what may be going on. Your heart is working harder due to the weight and a full workup would hopefully give you some answers. Palps are very difficult for many of us to deal with and that's why this forum is so great. I've called the EMT a time or two myself. You're not alone. Hang in there and please let your doctor know how you're feeling. This is great forum with wonderful members. You will find much comfort here.
Avatar f tn If thyroid levels are fine, then thyroid is likely unrelated to palpitations. Usually the cardiologist will test exercise stress test, heart ultrasound and a heart monitor to make sure the heart is okay.
Avatar f tn It all started when I played basketball (like I always did) but for about 2 hours straight at a high intensity because my friend was over. That night I felt my heart was pounding kind of hard but didn’t think anything of it. Then came the palpitations and stabbing pain. Went to the ER Jan 8 2018. They sent me home said I was fine. Then they call me on my drive home and tel me to come back.
Avatar f tn This feeling usually predicts or accompanies an episode of heart palpitations. Did a course of prilosec/pepcid without much relief...scheduling an endoscopy before thanksgiving.... looking for evidence of gerd/hernia? otherwise stumped to as the cause of symptoms.
Avatar m tn Often times, I can feel palpitations coming on but they never happen -- kind of like a sneeze that never materializes if you know what I mean. When my chest pressure is worse I'm alot more likely to have palps. I also had a normal treadmill test, little risk for CAD, (for I am 31 with excellent Lipid profile) and my symptoms never get worse with exercise. I am very sick with whatever this is.
Avatar m tn Family doctor thought is was anxiety but I never have heart palpitations, I tried medication and it amplified my symptoms; had blood work and thyroid panels and nothing shows up, if I cough, yell, laugh, drink all those things intensive my lightheaded ness and make me feel like I'm going to pass out, I was a smoker until about a year ago when this started. I completely quit cause I didn't know what was wrong...Then others tell me its just menopause.
Avatar m tn Other symptoms of hyperthyroidism include diarrhea, sweating, rapid heart rate, palpitations, depression, anxiety, hand tremor, mood swings. The blood tests to ask for are Free T3, Free T4 and TSH, along with thyroid antibodies.
Avatar m tn They did the scan because I had noticed a few long lasting (several minutes) palpitations where my heart seemed to be skipping beats. These occurred at night when I was trying to fall asleep. I work out both with weights and aerobic fairly aggressively and I have never had pain or shortness of breath while working out. I don't remember what my BP was but my whole life it has been in the high side of normal. They want me to take beta blockers for two months then consider catheterization.
1689801 tn?1333986916 I have many similar issues (not dx either) and have wondered the same thing. All my life, with a prolapsed heart valve, I've been told the palpitations (which didn't start until my early to mid 20s) were from that. It wasn't until this last year I realized they have a pattern, and they come on with other VN symptoms, like gastroparesis, difficulty swallowing (feels like a big air bubble stuck in your throat - very painful), and now diaphragm spasms.
Avatar n tn I was told that I wouldn't be guarenteed that the heart palpitations would stop after the surgery. I have talked to several women that have had RI done and symptoms stopped afterwards. I am worried about this surgery and if it's the right thing. I am on 25 mcg's of Synthroid right now, but how will they know what amount to give me after the surgery. I'm afraid I will go up and down like I have over the past year with this...
Avatar f tn The pains are unbelieveable but they do nothing compared to the increased heart palpitations that I have suffered over the last 3 months. If I bend over to retrieve something from the floor, I have these palps. If I shower or sneeze, etc. they come. I sit up late at night trying to go to sleep as late as possible to avoid the palps. To little or no avail. My doc keeps saying, ANXIETY! What could I possibly be anxious about in my sleep? I've had all the tests done and my heart is healthy.
Avatar n tn Toprol is a beta blocker and will cause fatigue, after a while your body adjusts to the med, if you are still having "hard heart beats" you should tell your doctor, the toprol should resolve the palpitations. If you are having alot of fatigue to increase the toprol for your symptoms woould cause you to be more tired. There are alot of other anti-arrythmics they can try to make you feel better.
212161 tn?1537898045 If it was dangerous, why would the docs continually hand out meds for it? Suppressing a sneeze, on the other hand, is not good.
Avatar m tn Including palpitations and new things I had never experienced. And severe chest pain. Have bursts of my heart just going crazy. Which could be just anxiety. Eyes: ache, side of them throbs. Had some vision problems where I lose my vision for less than a second. And getting up from lying down I get cross eyed. Have to readjust. Sense this is brain related. Stomach: Had increased gas over the past few months but not necessarily related. Have lots of "pops" and bubbles.
Avatar m tn I sometimes get a really fast heart rate after i have been laying in bed for awhile and then i stand up. I also get this after i sneeze or walk up a flight of stairs. Could i have a weak heart? And will exercise help me develop a stronger heart?
Avatar f tn Anxiety is a psychological and physiological condition with a multitude of symptoms. They include heart palpitations, muscle tension, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches, and GI symptoms such as diarrhea to name a few. Anxiety can also be accompanied with panic attacks such as a feeling of impending doom or death. It seems that your symptoms do fit. I would highly suggest you follow up with a psychiatrist to discuss your symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have had mutiple ekg's, two echograms, and even an angiogram and nothing appears to be wrong with my heart. My resting BP is normally 112/62 and heart rate is in the mid 50's. My doctor recommended I look up the Vagas Nerve on the internet. Has anyone ever heard of this?
7801614 tn?1401771835 Not sleeping due to restless leg syndrome and heart palpitations every morning for a few hours that I've gotten for the last three months. But honestly, the worst thing to me this whole time is having a fiancé who has made me feel alone in this whole pregnancy. I would take any of the physical symptoms if I could feel like I had a supportive, compassionate and appreciative partner.
84483 tn?1289941537 I dont have any leaks of the heart valves, no obstruction and heart function I was told is very good . One cardio told me that these CTD tend to cause palpitation in some because of the intermittent inflammation.
Avatar m tn Well I brought this to my doctor's attention and he set me up for an echocardiogram to rule out my heart as a possible cause. Apparently, my heart is fine. So that's one thing out of the way.. I've been on Symbicort for a few weeks and my breathing seemed to be getting a little better so I figured I'd hit the treadmill today for about 20 minutes. Nothing too intense, just fast paced walking/slow jogging.
Avatar n tn I also had to urinate alot the 1st month but that too has calmed down a bit. I've got heart palpitations, which I've heard could also be a sign. The problem is this, I have yet missed my period (I had my period for 2 mos w/my first), I've taken several HPTs, 1 urine and Qualitative blood test at my OBGYN's office and I even had a pelvic exam and vaginal ultrasound done by the midwife there a couple of weeks ago and all came back with negative results.
Avatar m tn Hi im not sure how to ask a doctor a question directly - maybe someone can tell me how? Im 24 Yr old male, 11.5 stone, non smoker, light drinker. I started having a strange "jumping" feeling in my chest about 4 years ago. After some thought i finally decided to see a cardiologist as i suspected it was my heart jumping about. The "jumping" feeling lasted about 2-3 seconds, it felt like a single skipped beat. I had a chest x-ray, a 24 hour holter monitor and an ekg.
723488 tn?1278342900 Allergies can cause us to sneeze, eye tearing, cough, heart palpitations, hyperactive, nervous, constipation, and a host of other problems that will only be pacified but not cured. Who's to say he has any disease, just because he has these "Reactions?" Possible allergy reactions. That's why Organic Foods are the best! And it could be as simple as that. So start giving him more fiber so he can eliminate as much as he can.
Avatar n tn I am 27 years old and had an ablation done because I was diagnosed w/ WPW this past summer. I had a form of tachycardia where I'd get runs of fast beats every so often, but it wasn't that frequent (nevertheless scary). I had the procedure done in Jun-06 b/c I was told there was a small chance that people w/ WPW could die suddenly. I didn't know that after the ablation I'd end up with a different, more unnerving problem.