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Avatar n tn My child broke out in a red rash on his face - tested negative for strep - no sign of illness. The red went away and the skin is now very, very dry. The same has happened to my face. What could it be? It is not itchy, it was initially alittle warm.
Avatar f tn I woke up on thursday morning with a sore throat and a cough, on Friday morning i noticed a rash on my face and it is still there. Has any one had a reaction like this?
Avatar f tn Is anyone elses face super sensitive? My make up brings out a rash and now my face is red and kinda rashy and i dont know what from.
Avatar f tn Wash your face with a mild cleanser with moisturizing properties like Cetaphil. Pat your face dry. Then apply a good hypoallergenic moisturizer over the area and see if this improves. If the symptoms still persist then you can apply mild steroid like dermacort. If the irritation persists then please get it evaluated from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn i have never had problems with my skin and neve used to get red in the face. never had bad spots or anything. two years ago, i woke up with this rash. it was tiny white hed pimples all over my cheeks forehead and chin. i went to the doctors and all they gave me was allergy tablets. for the past two years i suffer from getting these rashes, the tiny spots appear whenever they want. sometimes i wake up with great skin and others, really bad. and i get really hot and in the face sometimes.
Avatar n tn my husband has a circle rash of both cheeks of his face they are red and have little bumps what is this
1961938 tn?1398718101 I'm 23w2d and this morning I woke up with a red rash all over my face. Is this normal? It doesn't itch and its only on my face.
Avatar f tn My Mother has had a skin issue going on for almost 2 years. She started with a rash on her hands and face, was given a high dose of erythromycin and became much worse after being out in the sun. She was taken off the antibiotics after going to Urgent Care and since then has visited her pcp, dermatologists, dermatopathologists (2) who took biopsies, rheumatologists, an endocrinologist and no one appears to know what is going on with her.
Avatar m tn I’ve had this rash on my face that’s progressively been getting worse over the last few months, I have seen many doctors regarding this and the have prescribed different ointments ranging from Hydrocortisone Daktacort Fusidic Acid I woke up this morning to be greeted by this, any ideas?
Avatar f tn I've had this for three days now. My face started getting itchy (kinda like how it would feel from really dry skin). I have tried not to scratch it, so I've just rubbed it a little or wash my face. I found out that washing it releives the itchiness a little. After I wash my face, I've noticed that the redness gets worse but then just goes away in about an hour. My skin is rough and feels like I have little tiny bumps on it. What is this.
459853 tn?1283140514 Later that evening when I returned home, I went to use the restroom and when I looked up into the mirror I noticed that my face looked quite red. Upon closer inspection I saw this red, raised rash over my nose, cheek bones and forehead. It itched very little but was mildly painful. I immediately called my Rheumatologist as I am currently being treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis and taking Methotrexate.
8531034 tn?1419093981 I am 8 weeks pregnant and my face is breaking out horribly! Any recommendations?
Avatar f tn Hello ladies im 32wk+5days and so for weeks now my face like my jaw line and neck have been super itchy! like nothing works. I dont have a rash. Its not dry skin. Ive tried lotions. Face masks. Everything. Nothing works. Idk what to do. When i get itchy i like wanna rip my skin off cause its so itchy!! Anyone have this? any advice?
Avatar n tn Outside of hot-flashes, no other side-effects. About 3 weeks I got a rash or acne in a small area on my face. It now goes over my nose, on my upper lip and some on lower lip areas. Iam 57 and always had a good complection so I'm not sure if this is acne or a rash. Could this be caused by Arimidex?
Avatar f tn 2 years ago I used some abrasive pads from oil olay and also a make up to remove the oil from your skin after using the make up for 3 days and the pads a few times, I developed a huge rash on my face with something that looks like pimples. For the first time in my life after 32 years of age I had to visit a dermatologist and they gave me oral cortisone and also pandel cream for my face. It didnt't itch but it burns after those treatments everything would still come back.
Avatar f tn **I have a butterfly rash on my face--I get very red across my cheeks and nose. Sometimes it wraps up a bit around my eyes. Comes and goes, but has been very prevalent the last couple of days. I got this a bit before treatment, but it is much worse now. **Shortly after starting Zithromax, I noticed vertical red lines about .5 inch wide and several inches long on my abdomen. They also come and go, and show up in different places on my torso.
Avatar n tn My wife developed this red rash on her on her face mostly on her cheeks and nose about six to eight months ago. At first we thought it was acne but no acne treatment helped. Our dermatologist doesn't know what it is. It happened about the same time she had her ears pierced. The backs of her ears have been swollen and red and she has a rash down the side of her neck starting from the base of her ears. She also says that her neck is itchy.
Avatar f tn I have an allergy to certain foods but have never had a reaction to a face wash. What can I do to get rid of this rash and prevent it from coming back??
332929 tn?1210075868 hi,l have had a face full of rashes and l have been to a skin dr and got some tetracycline tha l have stopped taking them,since l am planning to get pregnant and the medicine might cause some defaults,l have had an intense rash on my face and some on my neck too. l have tryied lots of soaps and beauty products and nothing seems to work,l am 28 years old and my face looks like that of a teenager. what is happening to me?any advice would be highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Not really a pimple not really a rash either. My neck looks like a rash, heat rash. I also swell. my upper body. My face and neck. You can really tell. I never have had this before. All these years and now when I'm ready to quit, I'm falling apart..good incentive. You're not alone...